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Study of Electrostatic Charging and Particle Wall Fouling in a Pilot-scale Pressurized Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed up to Turbulent Flow Regime

Di Song
In gas-solid fluidized beds, the generation of electrostatic charges due to continuous contacts between fluidizing particles, and the particles and the fluidization vessel wall, is unavoidable. Industrial operations, such as the production of polyethylene, are susceptible to significant operational challenges caused by electrostatics including reactor wall fouling, a problem known as “sheeting”. The formation of particle sheets can require shutdown periods for clean-up which results in significant economic losses. To gain a better understanding of...

Privacy-Preserving Location-Aware Data Availability and Access Authorization in Public Safety Broadband Networks

Hamidreza Ghafghazi
The increased demand for interoperability among Emergency Responders (ERs) and timely accessibility to a large amount of reliable, accurate, context and location aware, and privacy-preserved data (e.g., environmental data, health records, building plan, etc.), mandates the emergence of dedicated Public Safety Broadband Networks (PSBNs). However, realizing PSBNs and addressing such requirements encounters substantial challenges. For example, several security and privacy vulnerabilities have been detected in the Long Term Evolution (LTE) which is the leading enabler...

The JCMT Plane Survey: First complete data release - emission maps and compact source catalogue

D.J. Eden
This contains data and other information related to the publication 'The JCMT Plane Survey: First complete data release - emission maps and compact source catalogue ' by Eden, D.J. et al., Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society , 2017, DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stx874

Pierson v. Post Judgment Roll

Angela Fernandez
Pierson v. Post has been made famous by its use in American property law classrooms since the 1950s. It is often the first case law students study in property as it provides an introduction to the concept of first possession and how one acquires possession in a wild animal, the fox, owned by no one. The case report reproduced in law school casebooks was created by New York’s first official law reporter George Caines after...

A flexible inference method for an autoregressive stochastic volatility model with an application to risk management

Yijun Xie
The Autoregressive Stochastic Volatility (ARSV) model is a discrete-time stochastic volatility model that can model the financial returns time series and volatilities. This model is relevant for risk management. However, existing inference methods have various limitations on model assumptions. In this report we discuss a new inference method that allows flexible model assumption for innovation of the ARSV model. We also present the application of ARSV model to risk management, and compare the ARSV model...

A genetic basis of adaptation to high pH in Rainbow Trout

Tara Lynn McBryan
Exposure to high environmental pH is physiologically stressful for fish. In British Columbia, this has led to low survivorship among Rainbow Trout stocked into alkaline lakes. Early studies have shown promising results for stocking the progeny of brood stock collected in high pH lakes into similar alkaline environments. Here I follow up by characterizing the high pH tolerance of fish with parents collected from an alkaline lake, Stump Lake. I also look at the effects...

Sustainability meets eco-spirituality : using a qualitative multi-methods approach to explore the Philippine Catholic Church’s potential for watershed governance partnership in the Angat River Basin, Bulacan, Philippines

Katherine O'Callaghan
The literature of Integrated Water Resource Management argues collaborative watershed partnerships between state agencies and civil society are crucial for water governance. They bring stakeholders together to facilitate dialogue, reduce competition and negotiate on complex water related issues. However in newly independent states, like the Philippines, local state agencies are still struggling to adopt collaborative governance approaches that offer stronger stakeholder engagement, due to poorly implemented decentralizing policies, resource constraints and a lack of political...

Implicating calcium signaling at intercellular junctions and structures associated with junction turnover in rat Sertoli cells

Kevin Lyon
The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a prominent organelle in Sertoli cells. It is an integral component of unique adhesion junctions (ectoplasmic specializations - ESs) in this cell type, and is closely associated with structures termed tubulobulbar complexes (TBCs) that internalize intercellular junctions during sperm release and during the translocation of spermatocytes through the blood-testis barrier. A role for the ER in Ca²⁺ regulation at ESs and TBCs has been suspected, but evidence for this function...

