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Camel And Application Rules

This Cloud Application Markup Language extention (CAMEL) has been developed in conjunction with the EU project CloudSocket. Further readings and evolution of this deployment specification can be found here www.cloudsocket.eu. Link to the github repository to see the evolution is here: https://github.com/camel-dsl/camel

Sumcastec_180123_Na_Protocolwp3_Protocol_.Pdf_Rome_C. Merla_Partners And Public_Na

, Arianna Casciati, Mirella Tanori, Barbara Tanno &
WP3-Task 3.2 Protocols: Protocol for CD133 cell surface staining and Glomax protocols

A Acomodação Dialetal E A Estabilidade De Padrões Sociolinguísticos Na Fala Adulta - Relatório Final

Livia Oushiro
Relatorio Científico apresentado ao Programa de Pos-Graduação em Linguística da UFRJ, referente à pesquisa financiada pelo Programa Nacional de Pos-Doutorado da CAPES, sob supervisão da Profa. Dra. Christina Abreu Gomes.

Scilab Scripts For Adaptive Harvesting Paper

Eric Tromeur & Nicolas Loeuille
Scilab scripts used to get the figures from the manuscript called "Adaptive harvesting drives fishing down processes, regime shifts and resilience changes in predator-prey systems ", by Eric Tromeur and Nicolas Loeuille.

Sumcastec_180114_Na_Radio24Press_Press Coverage_.Docx_Rome_M. Mancuso_Partners And Public_Italian

Maria Teresa Mancuso
Link to press coverage by Italian Sole24ore newspaper/radio

Sumcastec_180114_Na_Radio24Press_Press Coverage_.Docx_Rome_M. Mancuso_Partners And Public_Italian

Maria Teresa Mancuso
Link to press coverage by Italian Sole24ore newspaper/radio

Sumcastec_180114_Na_Eneapress_Press Release_.Docx_Rome_M. Mancuso_Partners And Public_Italian

Maria Teresa
Link to press release from ENEA website announcing project kickoff.

Strategic Research Agenda And Tool Box

, &
Deliverable D2.5 of the EUPHRESCO II ERA-NET on the strategic research agenda and tool box

First Round Of Topics And Calls

Deliverable D3.1 of the EUPHRESCO II ERA-NET on the first (2011-2012) transnational funding procedure

Tackling Phytosanitary Emergencies

, &
Deliverable D4.1 of the EUPHRESCO II ERA-NET that aims at providing overall structure with identification of actions and type of partners, if a topic is prioritized along the different steps of the process of topic identification, prioritization, decision and initiation of a collaborative action between funders. Questions that need to be addressed by the long term sustainable Euphresco network are highlighted.

Website As A Platform 2

, &
Deliverable D4.3 of the EUPHRESCO II ERA-NET on project website

Merging Plan For 3Rd Countries And Cooperation Concept Report

Deliverable D5.3 and 5.4 of the EUPHRESCO II ERA-NET on how to ssociatie third countries with similar plant health problems as the EU and association of third countries who are the source of quarantine pests of concern to the EU

Study Of Direct Photon Production With Heavy Flavor Jets In Pp Collisions At S = 1.96 Tev With Dzero Detector

Manbir Kaur
The first measurements of the differential cross section for the production of an isolated photon in association with at least two b-quark jets at Tevatron energy are presented in this thesis. The ratio of cross sections, (Z + 2 b jets)/(Z + 2 jets), for associated production of a Z boson with at least two jets is also measured. These results can be used to further tune theory and improve the description of background processes...

D.6.2 - A-LEAF Project Management Book

JR Galán-Mascarós, L López Suárez, A Banet Osuna & L Tomás Laudo
This document, D6.2 Project Management Book, is a deliverable of the A-LEAF Project, which is funded by the European Union’s H2020 Programme under Grant Agreement No.732840. The Project Management Book identifies the main bodies of the project and establishes the decision-making procedures to be followed by the participants. Therefore, this document specifies the main guidelines for the execution, monitoring and control of the project. This as a living document, subject to formal change control.

Ping Project Receives European Innovation Award

The PING project has been acknowledged by the European Commission as one of the most innovative Horizon 2020 projects in the area of "Electronic Components and Systems". The project received the Innovation Award in Brussels during the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems - EFECS2017.

Elements of dissemination of Waste4Think Project

General dissemination materials of the project Waste4Think and specific ones produced by the partners of the Consortium

Relazione 1

De Corinti De Franceschi
analisi geomorfologica bacino del fersina

An Open Lab Notebook For Clinical Research

Francisco Felix
Template for an open lab notebook to be used in clinical research. Review two of third update.

Risk Rationalisation Process

Andrew M'manga
A model for communicating the rationale behind risk-based decision making.

Original Strain Of Pestalotiopsis Guepini P-8 In Atcc

Igor A. Parshikov & John B. Sutherland
Strain P-8 was isolated from a mushroom (Psilocybe sp.) collected in Jefferson County, Arkansas. It was identified as Pestalotiopsis guepini. Reference: Parshikov I. A., Heinze T. M., Moody J. D., Freeman J. P., Williams A. J., Sutherland J. B. The fungus Pestalotiopsis guepini as a model for biotransformation of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 2001. V. 56. N 3/4, P. 474-477.

Link To Bpaas Workflow Meta Model

The definition and prototypes of BPaaS Workflow Meta Models can be accessed via the following link: https://www.adoxx.org/live/web/cloudsocket-developer-space/bpmn-and-dmn-tool

Anima: Association Network Integration For Multiscale Analysis (Source Data, Metadata And Scripts)

Armin Deffur, Robert J. Wilkinson, Bongani M. Mayosi & Nicola M. Mulder
This zip archive contains project-specific data and metadata. Combined with the ANIMA source code (10.5281/zenodo.1163398) and run in the anima Docker container (10.5281/zenodo.1161476), this will allow complete reproducibility of the ANIMA project.

Sumcastec_180131_Na_Newssummary_Press Release Draft_.Docx_Bangor_C.Palego_Partners_Approved Draft

Cristiano Palego & Elinor Elis-Williams
Draft of summary to be used to approach news organizations.

Pragmatic Develops Rf Tag For Consumer Packaging

Richard Wilson
Pragmatic, the flexible electronics firm, claims it has developed a printable tag technology which will bring RFID and near field communications (NFC) to mass market consumer goods applications.

Hydrogel microarrays as a tools for multiparameter analysis of biomarkers of bacterial, viral and plant genomes

Gryadunov Dmitry
Development and implementation of methods for the analysis of nucleic acid sequences is a priority task for the molecular biology. An integrated technology based on the use of low-density microarrays (biochips) comprised of hydrogel elements was developed and patented at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology (Moscow, Russia). The structure of the hydrogel can be adapted for immobilization of virtually any biological molecules in natural hydrophilic environment. The discrimination between matching and mismatching duplexes of...

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