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Data For: A Benchmark Engineering Methodology To Measure The Overhead Of Application-Level Monitoring

Jan Waller & Wilhelm Hasselbring
Application-level monitoring frameworks, such as Kieker, provide insight into the inner workings and the dynamic behavior of software systems. However, depending on the number of monitoring probes used, these frameworks may introduce significant runtime overhead. Consequently, planning the instrumentation of continuously operating software systems requires detailed knowledge of the performance impact of each monitoring probe. In this paper, we present our benchmark engineering approach to quantify the monitoring overhead caused by each probe under controlled...

Southeastern Australian Rescued Observational Climate Network, 1788–1859

Linden Ashcroft, Joelle Gergis & David Karoly
Historical meteorological observations for southeastern Australia, covering 1788–1859. The dataset contains digitised versions of 38 sources of historical temperature, rainfall and pressure information for the southeastern Australian region. It also contains monthly and seasonal anomalies of southern and eastern SEA climate variability for 1788 to 1859. This dataset was developed as part of the South Eastern Australian Recent Climate History project (SEARCH, www.climatehistory.com.au).

Really A Nontraded Commodity? A Look At The International Potato Trade Network (Dataset And R Code)

Ulrich Kleinwechter & Victor Suarez
This archive contains code and data for a social network analysis of international potato trade that was published at https://perspectivesandforesight.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/really-a-nontraded-commodity-a-look-at-the-international-potato-trade-network/ on 08 November, 2012. It can serve as a reference for understanding the analysis, and as a basis for replication of the results as well as for carrying out more detailed analyses of international potato trade. The following information and data is included: - The R code used for the social network analysis of international...

Information About Twitter Account Of Spanish Journalists And Mass Media

Víctor Herrero-Solana & Trillo-Domínguez
Excel file with a list of 116 spanish journalists Twitter accounts. All of them are director of mass media (newspaper, radio, TV, et.al). We include: director name, media name, account name, numbers of tweets, number of followings, number of followers, ratio, et.al. This data is both for directors and media accounts. Extracted from Twitter on June 2013.

News About Andalusian Universities In Google News

Víctor Herrero-Solana, Luis Arboledas & Elisa Legerén-Alvarez
In this dataset we show the total account of news for each university of Andalusia in Google News from 2011.

Ergebnisse Der Umfrage Zum Umgang Mit Digitalen Forschungsdaten An Der Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, Vergleich Der Antworten Zwischen Teilnehmergruppen "Professor(In)" Und "Wissenschaftliche(R) Mitarbeiter(In)"

Elena Simukovic, Maxi Kindling & Peter Schirmbacher
Dieses Tabellendokument stellt einen Vergleich der Umfrageergebnisse zum Umgang mit digitalen Forschungsdaten an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin zwischen Teilnehmergruppen "Professor(in)" und "wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter(in)" dar.

Ads Usage Versus Region Gdp Per Capita (Data)

Edwin Henneken
These files contain the data used for constructing figure 2 in "The ADS in the Information Age - Impact on Discovery" (http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2012opsa.book..253H, arXiv:1106.5644). This figure shows the fraction of ADS world usage (for specific regions) as a function of GDP per capita (all values normalized by their 1997 value). For specifics: see paper. The data have been uploaded as a JPG figure, plain text file and a TAR archive with files used by the graphing...

Publication Fp7 Funding Acknowledgment - Plos Openaire

Najko Jahn, Martin Fenner, Harry Dimitropoulos & Jochen Schirrwagen
The dataset contains a sample of metadata describing papers published in PLOS and their identified grant agreement number of FP7 projects. A second file shows the frequency of FP7 grants. The sample was created in July 2012.

Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin Research Data Management Survey Results. Comparing Respondent Groups "Professor" And "Research Associate"

Elena Simukovic, Maxi Kindling & Peter Schirmbacher
This spreadsheet represents results of the research data management survey at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, comparing respondents groups "Professor" and "Research associate".

Raw Data For Studies 1 And 2 In False-Positive Psychology

Joseph Simmons, Leif Nelson & Uri Simonsohn
Excel file containing data for experiments 1 and 2 reported http://pss.sagepub.com/content/22/11/1359.short

The Mpi-Mainz Uv/Vis Spectral Atlas Of Gaseous Molecules

Hannelore Keller-Rudek, Geert K. Moortgat, Rolf Sander & Rüdiger Sörensen
This archive contains a frozen snapshot of all cross section and quantum yield data files from the MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas of Gaseous Molecules. To view the data, open the files cross_sections.html and quantum_yields.html in your browser. The up-to-date version of the Spectral Atlas is available at: http://www.uv-vis-spectral-atlas-mainz.org

Gas Phase Acid, Ammonia And Aerosol Ionic And Trace Element Concentrations At Cape Verde During The Reactive Halogens In The Marine Boundary Layer (Rhamble) 2007 Intensive Sampling Period

R. Sander, A. A. P. Pszenny, W. C. Keene, E. Crete, B. Deegan, M. S. Long, J. R. Maben & A. H. Young
The data files are in NASA Ames Format. A full description of the data set has been published in the journal
Earth System Science Data at http://www.earth-syst-sci-data.net/5/385.

