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Feasibility of a Systematic, Comprehensive, One-to-One Training (SCOOT) program for new scooter users: study protocol for a randomized control trial

W. B Mortenson, Sharon Jang, Charlie H Goldsmith, Laura Hurd Clarke, Sandra Hobson & Richelle Emery
Background: Mobility scooters can facilitate community participation among individuals with mobility limitations. However, accidents are a serious concern with scooter use. Scooter training has been recommended to improve safety, but there are currently few validated programs available. Therefore, we developed a Systematic, Comprehensive, One-to-One Training (SCOOT) program for scooter users. We will conduct a study to evaluate the outcomes produced by the provision SCOOT. Methods: This feasibility study will use a mixed-methods, rater-blinded, randomized control...

Multiple Ontologies of Water : politics, conflict and implications for governance

Nicole J. Wilson, Julian Sebastian Yates & Leila M. Harris
We ask what it would mean to take seriously the possibility of multiple water ontologies, and what the implications of this would be for water governance in theory and practice. We contribute to a growing body of literature that is reformulating understanding of human– water relations and refocusing on the fundamental question of what water ‘is’. Interrogating the political–ontological ‘problem space’ of water governance, we explore a series of ontological disjunctures that persist. Rather than...

Water Justice : Key concepts, debates and research agendas

Leila M. Harris, Scott McKenzie, Lucy Rodina, Sameer H. Shah & Nicole J. Wilson

Men’s and women’s response to treatment and perceptions of outcomes in a randomized controlled trial of injectable opioid assisted treatment for severe opioid use disorder

Heather Palis, Kirsten Marchand, Daphne Guh, Suzanne Brissette, Kurt Lock, Scott MacDonald, Scott Harrison, Aslam H Anis, Michael Krausz, David C Marsh, Martin T Schechter & Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes
Background: To test whether there are gender differences in treatment outcomes among patients receiving injectable opioids for the treatment of long-term opioid-dependence. The study additionally explores whether men and women have different perceptions of treatment effectiveness. Methods: This study is a secondary analysis from SALOME, a double-blind, phase III, randomized controlled trial testing the non-inferiorirty of injectable hydromorphone to injectable diacetylmorphine among 202 long-term street opioid injectors in Vancouver (Canada). Given this was a secondary...

A Petrographic and Fluid Inclusion Comparison of mid-Cretaceous gold bearing veins near the 5 Moz Coffee Deposit, west-central Yukon

Well-Shen Lee
The Dawson Range district in west-central Yukon is host to various important mineral deposits, including several fault and fracture-hosted gold systems, such as the significant 5 Moz Coffee gold deposit. Three gold-bearing hydrothermal vein systems of inferred mid-Cretaceous age (~92-96 ma), sharing the same Au-As-Sb relationship as Coffee are located nearby. A field, petrographic and microthermometric investigation concludes that the Boulevard and Sugar prospects share a common auriferous vein generation with similar ore and gangue...

Sea Change

Office Of The Vice President Research
As political debate over the overexploitation of fish stocks rages on, UBC’s Fisheries Centre is targeting the responsible management of aquatic ecosystems from multiple perspectives.

The concept of legal literacy amongst educators in Canada

Laura Elisa Peña Carranco
The purpose of this paper is to show that both federal and provincial legislations directly impact the education profession, thus making it essential for educators to be legally literate. I intend to achieve this by thoroughly exploring the concept of legal literacy amongst educators. I take into account the legal framework that hold their profession to account, while I attempt to contribute to the understanding of what it means for an educator in Canada to...

Special Competencies for Psychological Assessment of Torture Survivors

Kirby Huminuik
In spite of the absolute prohibition against torture in international law, this grave human rights abuse is still practiced systematically and with impunity in the majority of countries around the world. Mental health professionals can play a positive role in the fight against torture and impunity, by developing competencies to assess the psychological sequelae of torture. High quality psychological evidence can help to substantiate allegations of torture, thereby increasing the likelihood of success in civil,...

Improving physical activity levels of children in childcare during extreme winter weather

Laura Evelyn Ayres
In this graduating capstone project, I explore the issues that affect Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) abilities to meet the minimum government recommendations for physical activity each day for the children in their care. In northern Manitoba and other areas of Canada particularly north of the 53rd parallel, children may be unable to go outdoors to play for extended periods of time due to inclement winter weather. Weather, space, and equipment are explored as important aspects...

Mediating identities : Language, media, and Filipinos in Canada

Ron Darvin
News about the nation-state and its citizens is an important component of the discourse of nationhood, and its representations of migrant groups can refract relations of power, constructing subject positions that may locate them in the periphery of this imagined community. These mediated identities construct public perception, and by internalizing them, migrant learners can invest in their learning and pursue life trajectories in ways that reflect this positioning. To demonstrate how language and images in...

Resisting rationality : the transformative capacity of anxiety and its implications for political theory

Katriona Vera Stewart
Large-scale national epidemiological surveys consistently find that women are more likely to be diagnosed with emotional disorders, specifically anxiety and depression, than men. Although the cause(s) for this phenomenon are difficult to determine, research increasingly shows that environmental factors play a greater role than genetics/biology in producing this anomaly (D. Freeman and J. Freeman 2013). Current psychological models of mental illness, however, tend to negate social and political aspects of experience by depicting anxiety as...