From streams to citizens : a multi-lens investigation of water quality through carbon cycles and participation within water science and policy

Ashlee Jollymore
Water management approaches that are scientifically sound and societally relevant are critical, given the myriad demands and threats posed to this resource and its necessity for environmental and human life. This thesis reflects the inherently complex and multifaceted nature of water management by investigating issues of water quality, as well as societal participation within science outlining the health of water resources, and policy that determines admissible human impacts. First, the technical details of deploying in...

Protracted phonological development in Granada Spanish : a case study

Josiah Klassen
This case study examines single-word productions of “Emilio”, a Spanish-speaking boy from Granada with protracted phonological development (PPD), at ages 4;8 and 7;6. Emilio was the only child in a cohort of 15 to exhibit persisting difficulties at the second time point. At time 2, he showed differences in word-initial /r/, syllable-final /ɾ/ and one polysyllabic word, hipopótamo. In an acoustic comparison of /r/ data from children aged 4 to 9 years (Carballo & Mendoza,...

Path-invariant and time-optimal motion control for industrial robots

Joonyoung Kim
This thesis presents practical methods for planning and control to improve the motion performance of industrial robots. Particular attention is given to the commercial six degrees-of-freedom articulated robot with a low-cost generic controller. A comparative study of motion control methods demonstrated that both smooth trajectory planning and filtering techniques, when combined with a traditional Proportional-Derivative control, are limited in achievable performance due to reduced accelerations (smooth trajectory) or large path-distortions (filtering technique). Instead, faster and...

Evidence-based practice and potentially harmful treatment in Canadian therapists

Nicole Victoria Thomson
Despite the abundance of research supporting evidence-based-practice (EBP), therapists are more likely to choose interventions based on intuition, training, and personal experience, rather than research (Gyani, Shafran, Myles, & Rose, 2014). One possible risk of not using EBP is that it leaves therapists open to the use of potentially harmful treatments (PHT) (Lilienfeld, 2007). Previous research has found that positive attitudes towards EBP are linked to intentions of using research to inform practice (Tasca, Grenon,...

Identification of the fluid induced instability phenomenon in journal bearings

Seyed Mohammad Miraskari
The demand for high pressure injection of natural gas in underground has been an incentive for a growing interest in the design and manufacture of multistage compressors. Many of such compressors suffer from violent sub-synchronous whirl. If the spin-speed of the rotors exceed the “threshold speed of instability,” the rotor-bearing system experiences sub-synchronous whirling known as oil whirl/whip. For rotors supported on journal bearings, oil whirl is the most common cause of instability. Existing models...

Rethinking the growth mantra : an exploration of the post-normal world of declining conventional fossil energy

Terrance Leonard Berg
This dissertation represents a meta-survey of evidence projecting a future of conventional fossil energy decline, and the rapid disappearance of highest quality conventional energy sources. Evidence also suggest that increasing costs of fossil fuel production and declining energetic quality of replacements, point to a growing uneconomic cost of fossil fuel consumption. This indicates the need to challenge the benefits of continued fossil fuel consumption due to the growing devastation on humanity associated with accelerating global...

The effect of deuteration on receptor-ligand binding

Anna Lee
In this thesis, we use a particle coupled to a phonon bath to accurately model biological and chemical reactions. The path decomposition expansion (PDX) formalism is used to determine the tunneling dynamics of the particle. By decomposing the potential energy landscape into the classically allowed and classically forbidden regions, we can calculate the path integrals associated with each region and connect them to evaluate the full Green's function. We will also discuss how deuteration of...

Structural and economic evaluation of self-anchored discontinuous hybrid cable bridges

Devin James Sauer
The self-anchored discontinuous hybrid cable bridge (SDHCB) is a novel type of bridge system which has the potential to overcome many of the deficiencies of conventional cable bridge structures while preserving their advantages. To date, research on the system is extremely limited. Accordingly, this thesis examines the structural and economic attributes of the system, as well its constructability. These areas of research are vital in evaluating the utility of the system and in advancing its...

Korean diaspora : comparing the Chosunjok and Zainichi Koreans on their political statuses in China and Japan

Suhan Shim
Many Koreans were forced to relocate to China and Japan, an involuntary diaspora, in response to the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910. With the liberation of the Korean peninsula, the Japanese government sought to repatriate the Koreans to their homeland, a largely successful effort. With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, however, the Korean diasporic communities in Japan and China were forced to remain in their adopted nations, eventually forming one of...

