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Global Soil Organic Carbon Database (at 30 arcsec)

John Latham, Freddy Nachergaele, Henry Matieu, Rodrigo Vargas, Sergio Noce, Monia Santini, Antonio Bombelli & Tommaso Chiti
The most of the global organic carbon is stored in the forest soil. The large quantity of CO2 emitted from soil is a consequence of land use change, both through human activities (e.g. agriculture) or natural hazards (e.g. flooding, landslides, erosion). A net carbon loss from soils adds to the increase in the atmospheric CO2 concentration, probably leading to higher global temperatures. On the other hand, a net soil CO2 sequestration could help to mitigate...

European Earth System Modelling for Climate Services - Policy Brief n°1

Mauro Buonocore, Silvio Gualdi & Ralf Döscher
Earth System Modelling and Climate Services, Earth System Modelling for Climate Projections, Climate Predictions and Future Challenges, The Downscaling Effort: Climate Modelling Goes Regional, Refinement Techniques, From Science to Society.

Sharing adaptation knowledge across Europe: Evidence for the evaluation of Climate-ADAPT

ETC-CCA 2018, Kati Mattern, Valentina Giannini, Clare Downing, Ana Gomes, Emiliano Ramieri, Eleni Karali, Tiago Capela Lourenço, Fokke De Jong, Ingrid Coninx, Serena Marras, Silvia Medri & Aleksandra Kazmierczak

Social vulnerability to climate change in European cities - state of play in policy and practice

Margaretha Breil, Clare Downing, Aleksandra Kazmierczak, Kirsi Mäkinen & Linda Romanovska

Adaptation policies and knowledge base in transnational regions in Europe

Emiliano Ramieri, Margaretha Breil, Sergio Castellari, Elisa Calliari, Wolfgang Lexer & Stefan Fronzek

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