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Pengaruh suku bunga terhadap permintaan kredit usaha rakyat (KUR) pada PT. BRI (Persero) TBK UNIT NITA)

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana pengaruh suku bunga dan berapa besar pengaruh suku bunga terhadap permintaan kredit usaha rakyat (KUR) pada PT. BRI Unit Nita. Metode analisis yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah pengujian model persamaan linear regresi sederhana. Pengujian ini meliputi: Uji asumsi klasik Normalitas, Analisis Regresi Linear Sederhana dengan uji hipotesis yang terdiri dari Uji Statistik t (uji parsial), Koefisien Determinasi (R²). Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa variabel Suku Bunga (X) mempunyai pengaruh...

P-curve analysis of infant numerosity preference data

Rachael Smyth & Daniel Ansari
Theories of numerical processing rely, in part, on research demonstrating infants’ abilities to discriminate between large and small numerosities (e.g. arrays of dots). While individual studies have shown that infants can discriminate between relatively small and large numerosities, there has been no quantitative synthesis of the infant numerosity processing literature, to date. In this project we sought to assess the evidential value of the available literature on small numerosity discrimination and large numerosity discrimination in...

Historical data

Dai-Long Ngo-Hoang
This is a project to collect multidisciplinary databases on the two archipelagos of Hoang Sa (Paracel Islands) and Truong Sa (Spratly Islands) in Vietnam, in an effort to disseminate intellectuals to humanity to understand the love and country of Vietnam peace and friendship solidarity

Mobile Application Detection of Road Damage using Canny Algorithm

Andysah Siahaan, Janner Simarmata & Robbi Rahim
Edge detection is one of the most frequent processes in digital image processing for various purposes, one of which is detecting road damage based on crack paths that can be checked using a Canny algorithm. This paper proposed a mobile application to detect cracks in the road and with customized threshold function in the requests to produce useful and accurate edge detection. The experimental results show that the use of threshold function in a canny...

Research compendium - Estimation of a time-varying apparent infection rate from plant disease progress curves: a particle filter approach

Kaique Alves & Emerson Del Ponte
In this work, a data assimilation technique, Particle Filter (PF) was evaluated as an alternative method for estimating time-varying infection rate of plant disease epidemics. For such, synthetic DPC data for a hypothetical polycyclic epidemics were simulated using the logistic differential equation for scenarios that combined five patterns of r(t) (constant, increasing, decreasing, random or sinusoidal); five increasing time assessment interval (t = 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 time units - t.u.); and two...

A fully automated, transparent, reproducible and blind protocol for sequential analyses

Brice Beffara, Amélie Bret & Ladislas Nalborczyk
Despite many cultural, methodological and technical improvements, one of the major obstacle to results reproducibility remains the pervasive low statistical power. In response to this problem, a lot of attention has recently been drawn to sequential analyses. This type of procedure has been shown to be more efficient (to require less observations and therefore less resources) than classical fixed-N procedures. However, these procedures are submitted to both intrapersonal and interpersonal biases during data collection and...

In Press: Sinkeviciute, Brown, Brekelmans, & Wonnacott. Input variability and learner age in L2 vocabulary learning.

Ruta Sinkeviciute, Helen Brown, Gwen Brekelmans & Elizabeth Wonnacott
Input variability is key in many aspects of linguistic learning, yet variability increases input complexity, which may cause difficulty in some learning contexts. The current work investigates this trade-off by comparing speaker variability effects on L2 vocabulary learning in different age-groups. Existing literature suggests that speaker variability benefits L2 vocabulary learning in adults, but this may not be the case for younger learners. In this study, native English-speaking adults, 7-8 year-olds, and 10-11 year-olds learned...

Labeled Text Forum Threads Dataset

Akram Osman
The dataset is a collection of text forum threads with class labels reflects relevancy to the Initial-Post, 3 for complete relevant, 2 for partially relevant, and 1 for irrelevant

IAT Creator: A simplified method of creating IAT based experiments for Millisecond Software

Daniel Phipps
A basic tool to quickly make IATs with built in scoring for Milliseconds Inquisit Software using a program built into Excel

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