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Quantifying vocal fold activity: two new methods for analysing electroglottographic data [Research compendium]

Stefano Coretta
Research compendium for "Quantifying vocal fold activity: two new methods for analysing electroglottographic data"

Empathic Habituation

Timothy Carsel & Cory Patton
In this set of studies, we test competing hypotheses about the mechanisms of empathic habituation.

Application of Character Education for Children with Special Needs in Special Schools

Firunika Cahyani, Eko Purnomo & Eddy Marheni
This research is a qualitative research,This research was conducted on August 2 to September 29, 2018 at Padang Perwari Special School, West Sumatra. The informants in this study were teachers who taught at the extraordinary Padang Perwari school which amounted to 5 people, with the object of research totaling 64 students with special needs. Data collection methods use observation, interviews and focus group discussions (FGD). Data analysis uses interactive analysis models through the stages of...

Субъектно-деятельностные детерминанты образовательно-развивающей активности учащейся молодежи

Irina Arendachuk
Цель – выявить субъектно-деятельностные факторы, детерминирующие образовательно-развивающую активность учащейся молодежи в зависимости от уровня ее проявления, а также в аспекте возрастного развития. Исследование проводилось на выборке, включающей 229 учащихся в системе общего, среднего профессионального и высшего образования в возрасте от 15 до 25 лет. Методики: шкала самодетерминации К. Шэлдона, модификация Е.Н. Осина; опросник изучения структуры субъектности Е. Н. Волковой, И. А. Серегиной); методика «Уровень развития субъектности личности» М.А. Щукиной; опросник самоорганизации деятельности Е.Ю. Мандриковой; авторская...

Strategic Study of SPAM Development in Pontianak City for MDGs Target Achievement 2015

Laili Fitria
In terms of quantity, availability of raw water is quite abundant, but in terms of quality of raw water sources are threatened seawater intrusion in normal and dry year at dry season. Groundwater in Pontianak City is a peat-coloured water and acidic. In existing condition, at dry season in normal year, when intake in Pontianak City gets sea water intrusion, they take raw water from Penepat Intake and only 30 % of habitants in Pontianak...

Sex differences in adolescent ethanol drinking to behavioral intoxication

Sara Westbrook, Minsu Kang, Luke Sherrill, Dylan O'Hearn, Tanya Krishnamani & Joshua Gulley
Rodent models have been especially useful for investigating adolescent ethanol exposure. However, there is a paucity of studies examining sex differences in behavioral intoxication from adolescent ethanol drinking. Here, we used an ethanol drinking model to investigate if adolescent rats of both sexes readily drink ethanol to measurable behavioral intoxication, indicated by increased impulsive action and motor incoordination. Beginning on postnatal day (P) 28, male and female Long Evans rats were given 30-min access to...

A Geographically-aware Multilevel Analysis on the Association between Atmospheric Temperature and the Emergency and Transitional Shelter Population

Ernesto Castaneda
Understanding the geographical distribution and correlates of special segments of the population has the potential for offering insight into human behavior. Our study examines the Emergency and Transitional Shelter Population (ETSP)—which includes what are commonly referred to as “homeless” people. We use 2010 data from two sources: United States (US) Census Bureau county-level ETSP estimates; and North America Land Data Assimilation System Phase 2 (NLDAS-2). We investigate the ecological correlates of ETSP concentration by using...

Modeling Budgeting Transparency Framework using Service Oriented Architecture in Indonesia

Soetam Wicaksono
The need of transparency in government budgeting application, especially in state government of Indonesia has already increased. Since that Indonesia, according to Open Index Report, merely scored less than 70 point for its budgeting transparency, thus it means there are lots of to do in order to create more transparency in it. It also stated that one of the key in country prosperity is when its budgeting has reach better transparency so it will create...

Like trainer, like bot? Inheritance of bias in algorithmic content moderation

Reuben Binns, Michael Veale, Max Van Kleek & Nigel Shadbolt
The internet has become a central medium through which 'networked publics' express their opinions and engage in debate. Offensive comments and personal attacks can inhibit participation in these spaces. Automated content moderation aims to overcome this problem using machine learning classifiers trained on large corpora of texts manually annotated for offence. While such systems could help encourage more civil debate, they must navigate inherently normatively contestable boundaries, and are subject to the idiosyncratic norms of...

Integration of the Technology Readiness and Adoption Models for Assessing IT Use among SMEs in Indonesia

Asrul Sani
In developing a company, the interaction between the customer and the company is very important in relation to the development of a company. The use of technology-based systems is certainly very much needed and service to customers. In this case, the company must improve technology-based system services so that customers can easily obtain information or other knowledge from the company. Building technology-based systems require the readiness to operate, develop and improve technology. This article will...

'Ein Qashish

Ravid Ekshtain
This is a database of the lithic material from 'Ein Qashish, Israel. The site is dated to the late Middle Paleolithic period.

Data on the Design of Truss Structures by Teams of Engineering Students

Christopher McComb, Jonathan Cagan & Kenneth Kotovsky
This experiment was conducted in order to compare different approaches that human teams use to solve design problems that change dynamically during solving. Specifically, study participants were given the task of designing a truss structure (similar to a bridge spanning a chasm) in teams of three. At two points during design, the problem statement was changed unexpectedly, requiring participants to adapt. Two conditions were given different initial problem representations. During the study, every participant had...

A Creature Called CIH: From a Quantum Explanation of Psychological Disorders to a Classical Limit of Behavior

Saeideh Mohseni Nezhad
The objective of this study is to present a Quantum Model for designing and predicting suitable treatment plans for different psychological disorders. The theory has been extracted from Quantum Field Theories and is modeled on a Conceptual Isolated Human (CIH), which is a totally abstract idea. The Quantum limit of the model explains the way disorders are formed, and its classical limit forecasts the observable CIH behavior. Then, a pattern has been presented for treatment...

Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens’ Attitudes, Practices, and Strategies

danah boyd & Alice Marwick
There’s a widespread myth that American teenagers don’t care about privacy. The logic is simple: Why else would teenagers share so much on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube? There is little doubt that many – but not all – American teens have embraced many popular social media services. And there is little doubt that those who have are posting photos, sharing links, updating status messages, and commenting on each other’s posts. Yet, as Waffles explains...

Vocational interest data from Time magazine

Alexander Glosenberg, Tara Behrend, Terence Tracey, David Blustein & Lori Foster
Data collected by a Time magazine survey in June, 2016. Data described in doi:10.1016/j.jvb.2019.01.002

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