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Tweets to Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Nick Ruest
59,261,490 tweet ids for tweets directed at Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump), collected with Documenting the Now's twarc. Tweets can be “rehydrated” with Documenting the Now’s twarc, or Hydrator. twarc hydrate to_realdonaldtrump_ids.txt > to_donaltrump.jsonl. Tweets from May 7, 2017 - June 21, 2017 of the dataset used a combination of the Filter (Streaming) API and Search API. The Filter API failed on June 21, 2017. From June 23, 2017 forward only the Search API was used to...

#JeffSessions tweets

Nick Ruest
2,278,757 tweet ids for #JeffSessions collected with Documenting the Now's twarc. Tweets can be “rehydrated” with Documenting the Now’s twarc, or Hydrator. twarc hydrate to_realdonaldtrump_ids.txt > to_donaltrump.jsonl.

Climate Change Group 6 - Energy

Nicole Zhang, Graham Johnstone, Jarod Coppens & Cory Kawamoto
This is the data from group 6, with a focus on energy in climate change. This dataset contains our excel worksheets, research notebook, podcast file, presentation slides, and final deliverable.

Group 8 Data

Katie Graham, Sonya Martin, Helena Koniar & Jack Stewart
This dataverse includes the research outline, podcast, final documentation, and presentation for Group 8 of the 2017 3A12 climate change project. This project focused on analyzing the possibility of a runaway greenhouse effect on Earth based on models developed from historic atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Psychology and Climate Change

Sommer Chou, Victoria Coles, Isobel Sharpe & Gabriella Wynn
This dataset contains information generated from a research project on climate change and psychology. This project is a part of the requirements for the climate change component of the third year Integrated Science course at McMaster University. The project was completed in order to understand the relationship between climate change and psychology, including the impacts of climate change on mental health, and the social psychology principles behind the prevalence of climate change inaction among today's...

CC Group 7: Climate Change and Social Media

Leena AlShenaiber, Noah Houpt, Audrey Tam & Ariana Fraschetti
Provided within this dataset is a research notebook, data, and audio files that were generated as part of a third-year Integrated Science project regarding the communication of climate change science on social media. This research was done to ascertain whether the transition from traditional news mediums to social news mediums has the potential to thin the divide between the scientific consensus on climate change and the public's perception of climate change science. Primary data was...

Climate Change - Group 9 - Daniel, Doan, Garnett, Norman

Jacqueline Garnett
This data set contains all of the goals, planning, process and completion of group 9's climate change research project regarding how ocean acidification influences calcifying organisms and by extension, food web dynamics. This includes research notes, final extended abstract, presentation slides, datasets, podcast material and other useful information.

Effects of Climate Change on West Nile Virus in Ontario

Meghan Craughwell, Michele Lefebvre, Jeneva Smith, Liz Balint & Brian Yu
This research project explored the impacts of changing temperature and precipitation due to climate change on the biosphere, specifically infectious disease. GIS maps were created to make predictions about the future of West Nile virus in Ontario. A literature review was conducted to gather current information to make more accurate predictions. This dataset contains rough podcast audio files, podcast script, final podcast, research notebook detailing the research gathered over 10 weeks, spreadsheet of West Nile...

Group 3 Data - Economics of Climate Change Policy

Jacob Saunders, Connor MacLean, Sabrina Macklai, Monish Ahluwahlia & Pooja Sreerangan
A collection of research notes and documents created during the Integrated Science Climate Change Project. Content focuses on North American climate change policy and the associated economic impacts. Specifically, Ontario's cap and trade program and British Columbia and Alberta's carbon tax programs.

Climate Change Final Products and Research Notebook (Group 11)

Megan Swing, Rachal Bolger, Amory Conant & Adam Tweedle
The final project deliverables for the iSci 3A12 Climate Change Project for Group 11 including the Paleoclimatology Podcast, Paleoclimatology Extended Abstract and Paleoclimatology Final Presentation. Also included is a link to the Paleoclimatology Group Research Notebook created in OneNote.

iSci 3A12 Introduction to Climate Change - Local Hamilton Issues

Elsie Loukiantchenko
This dataset was created by Elsie Loukiantchenko, Noel Kim, Sarah Pavic, and Mila Gillis-Adelman. it Includes the following: This project included a climate change podcast about local issues in Hamilton, as well as an extended abstract featuring research conducted by the authors. This data set includes: - Research, research notebook - Outline - Climate Change survey results - Final Podcast - Annotated Bibliography - Extended Abstract

ISCI CC Climate Models Dataset

Elias Vitali
The uploaded files and data include our research group's notebook over the course of the project, raw data tables, and raw audio files used to create our podcast. This dataset also includes the final paper we produced as part of our project.

Juvenile Salmon Program – Discovery Islands and Johnstone Strait – 2015–2017

Hakai Institute
Fall 2017 Version 1.0 Background: The Hakai Institute Juvenile Salmon Program was launched in the spring of 2015 in a collaborative partnership with UBC, SFU, Salmon Coast, Pacific Salmon Foundation, and DFO. The program operates in the Discovery Islands and Johnstone Strait (Figure 1) and thus provides information on the health of juvenile Fraser River salmon after passage through: 1) Strait of Georgia – stratified high plankton biomass zone; and 2) Discovery Islands & Johnstone...

