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How To Use Surrogates

Maike Paul, Ellis Penning, Jasper Dijkstra & Matthew F. Johnson
When investigating or quantifying the interaction of organisms with the hydrodynamic environment, it is often necessary or desired to use surrogates instead of the prototype organisms. In order not to derogate the results, it is important to design surrogates to represent the essential properties of the prototype organism correctly. To do so, several aspects of organism behaviour and morphology have to be considered, which are rarely mentioned in studies that present work carried out with...

Fig 1 In Review And Reclassification Of Cataglyphis (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Donat Agosti
Fig. 1. Cladogram of the species groups of Cataglyphis. 0-9: Autapomorphies, 10-16 Synapomorphies (Plesiomorphic states in brackets). 0: Median lobe between stipes and volsella (not present); 1: stipes with a mediobasal lobe (not present); 2: cuspis with an apical extension (acute); 3: cuspis with a medioventral extension (straight); 4: lateral lobes of subgenital plate traiangular, acute (bilobed with a median part); 5: subgenital plate distally completely emarginate (bilobed with a median part); 6: subgenital plate...

Historische Entwicklung Von Open-Access-Repositorien In Deutschland 1991-2013

Paul Vierkant
Die vorliegende Grafik zeigt die historische Entwicklung der deutschen Repositorienlandschaft von 1991-2013 auf Basis der Daten des 2014 Census of Open Access Repositories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.1 Die X-Achse zeigt den zeitlichen Verlauf in Jahren von 1991 bis 2013, wann ein Open-Access-Repositorium (OAR), bzw. sein Vorgänger über das WWW erreichbar war. Die Y-Achse zeigt den DINI-Validator-Score, den ein OAR im Zuge der des 2014 Census bei der Überprüfung mit dem DINI-Validator erreicht hat.2 Die...

Plate 7 In Histoire Naturelle Des Hyménoptères. Deuxième Partie: Les Formicides

Auguste Forel
upload by Plazi / antbase

Plate 3 In Histoire Naturelle Des Hyménoptères. Deuxième Partie: Les Formicides

Auguste Forel
uploaded by Plazi / antbase

Plate 6 In Histoire Naturelle Des Hyménoptères. Deuxième Partie: Les Formicides

Auguste Forel
uploded by Plazi / antbase

Distributions Of Alternative Start Codons For All Microbial Refseq Genomes

Lex Overmars, Roland J. Siezen & Christof Francke
Distributions of alternative start codons for all microbial Refseq genomes

Knowledge Representation Of A Lhcb Analysis

Patricia Herterich
The diagram shows a mindmap representing all the pieces of knowledge that need to be collected to preserve an analysis of the LCHb experiment in the CERN Analysis Preservation system. This diagram provides the basis for the metadata schema used in CAP.

1H Nmr Of Ha-335-1

Hossay Abas
1H NMR Spectra of HA-3351

Centro Público De Formación Superior De Artes Escénicas

Jessica Dongo Placencia
El Proyecto consiste en el diseño arquitectónico de un Centro de formación Superior de Artes escénicas. Está ubicado en la Av. la Peruanidad, conocida por albergar eventos masivos cívicos y culturales. Su emplazamiento resuelve la integración al campo de Marte y por medio de rampas, explanadas, graderías y vacíos se concibe al edificio como escenario. El diseño se estructura en las actuales tendencias de enseñanza del Arte Escénico, desde la concepción del programa y la...

Comparison Of Cesm1/Messy And Echam5/Messy (Emac)

A. J. G. Baumgaertner
Comparison of CESM1/MESSy and ECHAM5/MESSy Automatically generated figures for comparison of all standard output variables. Supplement to the article “Implementation of the Community Earth System Model (CESM1, version 1.2.1) as a new basemodel into version 2.50 of the MESSy framework” in Geosci. Model Dev. (2015), available at: http://www.geosci-model-dev.net Part 1: lower atmosphere versions Part 2: middle atmosphere versions Figure types: For 3D variables: a1. latitude vs pressure, Snapshot for 21 January 2000, 20 UTC a2....

