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Community Field Gene Banks: A Way Forward for Achieving Zero Hunger?

Sridhar Gutam
The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – Zero Hunger, can only be achieved when food and nutritional security is ensured. However, due to the changing climatic scenario, there is a need for the promotion of sustainable agriculture with the constant development of new crop varieties which are resilient to biotic and abiotic stresses. For this purpose, there is a need for community seed banks and field gene banks at local, regional, national and international levels...

Is sulfide stress cracking an anodic or a cathodic process?

Mariano Iannuzzi
Is sulfide stress cracking an anodic or a cathodic process? Does hydrogen play a role or is SSC controlled by anodic dissolution?

Networking democracy? Social media innovations in participatory politics

Dan Mercea
Early conceptions of digital democracy as a virtual public sphere or civic commons have been replaced by a new technological optimism for democratic renewal based upon the open and collaborative networking characteristics of social media. This article provides an introduction to a special issue of the international journal Information, Communication & Society, which attempts to present a grounded analysis of these claims drawing upon evidence-based research and analysis. A more cautious approach is suggested for...

On the link between finite difference and derivative of polynomials

Kolosov Petro
The main aim of this paper to establish the relations between forward, backward and central finite (divided) differences (that is discrete analog of the derivative) and partial & ordinary high-order derivatives of the polynomials.MSC 2010: 46G05, 30G25, 39-XXarXiv:1608.00801Keywords: Finite difference, Derivative, Divided difference, Ordinary differential equation, Partial differential equation, Partial derivative, Differential calculus, Difference Equations, Numerical Differentiation, Finite difference coefficient, Polynomial, Power function, Monomial, Exponential function, Exponentiation, arXiv, Preprint, Calculus, Mathematics, Mathematical analysis, Numerical methods,...

ETECH-100 project

Jordan Ewings
Automated blinds for limited mobility people

SRRD_2016_10 Kolk & Hällsten Demographic and Educational Success of Decendants.pdf (Version: 1)

Martin Kolk
This is where I share post-prints and pre-prints. Feel free to download them.

Final Report

Carl Krumenauer
Final Report for Impacts 100

On the Diagnosticity of Motyl et al. (in press).

Matt Motyl, Linda Skitka & Alexander Demos
This is our response to Uri Simonsohn, Joe Simmons, and Leif Nelson's critique of Motyl et al. (in press, JPSP).

Reduced effective emotion regulation in night owls.

Ray Norbury
Previous research has demonstrated a clear link between late chronotype and depression. The vulnerability factors underpinning this link, however, are unclear. Here the relationship between two specific emotion regulation strategies, cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression, and chronotype was investigated using multiple regression. Two hundred and fourty participants (age range 18- 80, 189 females) completed validated self-report questionnaires assaying chronotype, neuroticism, depression symptomatology, sleep quality and emotion regulation. Eveningness was associated increased expressive suppression and morningness...

The Effect of Pathological Narcissism on Interpersonal and Affective Processes in Social Interactions

Aidan Wright, Stephanie Stepp, Lori Scott, Michael Hallquist, Joseph Beeney, Sophie Lazarus & Paul Pilkonis
This manuscript has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Abnormal Psychology (http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/abn). The American Psychological Association retains the copyright. It been copyedited and is not the final version of record. Additionally, Supplementary Materials and Mplus output files for the models that make up this study are archived here for full reporting of the model parameters.

Malawi Power Transfer System

Jacob Bauer
This is a power transfer system created to help upgrade electrical power generation in Malawi.

Replicability and generalizability of PTSD networks: A cross-cultural multisite study of PTSD symptoms in four trauma patient samples

Eiko Fried
The growing literature conceptualizing mental disorders like Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as networks of interacting symptoms faces three key challenges. Prior studies predominantly used (a) small samples with low power for precise estimation, (b) non-clinical samples, and (c) single samples. This renders network structures in clinical data, and the extent to which networks replicate across datasets, unknown. To overcome these limitations, the present cross-cultural multisite study estimated regularized partial correlation networks of 16 PTSD symptoms...

Deconstructing Duty Free: Investor-State Arbitration as Private Anti-Bribery Enforcement

Andrew Spalding
Duty Free rests upon a kind of three-legged stool of legal argumentation. Those legs are: 1) the common law of contract; 2) principles of state liability for official misconduct; and 3) global anti-corruption policy. As this article will show, each leg of that stool is fundamentally flawed; the legal arguments are unpersuasive and occasionally incorrect. This article seeks to deconstruct that stool, exposing the fatal structural flaws in each leg. It thus clears the way...

The Civil Rights of Sexually Exploited Youth in Foster Care

Dale Cecka
This paper examines the civil rights of youth who are missing or discharged from foster care and become victims of sexual exploitation. It also addresses future implications of this epidemic, given demographic patterns of the United States, if we do not address this issue now. Section II describes the demographics of adolescents in foster care. Next, Section III addresses the sexual exploitation of this population. Section IV describes the legal framework of the foster care...

