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Smart Management Of The Water Urban Cycle

Antonio Sánchez Zaplana
Aguas Municipalizadas de Alicante, AMAEM, is the company in charge of managing the urban water cycle in Alicante and several neighbour towns: San Vicente, Sant Joan, Petrer, Monforte and El Campello. More specifically, AMAEM provides the water distribution service in all of them, and is responsible for the sewage service in Alicante, Sant Joan and Monforte. The population served amounts to 750,000 inhabitants, supplied by a 2,000 km water distribution network and 700 km of...

Le Siècle Des Objets

Christof Schöch
Review of: Lumières 5, 2005, dossier 'Esthétique et poétique de l'objet au XVIIIe siècle', ed. Christophe Martin et Catherine Ramond.

Аналіз Методології Патентно-Кон’Юнкурних Досліджень У Бувшому Срср Та

Олексій В. Васильєв & Вікторія В. Чьочь
Матеріали аналізу методик патентно-кон'юнктураних досліджень за період 1982- 2012 рр.

Computable Geospatial Models

Jan Kolar
15 minutes talk on practical implementation of the Geospatial Manged Objects and the concepts described in the article "Bytecode Unification of Computable Geospatial Models". The time index of the presentation: 1m 43s Minimalistic GMO 4m 08s Functional GMO Definition 6m 07s Accessing GMOs from Shell using Scala scripts 9m 24s Viewing GMOs using Virtual Globe component 12m 03s GRIFIN implementation of GMO technology 12m 36s GMO software clients using GRIFIN 13m 58s GMO models

Orbital Analysis Of Oxo And Peroxo Dicopper Complexes Via Quantum Chemical Workflows In Mosgrid

CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2013, Vol. 993, Paper 3.

Cellulase Production By Bacteria: A Review

Cellulose is an abundant natural biopolymer on earth and most dominating Agricultural
waste. This cellulosic biomass is a renewable and abundant resource with great potential
for bioconversion to value-added bioproducts. It can be degraded by cellulase produced
by cellulolytic bacteria. This enzyme has various industrial applications and now
considered as major group of industrial enzyme. The review discusses application of
cellulase, classification of cellulase, quantification of cellulase, the types of cellulolytic
bacteria and their screening....

Mini-Review: Theoretical And Onsite Evaluation Of Hazard Potentials In The Local Production Of Wara; An Indigenous West African Soft Cheese

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The effects of food hazards have been felt in various forms over the years by consumers
globally. This study attempts to assess and evaluate pertinent hazards inherent in the local
production of wara (West African soft cheese) which is traditionally produced in small scale
by Fulani women and consumed widely in Nigeria. The producers of wara in most cases
are associated with poor hygiene, and their products are usually inconsistent in quality and
possess very...

Big Data And Big Science

Alberto Di Meglio
Brief introduction to the challenges of big data in scientific research based on the work done by the HEP community at CERN and how the CERN openlab promotes collaboration among research institutes and industrial IT companies. Presented at the FutureGov 2014 conference in Singapore.

Technological Educational Institution Of Athens, Physiotherapy Department, Papathanasiou G (Editor). Curriculum Design - Course Description

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The courses of the Physiotherapy Department’s curriculum cover the physiotherapeutic evaluation and rehabilitation of injuries, dysfunctions and lesions, both congenital and acquired, that cause disturbances to the skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The basic aim and objective of the course curriculum is the development of critical thinking in the proper selection and application of the evidence based appropriate methods, techniques and means for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the pathological conditions mentioned...

Building And Managing Of Electronic Resources In Digital Era In India With Special Reference To Iucaa And Niv, Pune: A Comparative Case Study

This paper discusses and presents a comparative case study of two library of Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and Information Centre and Library (ICL) of National Institute of Virology (Indian Council of Medical Research) (NIV-ICMR). It covers the processes for acquiring/subscribing various e-resources, get access under UGC-Infonet Digital Library Consortium/Electronic Resources in Medicine (ERMED), including free databases available and developing e-resources in form of own preprints/ own publications/institutional repository/own videos lectures archives with...

Mobilization Of Data From Historical Literature Through Markup, Data Extraction And Re-Publishing: The Flora Of Northumberland And Durham (1838) Starts A New Life!

Quentin Groom, Teodor Georgiev, Jordan Biserkov, Pavel Stoev, Donat Agosti & Lyubomir Penev
A poster presented at the EU BON 2014 General Meeting in Crete.