High-resolution record of 8-m seawater CO2 content entering Fanny Bay Oysters in Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Canada from March 2017 to November 2017

Hakai Institute
Baynes Sound, located on the northwestern side of the Strait of Georgia, has been a site for shore-based and high-resolution measurement of surface seawater CO2 content since March 2017. Measurements of in situ temperature, salinity, and CO2 partial pressure are made near-continuously from a seawater intake line at the Taylor Shellfish facility Fanny Bay Oysters with an intake 300 m from shore and at a depth of 8 m in Mud Bay, a peripheral bay...

Performance of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Shock Tube Induced Blast Loading

Steve Castonguay
This thesis focuses on the dynamic and static behavior of steel fiber-reinforced concrete (SRFC) beams. As part of this study a total of eighteen (18) beams are tested, including fourteen (14) SFRC beams, and a companion set of four (4) beams built without fibers. Seven (7) of the beams are tested under quasi-static (slowly applied) loading with the remaining eleven (11) beams tested under simulated blast loading using the University of Ottawa shock-tube. The variables...

Derivation of a Clinical Decision Tool for Predicting Adverse Outcomes Among Emergency Department Patients with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Rosa Ramaekers
Lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB) can result in serious adverse events. Appropriate risk stratification of LGIB patients can improve their care. Previous risk scores to identify severe LGIB patients have limitations, therefore we developed clinical decision tool to accurately identify LGIB patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) who are at risk for 30-day adverse outcomes that would overcome these limitations. We conducted a health records review and compared two methods of regression analysis on our...

L'ère progressiste et les hygiénistes sociaux : la médecine, les maladies vénériennes et la prostitution à New York, 1900 à 1920.

Eric Fecteau
Cette thèse porte sur le mouvement d’hygiène sociale à New York et leur lutte contre les maladies vénériennes durant l’ère progressiste. Après une période d'essoufflement dans la lutte contre la prostitution durant la deuxième moitié du 19e siècle, l’ère progressiste apporta un renouvèlement important aux actions contre la prostitution. En 1905, la première organisation d’hygiène sociale américaine, un mouvement de médecins et de réformateurs qui tenta de mettre fin à l’épidémie de maladies vénériennes qui...

Fortress Mountain Snow Laboratory, Blowing Snow Camera Measurements, and Wind Velocity Data

Nikolas Aksamit & John Pomeroy
These data files include airborne blowing snow density measurements using a portable highspeed camera and 432 nm wavelength laser light plane apparatus. Blowing snow measurements were taken in the first 30 mm above the snow surface. Approx 30 cm away in the spanwise direction across the mean wind direction were two Campbell Scientific CSAT3 sonic anemometers situated on a single mast. The anemometers sampled raw measurements at 50 Hz. The height about snow for the...

Can I borrow a microbiome? : Life-saving poop and the ethics of microbiome therapies

Jennifer Gardy, Amee Manges & Kieran C. O’Doherty
What if we could transplant healthy bacteria into patients to fight diseases without using antibiotics? What might some of the implications be for society if we did this on a broad scale? This talk featured School of Population and Public Health Associate Professor Amee Manges, who speaks about fecal microbiota transplants (FMTs) and how this therapy can save lives, as well as University of Guelph Associate Professor Kieran O’Doherty who discussed the ethics of introducing...

Debbie Harvie : UBC Legacy Project interview

Debbie Harvie

Paul G. Harrison : UBC Legacy Project interview

Paul G. Harrison & Paul G. Harrison

Robson Reading Series at IKBLC Presents "Falling in Time"

C. E. Gatachalian
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. C.E. Gatachalian will be reading from his new book, "Falling In Time." Gatchalian is a playwright, fiction writer, poet, editor, and teacher.

Operationalizing mHealth to improve patient care: a qualitative implementation science evaluation of the WelTel texting intervention in Canada and Kenya

Kevin L Bardosh, Melanie Murray, Antony M Khaemba, Kirsten Smillie & Richard Lester
Background: Mobile health (mHealth) applications have proliferated across the globe with much enthusiasm, although few have reached scale and shown public health impact. In this study, we explored how different contextual factors influenced the implementation, effectiveness and potential for scale-up of WelTel, an easy-to-use and evidence-based mHealth intervention. WelTel uses two-way SMS communication to improve patient adherence to medication and engagement in care, and has been developed and tested in Canada and Kenya. Methods: We...

What do US and Canadian parents do to encourage or discourage physical activity among their 5-12 Year old children?

Andrew W Tu, Teresia M O’Connor, Mark R Beauchamp, Sheryl O Hughes, Tom Baranowski & Louise C Mâsse
Background: Parents have the potential to substantively influence their child’s physical activity. This study identified the parenting practices of US and Canadian parents to encourage or discourage their 5-12 year-old child’s physical activity and to examine differences in parenting practices by country, parental sex, age of child, and income. Methods: The sample consisted of 134 US and Canadian parents (54.5% US; 60.4% female) recruited from a web-based panel by a polling firm. The parents answered open-ended...

A comprehensive review of HIV/STI prevention and sexual and reproductive health services among sex Workers in Conflict-Affected Settings: call for an evidence- and rights-based approach in the humanitarian response

Alyssa Ferguson, Kate Shannon, Jennifer Butler & Shira M Goldenberg
Background: While the conditions in emergency humanitarian and conflict-affected settings often result in significant sex work economies, there is limited information on the social and structural conditions of sex work in these settings, and the impacts on HIV/STI prevention and access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for sex workers. Our objective was to comprehensively review existing evidence on HIV/STI prevention and access to SRH services for sex workers in conflict-affected settings globally. Methods:...

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