Decision support for emergency response in interdependent infrastructure systems

Khaled Alutaibi
In recent years, extreme events, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires, occur more frequently and at a higher intensity. The growing complexity and interdependence of modern infrastructure systems makes them vulnerable to such events. Emergency response is the process of implementing appropriate actions to reduce human and economic losses following these events. Efficient response requires an understanding of the existing infrastructure systems and their interdependencies. In this thesis, we propose a decision support system...

Language socialization in the post-colonial Korean diaspora in Japan : language ideologies, identities, and language maintenance

Jeonghye Son
This ethnographic research investigates Korean language socialization within the Korean resident (Zainichi Korean) community in Japan, particularly focusing on the community connected to Chongryun (pro-North Korean organization) schools. That is, this study seeks to find (1) how Korean children in the community of Chongryun schools are socialized to learn and use Korean and (2) how they are socialized through language to culturally significant values, beliefs, and identities that affect their Korean development. To this end,...

Recombinant expression and band-gap engineering of the bacterial photosynthetic reaction centre

Daniel Young Jun
The Rhodobacter sphaeroides photosynthetic reaction centre (RC) is a pigment-protein complex that efficiently captures and converts photon energy into a charge-separated state. Given the conversion efficiency and the high electric potential of the electron, the major focus of my project was to deliver/extract electrons to/from various cofactors along the charge-separation pathway in the RC, including the special pair of bacteriochlorophylls (P), the bacteriopheophytin (HA), the primary quinone (QA), and the secondary quinone (QB). An over-expression...

Teratogenicity and perinatal outcomes associated with epilepsy and the use of antiepileptic drugs

Kristi Anna McIntosh
Background and Objectives: Epilepsy complicates 0.3 – 0.7% of all pregnancies in developed countries. There is a lack of consensus on appropriate antiepileptic drug (AED) regimens, folic acid supplementation, delivery management, and breastfeeding guidance. This thesis examines how women with epilepsy in British Columbia (BC) and throughout Canada are being managed to concurrently control seizures, decrease teratogenicity and optimize obstetric and perinatal outcomes. Design and Methods: Using BC linked administrative data, I examined utilization of...

Reception of "Journey to the West" in early modern Japan

Yevheniy Vakhnenko
As one of the most prominent works of Chinese literature, Xiyouji 西遊記 (literally, The Record of the Westward Journey, or Journey to the West) has received considerable attention in Western scholarship, focusing on issues of its antecedents, textual formation, authorship, character prototypes and religious allegory, which attests to its complexity in terms of the history of its composition and contents. However, not much has been written about the equally remarkable influence that the Journey to...

Numerical modeling of seismic performance of light-frame wood buildings

Marisa J. Mulder
Light-frame wood structures are the most prevalent construction type in North America, representing over 90% of the residential building stock. Many of these buildings were built prior to the adoption of seismic engineering design practices and thus may be vulnerable in a seismic event. The primary objective of the research is to examine the use of numerical models to predict the seismic behaviour of light-frame wood structures. Models for (i) a full-scale two-storey house, (ii)...

On the electronic-photonic integrated circuit design automation : modelling, design, analysis, and simulation

Ahmadreza Farsaei
Photonic networks form the backbone of the data communication infrastructure. In particular, in current and future wireless communication systems, photonic networks are becoming increasingly popular for data distribution between the central office and the remote antenna units at base stations. As wireless-photonic systems become increasingly more popular, not only low-cost implementation of such systems is desirable, but also a reliable electronic-photonic design automation (EPDA) framework supporting such complex circuits and systems is crucial. This work...

Trunk muscle activation patterns during walking with robotic exoskeletons in people with high thoracic motor-complete spinal cord injury

Raid Alamro
Background: Maintaining postural stability during sitting or standing depends critically on motor function in the trunk muscles. Trunk muscle function is typically assumed to be poor or absent in people with a complete spinal cord injury (SCI) at or above the thoracic level. However, recent studies have revealed sparing of trunk muscle function in people with high-thoracic motor-complete SCI, opening up the possibility for training techniques to improve their function. The Lokomat and Ekso are...

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