Bounding The Smarandache Function

The article illustrates the importance of being able to calculate the Smarandache function for prime powers. This paper will be considering that process.

Gaschromatische Tritiumanreicherung, Trennung Der Wasserstoffisotope Bei Adsorption

Bernd Jähne
Die vorliegende Arbeit untersucht die Möglichkeiten gaschromatographischer Anreicherung von Tritium zur Messung von Low-Level-Proben. Es konnte ein trägergasfreies Verfahren entwickelt werden, das aus einer Kombination von Frontalanalyse und Verdrängungsentwicklung besteht. Es ist einfach zu handhaben, aber genauso effektiv wie kompliziertere bisherige Verfahren mit Trägergas (Kapitel 2). Verbesserungen im Kolonnenbau machen größere Anreicherungsfaktoren möglich. Durch eine optimalere Wahl der Adsorber und den Übergang zu tieferen Temperaturen (63,2°K, Sieden von flüssigem Stickstoff unter vermindertem Druck) läßt sich...

On The Mean Value Of The Smarandache Lcm Function Sl(N)

Du Xiaoying
The main purpose of this paper is to study the properties of the Smarandache LCM
function SL(n), and give an asymptotic formula for its mean value.

On The Mean Value Of The Near Pseudo Smarandache Function

Hai Yang & Ruiqin Fu
The main purpose of this paper is using the analytic method to study the asymp-
totic properties of the Near Pseudo Smarandache Function, and give two interesting asymptotic formulae for it.

On The Mean Value Of Some New Sequences

Chen Jiao
The main purpose of this paper is using the elementary and analytic methods
to study the mean value properties of the Smarandache repetitional sequence, and give two asymptotic formulas for it.

An Equation Involving The Square Sum Of Natural Numbers And Smarandache Primitive Function

Ruiqin Fu & Hai Yang
For any positive integer n, let Sp(n) denotes the Smarandache primitive function.
The main purpose of this paper is using the elementary methods to study the number of the solutions of an equation and give all positive integer solutions for this equation.

On The Smarandache Function And The Fermat Number

Jinrui Wang
For any positive integer n, the famous F.Smarandache function S(n) is defined as
the smallest positive integer m such that n I m!. The main purpose of this paper is using the elementary method to study the estimate problem of S (Fn), and give a sharper lower bound estimate for it.

Smarandache Functions Of The Second Kind

Ion Balacenoiu
The Smarandache functions of the second kind are defined here.

Factoring Of The Smarandache Concatenated Odd Sequence

Micha Fleuren
Factoring of the Smarandache Concatenated Odd Sequence.

The Quest For Consistency And Accuracy Of Spectroscopic Parameters In Hitran: Bridge Between Archive And Application

Laurence S. Rothman
Recent satellite remote-sensing experiments are making unprecedented demands on the spectroscopic databases. The reasons arise from numerous factors, for example high signal-to-noise, broad spectral coverage, long path lengths, and improved retrieval algorithms. The progress of the experiments was highlighted in the workshop, Atmospheric Science from Space using Fourier Transform Spectrometry, held last year in Canada (1). Among the requirements anticipated by current and future space missions is the need to obtain a global consistency of...

On The Odd Sieve Sequence

Weili Yao
The odd sieve sequence is the sequence, which is composed of all odd numbers
that are not equal to the difference of two primes. In this paper, we use analytic
method to study the mean value properties of this sequence, and give two
interesting asymptotic formulae.

On Two Subsets Of Generalized Smarandache Palindromes

Jason Earls
Two subsets of generalized Smarandache palindromes are constructed to determine some of their properties. New sequences, conjectures, and unsolved questions are given.

Some Results About Four Smarandache U-Product Sequences

Felice Russo
In this paper four Smarandache product sequences have been studied: Smarandache Square product sequence, Smarandache Cubic product sequence, Smarandache Factorial product sequence and Smarandache Palprime product sequence. In particular the number of primes, the convergence value for Smarandache Series, Smarandache Continued Fractions, Smarandache Infinite product of the mentioned sequences has been calculated utilizing the Ubasic software package. Moreover for the first time the notion of Smarandache Continued Radicals has been introduced. One conjecture about the...

A Note On Line Graphs

P. Siva Kota Kavita Reddy, S. Permi & B. Prashanth
In this note we define two generalizations of the line graph and obtain some
results. Also, we mark some open problems.

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