The Unification Of Relativistic Jets

Luigi Foschini
Dataset of the cited paper. The explanations of the columns are at the end of each file. Two files, one for the Active Galactic Nuclei (quasars, BL Lac Objects, radio-loud Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies) and the other for Galactic Binaries (stellar-mass black holes, accreting neutron stars.

Data For: A Comparison Of The Influence Of Different Multi-Core Processors On The Runtime Overhead For Application-Level Monitoring

Jan Waller & Wilhelm Hasselbring
Application-level monitoring is required for continuously operating software systems to maintain their performance and availability at runtime. Performance monitoring of software systems requires storing time series data in a monitoring log or stream. Such monitoring may cause a significant runtime overhead to the monitored system. In this paper, we evaluate the influence of multi-core processors on the overhead of the Kieker application-level monitoring framework. We present a breakdown of the monitoring overhead into three portions...

Online News And Scientific Production Of Andalusian Universities For 2011

Elisa Legeren-Alvarez, Luis Arboledas Marquez & Victor Herrero-Solana
Excel file with online News about the Andalusian universities retrieved from Google News during 2011, the scientific production of those universities and the comparison of both datasets.

2013 Open Data Barometer

Timothy Davies, Hania Farhan & Jose Alonso
The Open Data Barometer aims to uncover the true prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world. It analyses global trends, and also ranks countries and regions via an in-depth methodology that considers: readiness to secure the benefits of open data; actual levels of implementation; and the impact of such initiatives. This is the pilot edition of the Open Data Barometer, and contains data from a global expert survey, along with secondary data....

Vaartijdenboek M.S. Cornelis Prins, 1E Helft: Regelgeving.

Leo Bijl
Het vaartijdenboek is bijgehouden tussen 1968 en 1981. Het eerste gedeelte t/m pag. 50 bevat de regelgeving in het Duits, Nederlands en Frans. Dit deel is nu digitaal beschikbaar voor tekstonderzoek. Het vervolg is het ingevulde vaartijdenregister zelf. Dit zal t.z.t. eveneens digitaal beschikbaar komen. Het archiefstuk is in particulier bezit. Het archief van het bedrijf bevindt zich bij de archiefdienst van de gemeente Rotterdam

Persoonsgegevens Uit Diverse Archiefstukken. Deel I.

Leo Bijl
Verspreide werknotities van genealogische aard.Toegang op achternamen (of patroniemen): elke voorkomende naam wordt één maal in de lijsten vermeld. Controle in de bronnen wordt geadviseerd. (Various notes of genealogical nature with list of names; check original sources)

Puma 560 Base Parameters

Cristóvão Sousa
Base dynamic parameters for the Puma 560 robot.

Data For: Scalable And Live Trace Processing With Kieker Utilizing Cloud Computing

Florian Fittkau, Jan Waller, Peer Brauer & Wilhelm Hasselbring
Knowledge of the internal behavior of applications often gets lost over the years. This circumstance can arise, for example, from missing documentation. Application-level monitoring, e.g., provided by Kieker, can help with the comprehension of such internal behavior. However, it can have large impact on the performance of the monitored system. High-throughput processing of traces is required by projects where millions of events per second must be processed live. In the cloud, such processing requires scaling...

Survey Of Local Organisations And Economic Development In The Czech Republic, Hungary And Poland (2007).

László Bruszt & Balázs Vedres
This survey, undertaken in 2007, covers 1,200 local organisations in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Data cover two regions per country - one above and one below the average level of countrywide economic development (GDP, unemployment rate, rate of agriculture in GDP). 400 organisations per country (200 per region) are surveyed. Organisations include firms, NGOs, municipalities and universities.

Pathfinder Ranch Well Pumping

Andrew J Barbour
High-resolution records of fluid extraction at two wells on the grounds of the Pathfinder Ranch, located within a few hundred meters of two Plate Boundary Observatory borehole strainmeters, namely B089 and B082. The records begin in early 2011 and end in late 2013. These data accompany the following publication: Barbour, A. J., & Wyatt, F. K. (2014). Modeling strain and pore pressure associated with fluid extraction: The Pathfinder Ranch experiment. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid...


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