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Humanizing Substance Abuse: An Educational Project for Undergraduate Nursing Students

Hannah Roncallo
Abstract BACKGROUND: Substance abuse in the United States has been an epidemic for years but has received increasing national attention through the recent opioid crisis. One area of inquiry that has received less public attention is the role of the healthcare workers caring for these patients and the attitudes they have towards them. Research has determined that healthcare providers as well as healthcare students have negative attitudes towards substance abusers, finding them more difficult to...

The Quantity Theory Remains Alive

Lei Wang
The raw and processed data and the regression results for my paper The Quantity Theory Remains Alive


Ester Sihombing
Organizational culture and the Dissemination System Faith And Values Evolving hearts An organization as well as directing Behavior And anggotaanggotanya.Budaya organization and can be competitive edge yangutama Become instrument, ie If the organizational culture and support the development of organizational strategy andCultural organizations and besides influential organizations and boarding costs Against, Against Also influential employee satisfaction. The High employee satisfaction is a prayer One indicator of the effectiveness of management Also, Which Means that the...

HOMO DEMOCRATICUS (On the Universal Desirability and the Not So Universal Possibility of Democracy and Human Rights)

Filip Spagnoli
The subject of the thesis - the universal value of human rights and democracy - is highly topical in view of the 'democratic imperialism' of the current (dd 2002) US-government. While leaving aside the problem of the acceptability of war as a means to promote democracy (e.g. the second Gulf War), the thesis focusses on a philosophical, moral and pragmatical defence of the universal application of democracy and human rights. Only if this defence is...

High-Status Exemplars and the Misperception of the Asian-White Wealth Gap

Enya Entung Kuo, Michael Kraus & Jennifer Richeson
- Preprint: psyarxiv.com/y6p3v - Americans overestimate wealth equality between White and Asian Americans. - High (versus low) status prototypes of Asian Americans as the “model minority” cause these overestimates. - Results suggest that Asian Americans are better understood as a disaggregated racial minority group.

Mass spec data for WOR method article_2018

Adhish Walvekar & Sunil Laxman
The raw mass spec data used in "A versatile LC-MS/MS approach for comprehensive, quantitative analysis of central metabolic pathways" is provided here

Cumulative Risk Methods (Dataset)

Idean Ettekal
File Name: CR Methods Paper Public Dataset Manuscript Title: Comparing alternative methods of measuring cumulative risk based on multiple risk indicators: Are there differential effects on children’s externalizing problems? Journal: PLOS ONE

Effect of emotional valence on retrieval-related recapitulation of encoding activity in the ventral visual stream

Sarah Kark & Elizabeth Kensinger
FMRI data for findings reported in: Kark SM, Kensinger EA. Effect of emotional valence on retrieval-related recapitulation of encoding activity in the ventral visual stream. Neuropsychologia 2015; 78:221-230. FMRI study investigated the effects of valence on encoding-to-retrieval recapitulation following a 20-minute delay in young healthy adults. Participants incidentally encoded negative, neutral, and positive IAPS images and were presented with a recognition memory task 20 minutes later.

Components of the Triarchic Model of Psychopathy are nested within the Five-Factor Model

Courtland Hyatt, Donald Lynam & Josh Miller
The Triarchic Model of Psychopathy (TPM; Patrick, Krueger, & Fowles, 2009) is a recently developed measure of psychopathy that identifies three primary domains: Boldness, Meanness, and Disinhibition. These traits overlap substantially with general and pathologicalfive-factor models (FFM) of personality (Boldness = low Neuroticism, high Extraversion; Meanness = low Agreeableness; Disinhibition = low Conscientiousness). In the current study, (total N = 702) we compare TPM and FFM domains in relation to self- and informant-report ofexternal criteria...

Physiological arousal and visuocortical connectivity predict subsequent vividness of negative memories

Sarah Kark & Elizabeth Kensinger
Kark and Kensinger, 2019, NeuroReport Short name: PAI Effects Uses the line-drawing emotional recognition memory study (24 hour delay) to examine the effect of emotional valence on the neural correlates of 1) subsequent memory vividness, 2) trial-level heart rate deceleration, and 3) their interactions.

(How) Does Initial Self-Control Undermine Later Self-Control in Daily-Life?

Benjamin Wilkowski
Past research suggests that self-control lapses occur more frequently following demanding experiences in daily-life. However, the reason for these effects is debated. Three studies were therefore conducted to better understand self-control lapses. Exploratory analyses were conducted in Study 1 to identify possible effects. Studies 2-3 evaluated these effects’ reliability. Two patterns were identified. First, initial desire-goal conflict predicted later increases in subjective fatigue. This was in turn related to less effective self-control-attempts. Second, initial self-control-attempts...

Russian World

Pavel Simashenkov
The project presents an original perception of human history, based on Christian values as vital coordinates system. I hope this project will revive the interest to the Russian school of thoughts and to humanism in general.

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