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Daily streamflow and reservoir water elevation data for Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas (2006-2099)

Cody Hudson & Wayne Kellogg
Daily streamflow and reservoir water elevation data for modeled locations in the Red River Basin. Values reported are for 18 different GCM (Global Climate Model) / RCP (Representative Concentration Pathway) / GDM Downscaling scenarios. Climate data from each scenario was input into a Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model, that output flow values. These values were then input into RiverWare, to determine the impacts on regulated flows, lake levels and water availability. RiverWare was used for...

Data for Climate drives shifts in grass reproductive phenology across the western U.S. (1895-2013)

Seth Munson
This dataset includes herbaria specimen records that report collection location and date (from 1895 – 2013) for grasses from the Southwest Environmental Information Network (http://swbiodiversity.org/seinet, Accessed 3 March 2014; 79% of records) and Global Biodiversity Information Facility (http://www.gbif.org, [accessed 3 March 2014]; 21% of records) for 12 states in the western United States. Associated climate data include monthly mean temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and precipitation from the herbaria record locations from climate rasters provided...

Final Report: Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska and Northwest Canada Project

A. David McGuire, T. Scott Rupp, Amy Breen, Eugenie S. Euskirchen, Sergey Marchenko, Vladimir Romanovsky, Alec Bennett, W. Robert Bolton, Tobey Carman, Helene Genet, Tom Kurkowski, Mark Lara, Dmitry Nicolsky, Ruth Rutter & Kristin Timm
This report describes the progress made by the Integrated Ecosystem Model (IEM) for Alaska and Northwest Canada Project for the full duration of the project (September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2016). This primary goal in this project was to develop the IEM modeling framework to integrate the driving components for and the interactions among disturbance regimes, permafrost dynamics, hydrology, and vegetation succession/migration for Alaska and Northwest Canada. The major activities of the project include...

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