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Artefact - Framework with OS Concepts Mapped to DSR Process

Cathal Doyle & Markus Luczak-Roesch
This is the artefact we built and consists of a framework that has the OS concepts mapped to a general DSR process model.

Image Similarity Test Using Eigenface Calculation

Andysah Siahaan
An image is a medium for conveying information. The information contained therein may be a particular event, experience or moment. Not infrequently many images that have similarities. However, this level of similarity is not easily detected by the human eye. Eigenface is one technique to calculate the resemblance of an object. This technique calculates based on the intensity of the colors that exist in the two images compared. The stages used are normalization, eigenface, training,...


STIM Sukma
The study entitled the influence of service quality to the satisfaction of tourists in Maimoon Palace to determine whether the quality of the influence of quality of service to the satisfaction of tourists at Maimoon Palace. The population of this study are tourists who visit Maimoon Palace. Sampling method using random sampling counted 103 respondents. This research data is analyzed using Partial Test (t test) and coefficient of determination (R ²) while data processing using...

Spatially-correlated Multilevel Models: A Generic Specification with Spatially-Local Regularization

Levi Wolf, Luc Anselin, Daniel Arribas-Bel & Lee Mobley
Multilevel (or variance components) models have been applied in many areas of regional science, epidemiology and polimetrics. They are most often used to model treatment nonstationarity in policy regimes, a form of spatial process heterogeneity. Multilevel models with spatially-correlated components are increasingly used to model the presence of both spatial heterogeneity and spatial dependence. Previous treatments typically focus on studying a single model specification in detail, deriving its estimators, and demonstrating its properties in a...

Dataset for DESRIST 2019 paper

Cathal Doyle & Markus Luczak-Roesch
This is the dataset used in our DESRIST 2019 paper titled "We need the open artefact: Design Science as a pathway to Open Science in Information Systems research". It consists of 479 design science research (DSR) articles reviewed with an open science lense, with evidence for the ones that mention OS practices in some form.

RALS Registry

Erica Baranski & Jennifer Lodi-Smith
The RALS Registry contains the different RALS projects.

Un curso de introducción a la estadística en psicología usando JASP

Pandelis Perakakis
Material en Español para un curso introductorio de estadística, aplicada a la psicología y las ciencias de comportamiento. Inspirado y adaptado del material de Erin Michelle Buchanan et al. (https://osf.io/t56kg/)

P499 Sp19: False Memories

Emma Cole & Chelsea Lynch
Examining the accuracy of eyewitness testimony and online interviewing.

Russian Phonological Test Evaluation

Anna Laurinavichyute & Svetlana Dorofeeva
Here you can find the data and the accompanying analysis code for the paper "Complex Phonological Task Predicts Reading Fluency and Comprehension in 7-to-11-Year-Old Typically-Developing Children", submitted to ...

84: A GPS in the Garden of Forking Paths

Daniel Quintana & James Heathers
We chat with Amy Orben, who applies "multiverse" methodology to combat and expose analytical flexibility in her research area of the impact of digital technologies on psychological wellbeing. We also discuss ReproducibiliTea, an early career researcher-led journal club initiative she co-founded, which helps young researchers create local open science groups.

Using Hippocampal-Dependent Eyeblink Conditioning to Predict Individual Differences in Spatial Reorientation Strategies in 3- to 6-Year-Olds

Vanessa Vieites, Shannon Pruden, Anna Shusterman & Bethany Reeb-Sutherland
This project used hippocampal-dependent eyeblink conditioning as an indirect measure of hippocampal function to study individual differences in the relations between hippocampal function and use of spatial reorientation strategies in young children

Notice and Takedown: Online Service Provider and Rightsholder Accounts of Everyday Practice

Jennifer Urban, Joe Karaganis & Brianna Schofield
Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act established both "safe harbors" from liability for online service providers and the well-known "notice and takedown" process for removing online infringements of copyrighted material. In the ensuing two decades, the notice and takedown process has become a primary tool for raising and resolving copyright disputes in the United States.But despite its influence, there is little empirical research describing § 512's operation or its effectiveness. This article digests...

Delayed Reactive Distractor Suppression in Aging Populations

Brandon Ashinoff, Joy Geng & Carmel Mevorach
Previous studies have tended to infer that reactive control is intact in aging populations because of evidence that proactive control is impaired and that older participants appear to favor reactive control strategies. However, most of these studies did not compare reactive control in young and older participants directly. In our study, a young (18 to 21 years old) and older (60+ years old) cohort engaged in a task that assesses reactive distractor suppression where participants...

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