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National Health Interview Survey, 1988: Child Health Supplement

National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.)

National Health Interview Survey, 2000

National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.)

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS): Enrollments, 2004

National Center for Education Statistics
IPEDS collects data on postsecondary education in the United States in seven areas: institutional characteristics, institutional prices, enrollment, student financial aid, degrees and certificates conferred, student persistence and success, and institutional human and fiscal resources. Because enrollment patterns differ greatly among the various types of postsecondary institutions, there is a need for both different measures of enrollment and several indicators of access. In IPEDS, the following enrollment-related data are collected: Fall Enrollment — Fall enrollment...

27th Annual Survey of The Public's Attitudes Toward The Public Schools, 1995

Phi Delta Kappa
This public opinion poll concerning public schools included questions on the following topics: (1) the most important problems with which schools must deal; (2) drug use in schools; (3) grading of schools and their teachers; (4) grading schools on various success characteristics; (5) goals of education; (6) Federal, State and local government influence on education; (7) financing schools and schooling; (8) attitudes about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and schooling; (9) grade promotion and high school...

Survey of Consumer Finances, 1966

University of Michigan. Economic Behavior Program

Effects of Varying Color, Imagery, and Text of Cigarette Package Warning Labels among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Middle School Youth and Adult Smokers

Sahara Byrne, Amelia Greiner Safi, Deena Kemp, Christofer Skurka, Julie Davydova, Leah Scolare, Alan D. Mathios, Rosemary J. Avery, Michael C. Dorf, Joseph Steinhardt & Jeff Niederdeppe

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