In the Beginning There Was None: Supreme Court Review of State Criminal Prosecutions

Kevin Walsh
This Article challenges the unquestioned assumption of all contemporary scholars of federal jurisdiction that section 25 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 authorized Supreme Court appellate review of state criminal prosecutions. Section 25 has long been thought to be one of the most important provisions of the most important jurisdictional statute enacted by Congress. The Judiciary Act of 1789 gave concrete institutional shape to a federal judiciary only incompletely defined by Article III. And section...

The Problems Inherent in Litigating Employer Free Exercise Rights

Henry Chambers
This brief Article proceeds in four parts. Part I discusses the Supreme Court's recent cases that address employer free exercise rights. Part II notes problems that accompany providing free exercise rights to employers. Part III explores the expansion of employer prerogative in the context of providing employers additional free exercise rights. Part IV considers problems that arise when employee rights are not deemed central to litigation regarding employer free exercise rights. The Article concludes by...

Temporal Arbitrariness: A Back to the Future Look at a Twenty-Five-Year-Old Death Penalty Trial

Mary Tate
his essay grapples with a previously unexamined feature of the death penalty: temporal arbitrariness. How does the circumstance of time affect capital defendants? What might this mean for the stability of our notions of justice? I explore these questions using a 25-year-old death penalty trial as a case study, examining the procedural and factual highlights of the case and situating it in its temporal milieu. I then explore how the roles of doctrine, policy, and...

Childcare Market Failure

Meredith Harbach
In the United States,family law norms and childcare policy have long reflected the view that childcare is a private,family matter. But childcare has crossed the private-public divide. In the absence of parents at home providing care, a substantial childcare market has emerged. And that market is failing. Our law, policy, and legal scholarship have yet to recognize and account for this new reality. This Article confronts the problem on its own terms, using economic analysis...

Electrophysiological Evidence for Preserved Primacy of Lexical Prediction in Normative Aging

Shruti Dave, Trevor Brothers, Matthew Traxler, Fernanda Ferreira, John Henderson & Tamara Swaab
Young adults show consistent neural benefits of predictable contexts when processing upcoming words, but these benefits are less clear-cut in older adults. Here we conduct two ERP experiments to examine whether aging uniquely affects neural correlates of prediction accuracy, as compared to contextual support independent of accuracy. In Experiment 1, readers were asked to predict sentence-final words and self-report prediction accuracy, allowing for separation of ERP effects of accurate prediction and contextual support. While N250...

SPSS Syntax: Lebensführungstypologie

Philipp Kerksieck

Differential Benefits of Mental Training Types for Attention, Compassion, and Theory of Mind

Fynn-Mathis Trautwein, Philipp Kanske, Anne Böckler-Raettig & Tania Singer
Mindfulness- and, more generally, meditation-based interventions increasingly gain popularity, effectively promoting cognitive, affective, and social capacities. It is unclear, however, if different types of practice have the same or specific effects on mental functioning. Here we tested three consecutive three-month training modules aimed at cultivating either attention, socio-affective qualities (such as compassion), or socio-cognitive skills (such as theory of mind), in three training cohorts and a retest control cohort (N = 332). While attention performance...

Racial Arithmetic: Ethnoracial Politics in a Relational Key

Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz
Societies invested in the quantification of race are rarely, if ever, free of racial arithmetic, the practice of using statistics to legitimate and justify political decisions along categories of race and ethnicity. Despite this, scholars have tended to focus on the production rather than the use of ethnoracial statistics. This paper argues that the study of racial arithmetic—an understudied feature of contemporary politics—requires a relational approach. To illustrate the purchase of this approach, this paper...

A Theory of War

thomas Scheff
A Theory of War and Violence (First section)Thomas Scheff, G. Reginald Daniel, and Joseph Loe-Sterphone, Dept of Sociology, UCSB(9260 words total) Abstract: It is possible that war in modern societies is largely driven by emotions, but in a way that is almost completely hidden. Modernity individualizes the self and tends to ignore emotions. As a result, conflict can be caused by sequences in which the total hiding of humiliation leads to vengeance. This essay outlines...

Bans and Boundaries: The Arab Layman in Zakaria Tamer’s Sour Grapes

AWEJ Studies & May Witwit
Social diseases, incompetent governments and the effeminate existence of the Arab person are recurrent themes in Zakaria Tamer’s Sour Grapes (2000). Set in a fictitious Syrian neighbourhood, the stories of the collection Sour Grapes identify the bans and boundaries burdening contemporary Arab life. By presenting the unusual and the nonsensical, Tamer highlights not only the socio-political and economic problems but the impact of the various social customs and inaccurate interpretations of religious teachings on gender...

Racism, Feminism and Language in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God

AWEJ Studies & Sawsan Qashgari
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston has received mixed reviews over Hurston’s treatment of African Americans’ struggle. Her African American male contemporaries saw her novel as an oversimplification of racial issues. Nevertheless, a closer reading of her book proves otherwise. This paper explores her powerful, albeit subtle, portrayal of the desperation imposed not only on her race, but on her gender as well. Hurston masterfully represents racial and gender issues without resorting...

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