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Open Access Journals Charging Publication Fees For A) The Ten Countries With The Highest Output Of Open Access Journals And B) Sociological Journals (2012, 2014)

Ulrich Herb
The files represent data on Open Access journals charging publication fees for a) the ten countries with the highest output of Open Access journals and b) all sociological journals indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ. The data covers a time span of about 18 months, it was collected in November 2012 and June 2014.

Dataset For Cushing'S And Acromegaly Studies

Irit Hochberg, Quyng Tran, Ariel R. Barkan, Alan R. Saltiel, William F. Chander & Dave Bridges
This dataset contains all the code, raw and processed data associated with the human Cushings and Acromegaly studies.

First Release

Mike Taptich
Estimating Bus Speed using d3.js and GTFS

First Copy Costs Of Scientific Articles

Ulrich Herb
This markdown file contians information from studies and reports on the first copy costs (or pure production costs) of a scientific article. It also available in GitHub (https://github.com/scinoptica/article_costs). Please feel free to improve/ update the data or add new information in the GitHub Version.

Dynamicalsystemsportraits V0.1

Andrey Akinshin
Compilation of dynamical systems

T1 Template Brain

Jai Y. Yu, Makoto I. Kanai, Ebru Demir, Gregory S. X. E. Jefferis & Barry J. Dickson
If you make use of this data, please cite: Cellular Organization of the Neural Circuit that Drives Drosophila Courtship Behavior
Jai Y. Yu, Makoto I. Kanai, Ebru Demir, Gregory S. X. E. Jefferis, Barry J. Dickson
http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2010.08.025 A nrrd version of the original intersex template brain available from http://brainbase.imp.ac.at/bbweb, consisting of an average of 45 brains. Voxel size: (0.5488761, 0.5488761, 1) microns.

Drosophila Simulans Template Brains

Aaron D. Ostrovsky, Lea Goetz & Gregory S. X. E. Jefferis
Male and female symmetric averaged templates (11 and 10 brains, respectively) and intersex template brain for Drosophila simulans. Voxel size: (0.461, 0.461, 1) micron.

The ‘Sar Matrix’ Method And Its Extensions For Applications In Medicinal Chemistry And Chemogenomics

Disha Gupta-Ostermann & Jürgen Bajorath
SD files of data sets reported in the manuscript that are used to generate the SARMs and CSMs are uploaded. The given data sets are represented by the corresponding figure numbers (as reported in the publication). The file format is provided in the file 'description.txt'.

Drosophilamusclefunction: Revised Submission To Scientific Reports

Isabelle Hatfield, Innocence Harvey, Erika R Yates, JeAnna R Redd, Lawrence T Reiter & Dave Bridges
This repository version corresponds to the bioRxiv preprint: Hatfield I, Harvey I, Yates, ER, Redd, JR, Reiter LT, Bridges D (2014) The role of TORC1 in muscle development in Drosophila. bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/010991. http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/010991 This version addressed the reviewer comments from the first round of submission. The relevant documents are here Reviewer Comments: SREP Reviews Response to Reviewers: SREP Response Updated Manuscript: Manuscript Relevant Changes Added data regarding the effects of Mhc-GAL4 driven knockdown. This potentially...

Sudden_Oak_Death_In_Oregon_Forests: Spatial And Temporal Population Dynamics Of The Sudden Oak Death Epidemic In Oregon Forests

, Meg M. Larsen, Alan M. Kanaskie, Everett M. Hansen & Niklaus J. Grünwald
Release of code associated with the submitted manuscript Authors ZN Kamvar, MM Larsen, AM Kanaskie, EM Hansen, and NJ Grünwald. Title Spatial and temporal population dynamics of the sudden oak death epidemic in Oregon Forests.

Migration And Tuberculosis In Berlin (Dataset)

Florian Marx
This is the supporting data file for the manuscript entitled "Higher rate of tuberculosis in second generation migrants compared to native residents in a metropolitan setting in Western Europe" (Marx et al., PLoS ONE). The dataset includes anonymized, routinely collected notification data (variables labeled as "nd") for 314 individuals and anonymized survey data (i.e. data obtained through interviews; variables labeled as "sd") for a subset of 154 individuals. The data are published open-access, in accordance...

Tetrode Recording From The Antennal Lobe Of A Locust (Schistocerca Americana)

Christophe Pouzat
1 1 1A tetrode recording from the antennal lobe (the first olfactory relay) of a locust, Schistocerca americana. 20 seconds of data are contained in the file in HDF5 format. The data were filtered (before A/D conversion) between 300 and 5000 Hz and sampled at 15 kHz. See Pouzat, Mazor and Laurent (2002) Journal of Neuroscience Methods 122(1): 43--57 for recording details.