Evaluating Free To Be : a positive body image program for adolescents

Renae Yoko Regehr
The majority of research, theory, and practice around body image tends to focus on understanding and preventing negative body image in girls and women. Accordingly, body image programs have been developed for adolescents that aim to decrease negative predictive factors for negative body image. However, such interventions have inconsistently reduced body dissatisfaction, a core predictive factor for developing eating disorders. An exclusive focus on reducing pathology neglects those who experience neutral or healthy body image....

Nitrogen dynamics following incorporation of 3-year old grassland set-asides in Delta, British Columbia

Khalil Walji
The Grassland Set-aside (GLSA) Stewardship Program has been utilized by farmers in the lower Fraser River delta, British Columbia (BC), Canada since 1993. Farmers seed fields in a grass-legume mixture and leave them fallow for up to four years providing feeding habitat for raptors while subsequently improving soil quality. While the wildlife benefits have been well documented, soil quality improvement and benefits to succeeding crops are not well understood. The objective of this research is...

Improving security for future wireless networks through friendly jamming

Mark M. Adams
As the number of connected devices and the importance of mobile communications continue to increase, a greater emphasis must be placed on security. Due to the broadcast nature of wireless communications, wireless networks are very exposed to eavesdropping. While this can be addressed above the physical layers using encryption, this still allows the attacker to receive the message and future work may allow decryption. Physical layer security is an approach to security which exploits the...

Population genetics and allele-specific silencing of the Huntington disease mutation

Christopher Kay
Huntington disease (HD) is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder caused by an expanded CAG trinucleotide repeat in the huntingtin gene (HTT). A repeat of ≥36 CAG defines the HD mutation and is diagnostic in the presence of motor or psychiatric phenotypes. All patients have an expanded CAG repeat, usually inherited from an affected parent and heterozygous with a normal (≤35) CAG repeat allele. This thesis addresses numerous gaps in our understanding of the HD mutation at...

Socialist urban development in the city of Rijeka, Yugoslavia, during the 1960s

Dorjan Lecki
The city of Rijeka is situated on the point where the Mediterranean Sea penetrates deeply into the European continent. Between 1945 and 1991 the city was governed by the Yugoslav socialist state. As an important industrial center with a wide array of manufacturing economic branches and the largest port in the entire Yugoslav federation, Rijeka witnessed a significant immigration from other parts of the country. During the 1960s and the 1970s the Yugoslav federal government...

Geometric properties of the space of Lagrangian self-shrinking tori in ℝ⁴

Man Shun Ma
We prove that any sequence {Fn : ∑ → ℝ⁴} of conformally branched compact Lagrangian self-shrinkers to the mean curvature flow with uniform area upper bound has a convergent subsequence, if the conformal structures do not degenerate. When ∑ has genus one, we can drop the assumption on non-degeneracy the conformal structures. When ∑ has genus zero, we show that there is no branched immersion of ∑ as a Lagrangian self-shrinker, generalizing the rigidity result...

Visual text analytics for online conversations

Prince, Md Enamul Hoque
With the proliferation of Web-based social media, asynchronous conversations have become very common for supporting online communication and collaboration. Yet the increasing volume and complexity of conversational data often make it very difficult to get insights about the discussions. This dissertation posits that by integrating natural language processing and information visualization techniques in a synergistic way, we can better support the user's task of exploring and analyzing conversations. Unlike most previous systems, which do not...

Can we enhance cellulose hydrolysis by minimizing enzyme inhibition resulting from pretreatment-derived inhibitors?

Rui Zhai
Any pretreatment process used to enhance the enzymatic deconstruction of lignocellulosic substrates, although opening up and enhancing access to the cellulose, will typically generate inhibitory compounds (i.e. soluble mono/oligomeric sugars, phenolics, furans, extractives, etc.) that will limit or restrict the efficiency of cellulose hydrolysis. To develop more effective inhibition mitigation strategies, it would be beneficial if we had a better understanding of the inhibitory mechanisms of these soluble compounds on the enzyme components of cellulase...

Societal unease with modern agricultural production : the case of animal welfare

Jesse Andrew Robbins
Agricultural intensification has created a great deal of public skepticism. One major area of concern has been the welfare of animals. This thesis explores a diversity of issues centering on perceptions of the welfare of animals. Chapter 1 begins by reviewing the literature on theories of welfare in both humans and animals. After highlighting several challenges for contemporary theorizing about animal welfare, I conclude that philosophical progress on these problems can be enhanced via experimental...

Cast in silver : the rise and demise of Kyushu corsairs in a unifying Japan, 1540-1640

Maria Grazia Petrucci
Piracy in Japan was transformed both politically and economically between 1550 and 1640, in the period of Japanese territorial unification. With the advent of the silver trade, what had been an independent economic enterprise became a sponsored one. Japanese piracy increased in the sixteenth century, and in a structurally different manner from what had transpired in previous centuries. It was now structurally organized as a trade enterprise and was often sponsored by landed power holders....

Virtual interocclusal registration using intra-oral scanning

Faraj Edher
Purpose: The aims of this study were to assess if virtual interocclusal records taken at different locations on the arch have an effect on the alignment of the virtual casts, and to assess whether quadrant scans and full arch scans have an effect on the alignment of the virtual casts when articulated using virtual interocclusal records. Materials and Methods: Three sites of close proximity (SCP) and three sites of clearance were identified in each sextant...

America’s Shadow War

Mark Mazzetti

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