Figure 2 The Mean Scores Of Vocabulary And Morphemes, Reading, Listening, Speaking, And Writing.

Ming Liu
Figure 2 for 'Mind Mapping improved the Effect of Medical English Learning for non-Native English Speakers in non Target Language Environment:A Randomized Controlled Trial'

Figure 3 The Mean Hours Of Self Medical English Learning Per Week.

Ming Liu
Figure 3 for Mind Mapping improved the Effect of Medical English Learning for non-Native English Speakers in non Target Language Environment:A Randomized Controlled Trial

Fig. 2. Ceriana Dirickxi Thompson, Sp. Nov., Holotype Female. Lateral Habitus.

F. Christian Thompson
uploaded by Plazi

Ecohcare: Initial Testing

Otto Pichlhöfer
The Ecology of Medical Care in Austria

Figure 1. The Mean Scores At The End Of The School Year Test

Ming Liu
The test at the end of school year showed that the mean score is 73.16 ± 4.09 (100 total) in the control group and 78.37 ± 5.01 in the experimental group respectively as illustrated in Figure 1.

Fig 2 In Hieracium Attenboroughianum (Asteraceae), A New Species Of Hawkweed

T.C.G. Rich
Figure 2 Holotype of Hieracium attenboroughianum

Support Of Creative Commons Licenses In German Disciplinary And Institutional Open Access Repositories

Paul Vierkant
Which of the following open content licenses can be chosen for the metadata description of the open access full-texts (apart from the deposit license)? n=81* * This survey question is part of the 2014 Census of Open Access Repositories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, see: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:kobv:11-100222687 For the research data see: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.10734

Plate 30 In A Revision Of The New World Species Of Cremnops Förster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Agathidinae)

Erika M. Tucker, Eric G. Chapman & Michael J. Sharkey
PLATE 30. Cremnops wileycoyotius. A. lateral habitus; B. dorsal habitus; C. lateral head; D. mesopleuron; E. mesoscutum; F. face; G. wings; H. propodeum; I. hind leg with tibial spines (left) and trochantellar carina (right) insert.

Epic212521166: A Transiting Planet Candidate Discovered In Campaign 6 Data From The K2 Mission

Suzanne Aigrain, Hannu Parviainen & Benjamin Pope
In the process of visually inspecting a random selection of targets with Kepler magnitude Kp<12 from K2 campaign 6, we identified EPIC 212521166 as a transiting planet candidate. The figure shows the K2 light curve of this object. The top and bottom panels show the SAP and PDC versions of the light curve, respectively. Both have been normalised by dividing them by their median, and only observations with null quality flag are shown.

Services of AS CR Library in the area of scientific publications (not only) for AS CR Institutes

Jana Doleželová, Zdeňka Chmelařová & Petra Bártková
Since 1994, the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has been the coordinator of bibliographic database ASEP, which contains the records of publishing activities of 54 institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR). Bibliographic records are collected in the Institatunional Repository of the ASCR, data is saved in the librarian system Advanced Rapid Library (ARL), the data is published as an on-line catalogue. The article describes...

Autonomous Mobile Robots: Past, Present And Future Of Slam 2013

Hamid D. Taghirad
“Autonomous Mobile Robots: Past, Present and Future of SLAM” 2013. In:Workshop
at the First RSI/ISM International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics by
Sharif University of Technology. Presenter: Prof. Hamid D. Taghirad, 2013.

3Rd Acse Robot Rescue And Search Competition

, Seyed Amir Tafrishi &
X. Dai, S.A. Tafrishi, and Y. Kuang. “3rd ACSE Robot Rescue and Search Competition”. University of Sheffield, First Runner-up Team, Master Shifu Robot, May

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