Powertac 2014-06 Demo 150-159

Log and boot files of games 150-159

Powertac 2014-04 Qualifying 101-110

Log and boot files of games 101 - 110

ebola: Dataset v1.4

Andres Colubri
This data comprises a total of 213 cases evaluated for Ebola virus infection at the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone between May 25 and June 18, 2014. Details in “Clinical Illness and Outcomes in Patients with Ebola in Sierra Leone”, by John S. Schieffelin, et al. Available are raw files (Excel, VCF formats), Mirador project, and single CSV file. Zenodo record (DOI): https://zenodo.org/record/14565

A Dataset Used To Determine A Semantic Similarity Metric Based On Umls For Pmc-Oa

Leyla Jael Garcia Castro, Rafael Berlanga & Alexander Garcia
We have performed a series of in-silico experiments in order to determine a semantic similarity metric based on UMLS annotations for PubMed Central Open Access. Here we have stored the data used for and obtained from such experiments. We have worked with relevant and partially relevant articles from the TREC-2005 Genomics Track Collection, from now referred as the initial collection, including a total of 4240 unique PubMed articles. From those 4240 articles, only 62 had...

Drug Scaffolds And Their Structural Relationships

Ye Hu & Jürgen Bajorath
A list of 779 scaffolds extracted from approved drugs is provided. For each scaffold, the number of approved drugs it represented, the number and the list of targets it was annotated with and the SMILES representation is given. In addition, pairs of drug scaffolds that formed substructure, CSK equivalence, MMP and RECAP-MMP relationships are provided in separate files. Furthermore, drug scaffold pairs that displayed distinct activity profiles and formed one or more types of structural...

1000 Backlinks To Statcounter.Com (13-Dec-2014) -- Varocarbas.Com

Alvaro Carballo Garcia
High quality backlinks to statcounter.com. The retrieval process was completed on 13-Dec-2014. Note that the bots in varocarbas.com (Project 1 - Stage 2) are collecting a maximum of 1000 high-quality backlinks (e.g., "site.com/backlink" rather than "site.com/this/that/backlink") for each domain.

Computer Scientists On Twitter

Asmelash Teka Hadgu & Robert Jäschke
This dataset contains the data used in the paper
Identifying and Analyzing Researchers on Twitter (http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2615569.2615676).
At the moment, this includes computer scientists, though an extension to other disciplines is planned.

The data can be cited as follows:
Asmelash Teka Hadgu and Robert Jäschke. 2014. Identifying and
Analyzing Researchers on Twitter. In Proceedings of the 6th Annual ACM
Web Science Conference (WebSci '14). 23-30. ACM, New York, NY, USA. DOI: 10.1145/2615569.2615676

Monthly Climatology Of Cmip5 Models Historical Run, For 1971-2000

Bruno Combal
Monthly climatology (12 months, and the annual climatology), from CMIP5 historical run (1971 to 2000)

Akrotiri Aetokremnos Faunal Data

Kayla Wopschall
Raw data and statistical analyses presented in doctoral dissertation "Akrotiri Aetokremnos and the Cypriot Pygmy Hippopotamus: An Interdisciplinary Look at a Late Pleistocene Large Mammal Extinction" and resulting papers.

Bulk Domain Names (30-Jan-2015 - Last Update) -- varocarbas.com

Alvaro Carballo Garcia
This post refers to an old set of outdated information. The system extracting those links was the precursor of the current web domain ranking in https://varocarbas.com/domain_ranking/ CLARIFICATION: this has nothing to do with marketing, SEO or paid anything. The sole purpose of this system now and ever has been to show my software development skills and related issues (e.g., big system running on very restricted hardware). All the displayed information is meant to show the...

Phrase-Level Word Embeddings

Richard Townsend, Adam Tsakalidis, Yiwei Zhou, Bo Wang, Maria Liakata, Alexandra Cristea & Rob Procter
Phrase-level word embeddings for sentiment analysis.

On The Airburst Of Large Meteoroids In The Earth'S Atmosphere. The Lugo Bolide: Reanalysis Of A Case Study

Luigi Foschini
Seismic data of the Lugo bolide of January 19, 1993.

Md Simulation Trajectory For Popc/50% Chol Bilayer (Charmm36, Gromacs 4.5)

Hubert Santuz
Equilibrated POPC/50%CHL lipid bilayer ran with Gromacs 4.5 with CHARMM36 lipid forcefield.
The simulation is composed of 80 POPC/80 Cholesterol at full hydratation and ran for 200ns at 303K, data saved every 20ps.
All input parameters can be find on the github repository: https://github.com/NMRLipids/nmrlipids.blogspot.fi This data is used in the project "Matching lipid force fields with NMR data". More information at : http://nmrlipids.blogspot.fi/

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