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Chapter 1: Introduction

W. Jeff Lillycrop
Chapter 1 of the book "Airborne Laser Hydrography": "Introduction"

Chapter 2: History

Jennifer Wozencraft, Paul LaRocque, Mark Penley & Martin Pfennigbauer
The early years of laser hydrography have been traced by Guenther (1985). His review tracks the development of laser hydrography, now more commonly known as Airborne Laser Bathymetry (ALB), from the earliest theoretical and experimental efforts in the mid-1960's dealing with in-water lasers  and the first demonstration systems capable of detecting bottom returns  through the development of the first operational systems. The history was later extended to 1990 in a paper by Sizgoric, Banic and...

Data from: Rapid, remote assessment of culvert flooding risk

Allison M. Truhlar, Rebecca D. Marjerison, David F. Gold, Lisa Watkins, Josephine A. Archibald, Megan E. Lung, Andrew Meyer & M. Todd Walter

Appendix A: Standard Words, Phrases, Acronyms

William Philpot
Appendix A of the book 'Airborne Laser Hydrography II' (Philpot et al, 2019)

Appendix B: List of Symbols

William Philpot
Appendix B from the book "Airborne Laser Hydrography II" (Philpot et al, 2019)

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