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Report on the State of Alternative Energy in the Arctic

David Cherniak, Vincent Dufresne, Lawrence Keyte, Alexandra Mallett & Stephan Schott


Kathy Heise, Lance Barrett-Lennard, Ross Chapman, Tom Dakin, Christine Erbe, David Hannay, Nathan Merchant, James Pilkington, Sheila Thornton, Dom Tollit, Svein Vagle, Val Veirs, Valeria Vergara, Jason Wood, Brianna Wright & Harald Yurk

Dynamique manageriale du transfert de technologie et gestion des projets

Christian Navarre
Le texte intégral de ce document de travail n'est pas disponible en ligne. Une copie papier est disponible à l'Annexe de la bibliothéque. Effectuez une recherche par titre dans le catalogue pour réserver le document. // The full text of this working paper is not available online. A print copy is available in the Library Annex. Search by title in the catalogue to request the paper.

The outlaw couple film: from World War Two to the present

Katie Louise Weekley
Appearing periodically since the Second World War years right up to the present, the outlaw couple film (a relative of two more potentially liberal genres, the buddy and the road movie) has remained a deeply conservative genre, despite a glimpse of its possible energy in the 1960s. Unlike the male buddy film, which tends to invest both protagonists with equal capabilities and independence, the outlaw couple film almost always focalizes its narrative through the male...

Doing well by doing good? Normative tensions underlying Twitter's corporate social responsibility ethos

Thorsten Busch & Tamara Shepherd
This paper examines the rhetoric of Twitter.com in order to gain insight into the company’s normative self-understanding, or ethos. From a business ethics perspective, we analyze Twitter’s ethos in relation to debates around democratic communication and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Partly thanks to its CSR strategy, Twitter has acquired the critical mass of users necessary to successfully establish a robust and financially viable social network. Despite its success, however, we argue that Twitter does not...

Barcode Index Number BOLD:AAI1818

Barcode Index Number System
A cluster of barcode records associated with a Barcode Index Number(BIN). Each cluster is a proxy for a named or unnamed species. Records consist of specimen metadata, specimen images, and sequence data.

Algebraic loop detection and evaluation algorithms for curve and surface interrogations

Shankar Krishnan & Dinesh Manocha
Proceedings of the 1996 Conference on Graphics Interface, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 22 - 24 May 1996, 87-94

Icicle run m2r8

Antony Szu-Han Chen
Wall temperature: not measured

Improving Summer Session Efficiencies: A Case Study

Marie Murgolo-Poore
Nevada was one of the hardest-hit states during the recent financial crisis and is still far behind the rest of the country in recovery (Luhby, 2012). Since 2008, the Nevada System of Higher Education has seen a 20.3% decrease in state support (Palmer, 2012). With state funds significantly reduced and funding required for student success initiatives on an increase, Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) found itself needing to maximize the generation of non-state funds. One...

Ecological monitoring of polar bears and seals in Nunavut a step toward the future.

Steven H. Ferguson, Elizabeth Peacock, Andrew Derocher, Mary E. Obbard, Melissa A. McKinney, Nick Lunn, Sebastian Luque, Seth Stapleton, Tara Bortoluzzi & Vicki Sahanatien
We deployed satellite transmitters on live ringed seals captured in Hudson Bay in the summer of 2009. Polar bear transmitters have been deployed in Hudson Bay in 2007, 2008, and 2009. This project will provide management information and advice for the Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin ringed seal stocks by: (1) delineating movements that may bring juveniles and possibly adults into areas hunted by other communities, (2) assessing sex- and age-specific site fidelity of individual...

Which point sets admit a $k$-angulation?

Michael S. Payne, Jens M. Schmidt & David R. Wood
For \(k\ge 3\), a \(k\)-angulation is a 2-connected plane graph in which every internal face is a \(k\)-gon. We say that a point set \(P\) admits a plane graph \(G\) if there is a straight-line drawing of \(G\) that maps \(V(G)\) onto \(P\) and has the same facial cycles and outer face as \(G\). We investigate the conditions under which a point set \(P\) admits a \(k\)-angulation and find that, for sets containing at least...

Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens (HIBG) from Acadia University

Melanie Priesnitz
The main collection of the Gardens is laid out in nine native habitats of the Acadian Forest Region. All of the plants found in these habitats are native species to the region. Other features of the Gardens include: Medicinal and Food Garden, Conservatory, Walled Garden and Experimental Garden.

