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Betydb 3.0.5

, Carl Crott, , Jeremy Kemball, David LeBauer, Rob Kooper, , , , , , & Michael Dietze
This incorporates the features and bug fixes from the July 1, 2014 sprint. It was deployed to www.betydb.org on July 7, 2014. Release Highlights Allow users with editor access or higher to use provenance tables (RM 2007) Data editors can now include site and treatment information when adding yields data. A Feedback tab has been added conspicuously to all pages to allow easy submission of feedback. Summary of Changes Database Changes Administrators need to do...

Thingking: Memory Mapping The World Wide Web

Matthew J. Turk, Samuel W. Skillman & Michael S. Warren
ThingKing assigns a byte-for-byte correlation between a resource on the World Wide Web (WWW) identified by its Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and a Python virtual memory buffer. The PageCacheURL class defines an LRU mechanism for caching pages from a URL, with a default page size of 1 MB and an active pool of 1024 pages. The HTTPArray class extends this model to numpy arrays, while httpfile supplies a file-like interface. Once the URL is mapped...

First Official Release

Kevin Gullikson
This is the official release version of TelFit. It is the version that was available on my website starting June 24, 2014 (when the paper describing the TelFit code was released)

Scikit-Tracker : Objects Detection And Robust Tracking For Cell Biology

Hadrien Mary & Guillaume Gay
scikit-tracker aims to be a robust Python library to work with cell biology microscopy images. OME XML and OME Tiff are supported to handle input/output to the lib. The two main goals of the library is to implement detection and tracking algorithms relevant to analyse biological microscopy dataset. Several algorithms are featured and it is planned to add others: Gaussian peak detection by deflation loop : Segré et al. Nature Methods (2008) Cell boundary detection...


Pablo O Vieira
Command line tool to update No-IP, DuckDNS and DynDNS hosts IP.

License And Covariance Update

Will Dawson & Karen Ng
A license has been added to the code and the code now properly handles covariance of input arrays.


Jerome Banks, Nemanja Spasojevic, Roman Leventov, , Andrew Price, Kenneth Lee, , , , , , Otis Stamp, Lee Moon Soo & Keith Lui
Checkpoint release to aid an academic citation request

Fish Ocelot 0.2.2

Bring a cute ocelot to minecraft. :3


Stephan Hügel & Flora Roumpani
This is the first stable release of the data and methodology for CityEngine-Twitter, a real-time urban data visualisation project which uses Twitter data to grow buildings within a CityEngine simulation.

Sndrizpipe Version 1.2

Steve Rodney & Brian Hayden
sndrizpipe v1.2 : Bug fixes and new features. Major bug fix in final drizzle stage we were weighting by ERR instead of EXP or IVM, which led to suppressed flux in the output sources. this is now fixed, and tested with std star aperture photometry, compared to synphot mags. Improvements in the _epochs.txt file handling when new flt files appear in the flt dir, we update the existing _epochs.txt file, adding new epochs as needed...

Greeb V0.2.3

Dmitry Ustalov
Greeb is a simple regular expressions-based Unicode-aware text segmentator written in Ruby.

Vexcl V1.3.1

Denis Demidov
VexCL is an opensource C++ vector expression template library for OpenCL/CUDA. It has been created for ease of GPGPU development with C++ and provides convenient and intuitive notation for linear algebra operations, vector arithmetic and various parallel primitives.

A Test Of Github-Zenodo Integration

Ryan Scherle
This is a test release of my test repository. I'm trying out the new Github-Zenodo integration.

Citable Release

Florian Leitner
initial release (DOI)

Mirror Registrations V0.5

James D. Manton, Marta Costa, Aaron D. Ostrovsky & Gregory S. X. E. Jefferis
Mirroring points in various Drosophila melanogaster template brain spaces

Pypot V1.6.0

, Matthieu Lapeyre, Rémi Barraquand &
Python library for controlling dynamixel motors.

Re-Release For Zenodo Doi Integration

Ryan G. Coleman
matches 2d projections of proteins to any shape desired.


Yongxiang HUANG
A Matlab package for the time-dependent-intrinsic-correlation. This code is based on a Fortran code provided by Pr. X.Y. Chen and N.E. Huang.

Zenodo Release

, Eduardo Echeverría &
Fedora College's website

Self-Describing File (Sdf) Library

John K. Salmon & Michael S. Warren
This is the public release of version 1.0 of SDF ("Self Describing Files" or "Super-Duper Files, depending on how impressed you are). It is the first version of the last I/O package you'll ever need. SDF files are binary data files with an optional header which contains 1) a description of the layout of the data, and 2) optional ascii constants. There is no output capability because the SDF files are so easy to write...

Ccsgp - Carbon Capture & Sequestration Gnuplot

Patrick Huck
Plotting library based on gnuplot-py with automatic support for multiple output formats, great-looking defaults for scientific plots and all wrapped into one function 'make_plot' with simple keyword arguments. Also supports panel plots. see http://ccsgp-get-started.readthedocs.org This is the first official release of ccsgp, extensively tested using QM12 and QM14 results.

Source Code For The Conference Paper: The Effectiveness Of Using A Modified \"Beat Frequent Pick\" Algorithm In The First International Roshambo Tournament

Source code and test results for the conference paper: The Effectiveness of using a Modified "Beat Frequent Pick" Algorithm in the First International RoShambo Tournament

Neuroanatomy Toolbox V1.5.3

Gregory Jefferis &
nat v1.5.3 This is the current stable release on github. Changes since the last stable release on CRAN (v1.4.10) are detailed below. Changes in version 1.5.3: new function pointsinside to determine if points (e.g. neuron) are inside a closedd surface resample.neuron implemented (no support for interpolating widths or multiple) subtrees dotprops.neuron can resample to a consistent segment length consistent return values for as.seglist and seglengths when all subtrees are returned seglengths can return lengths for...


Trevor Hickey
seeing if the cite image will automatically change

Putting It All Together

Bill Mills
This patch adds some minor touchups, but mostly prepares the software for it's first DOI.

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