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Jurnal Abdimas Pariwisata

Jurnal Pariwisata
Jurnal Abdimas Pariwisata menerbitkan artikel-artikel hasil pengabdian kepada masyarakat, khususnya dalam bidang kepariwisataan. Jurnal Abdimas Pariwisata terbit dua kali dalam setahun pada bulan Juni dan bulan Desember. SEKRETARIAT REDAKSI Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LPPM) Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata AMPTA Yogyakarta Tempel, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, D.I.Yogayakarta Telp: Website: www.amptajurnal.ac.id Email: lp2m@ampta.ac.id Email: jurnalabdimaspariwisata@gmail.com

IAT Creator: a simplified method of creating IAT based experiments for Millisecond Software

Daniel Phipps
A basic tool to quickly make IATs with built in scoring for Milliseconds Inquisit Software using a program built into Excel


Dyah Martiningrum
Validasi model foF 2 GIM-MSILRI telah dilakukan menggunakan data ionosonde Tanjungsari selama siklus matahariminimum tahun 2009 dengan cara membandingkan grafik foF 2 model dan pengamatan, analisis korelasi dan analisiskesalahan model dari pengamatan. Koefisien korelasi foF 2 kedua data setiap hari dihitung kemudian dirata-ratakansetiap bulan mulai bulan Januari – Oktober 2009. Hasilnya menunjukkan bahwa nilai koefisen korelasinya hampir mendekati 1 untuk data foF 2 harian dengan nilai koefisien korelasi tertinggi adalah sebesar 0,9972 dan koefisienkorelasi terendah...

UC Merced Shiny App Workshop

Sonja Winter & Katie Coburn
This project contains material created for a workshop on Shiny Apps taught at UC Merced (April 26, 2019)

Remembering results: A cross-linguistic study of event memory

Miguel Santin, Angeliek van Hout & Monique Flecken
Resultative events are events in which the attributes of an object undergo a change of state (e.g. cutting paper). Culmination is the natural point at which resultative events reach their boundary in the form of a full result (e.g. a paper cut in half). Event cognition theory predicts that event boundaries should be universally salient in memory. Here, we address two hitherto unanswered questions: 1) what is the impact of object-state change in event memory?...

Often claimed, rarely tested: differences in individual drug response

Stephanie Winkelbeiner, Stefan Leucht, John Kane & Philipp Homan
It is a widely held belief that patients with schizophrenia vary considerably in their response to antipsychotics in randomized controlled trials. In this project, we assumed that the overall variation due to individual treatment response (present in the treatment group) can be separated from random variation (present in the treatment and control group) by comparing the variability between groups. Thus, a personal element of response should be reflected by a clinically relevant increase in overall...

Replicability of Two Classic Experiments in Social Psychology

Yinqi Huang, Elizabeth Page-Gould & Joel Le Forestier
In this research project, two classic social psychology effects, intergroup bias on a gender-based Implicit Association Test (IAT) and reduced intergroup bias through "Imagined Contact" were examined.

The role of attitude strength in behavioral spillover

Adrian Brügger & Bettina Höchli
We examined in two experiments whether and how attitude strength moderated the extent to which a first behavior affected a second behavior. Both studies consisted of two parts. In part 1, participants answered several environmental and health attitude questions. Part 2 were the actual experiments in which participants recalled past behaviors (positive, negative, neutral) and then answered questions that we used as actual subsequent behavior or proxies of subsequent behaviors.

Finding Patient-Oriented Research in PubMed and Beyond

Ursula Ellis & Helen Brown
Slides for workshop from Putting Patients First: Lessons Learned for Patient-Oriented Research, the 2018 BC SUPPORT Unit Provincial Conference.

Differential hatch rates of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) eggs inoculated with common bacterial species

Allison Parker
Raw data for hatch rates of Aedes albopictus eggs inoculated with common bacterial species

Make IT Work: Collaborating with IT to Create Sustainable Preservation Systems

Alex Kinnaman, Luke Menzies, Shira Peltzman, Elena Colón-Marrero & Mary Leverance


Brandon Thorpe, Courtney Soderberg, David Mellor, Timothy Errington & Alexander DeHaven

On the formation and reactivity of multinuclear silsesquioxane metal complexes

Robbie Hanssen
A new family of complexes, based on a general motif of four metal atoms in a μ3-oxygen surrounding has been synthesized and the reactivity was tested. Depending on the ligands on the outer (reactive) metal atoms, the reactivity ranges from very reactive towards protic and coordinating substances to completely unreactive. Based on the reaction mechanism, new heterobimetallic complexes could be synthesized, although caution should be taken regarding the ‘hardness’ of the metals. Selected complexes were...

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