Mountain Legacy Project: Rocky Mountains Park and Coalfields - James Joseph McArthur

Eric Higgs
The Mountain Legacy Project compiles historical survey photographs, maps and field notes created between years 1861 to 1953 by surveyors with the Geological Survey of Canada, the Department of the Interior’s Dominion Land Survey and other government departments. Repeated photographs of surveyed historical landscapes have been captured since 1998 onwards, in order to assess environmental change in the Canadian Rocky Mountains over the last century. This dataset compiles archival photographs and other objects from the...

Long-term oceanic observatories (moorings) in Hudson Bay during ArcticNet 2005-2012

Gratton Yves, Barber David, Blondeau Sylvain, Fortier Louis, Lalande Catherine, Massot Pascal & Michaud Luc
Thirteen moorings were deployed in the Hudson Bay between 2005 and 2011 at three different locations close to the coast. Moorings were generally deployed one year and recovered the following year, except in 2007 where moorings were recovered in 2009. Bottom depth of deployment sites varied between 200 and 545 m. Mooring lines were equipped with various oceanographic instruments attached at different depths from 80 m to a maximum of 135 m. Moored instruments include...

Field Measurements of Snow Cover Parameters for Scaling Studies, a component of the MSC 2003 AMSR-E Field Validation Campaign

Dr. Chris Derksen
One component of the field campaign was the collection of intensive snow survey data, acquired at 14 pre-established measurement sites, all of which fall within a single Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) grid cell. Seven of these sites correspond to meteorological measurement locations, while the remaining seven were chosen to fully characterize the dominant land cover types in the region. Four of the sites correspond to former BOREAS plot measurement locations, so detailed forest cover information...

Séminaires en gestion pharmaceutique en établissement de santé : 10 ans de recul

Jennifer Corny & Jean-François Bussières
Introduction : Dans le cadre de la refonte du baccalauréat en pharmacie, l’enseignement de la gestion pharmaceutique en établissement de santé est passé du 1er au 2ème cycle en 2003. Objectifs : L’objectif de cet article est de présenter les résultats détaillés des thèmes traités dans le cadre du séminaire de gestion en pharmacie hospitalière dans les dix dernières années. Méthode : Il s’agit d’une étude descriptive rétrospective. À partir du matériel pédagogique archivé par...

Phosphorus Dynamics and Availability in the Nearshore of Eastern Lake Erie: Insights From Oxygen Isotope Ratios of Phosphate

David Depew
Blooms of filamentous benthic algae that plagued Lake Erie in the 1950s through 1970s were largely reduced through reductions of phosphorus (P) loading from point sources. Since the mid-1990s, these blooms have returned despite a period of relatively stable external P inputs. While increased loadings of dissolved P have been causally linked to cyanobacterial blooms in some parts of the lake, the impacts of ecosystem changes such as the effect of invasive species on nutrient...


R.E. Pike, S. Lawler, R. Brasser, C.J. Shankman, M. Alexandersen, J.J. Kavelaars & A. Morbidelli
This contains data and other information related to the publication 'THE STRUCTURE OF THE DISTANT KUIPER BELT IN A NICE MODEL SCENARIO, Astronomical Journal 2017' and 'Brasser, R., and Morbidelli, A. 2013, Icarus, 225, 40'

Social Rejection and Pain Sensitivity Data

Lindsay Cooper
This data file contains data analyzed through SPSS. The column names for data in SPSS are explained in the Labels section and the codes for the data are explained in the values section. The ELISA subfolder contains data concerning the results of the salivary immunoassay of the saliva samples collected in this experiment for determination of hormonal concentrations.

Tendances récentes liées au cancer de la prostate au Canada

Allana G. LeBlanc, Alain Demers & Amanda Shaw
Le cancer de la prostate est le type de cancer le plus courant chez les hommes au Canada. Cette étude expose les tendances relatives à l'incidence du cancer de la prostate, à la mortalité et au stade au moment du diagnostic au Canada de 1992 à 2015. L'étude repose sur les travaux précédents de Statistique Canada et fournit une analyse actuelle et approfondie des tendances relatives à l'incidence du cancer de la prostate, à la...

Water column carbonate system measurements from the Pacific Salmon Foundation Citizen Science Program stations from July 2016 to October 2017 in the northern Salish Sea, British Columbia, Canada

Hakai Institute
pCO2 and TCO2 measurements were made on seawater collected from 2 depths at up to 10 stations from the Baynes Sound, Lund and Powell River patrols of the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Citizen Science Program, approximately every 2 to 3 weeks from July 2016 to October 2016 and from March 2017 to October 2017. Seawater was collected in General Oceanics niskin bottles at 0 and 20 m depths using a calibrated line meter on the sampling...

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