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The psychology of rituals: An integrative review and process-based framework

Nicholas Hobson, Juliana Schroeder, Jane Risen, Dimitris Xygalatas & Michael Inzlicht
Traditionally, ritual has been studied from broad sociocultural perspectives, with little consideration of the psychological processes at play. Recently, however, psychologists have begun turning their attention to the study of ritual, uncovering the causal mechanisms driving this universal aspect of human behavior. With growing interest in the psychology of ritual, the current paper provides an organizing framework to understand recent empirical work from social psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience. Our framework focuses...

How Powerful is the Evidence in Criminology? On Whether We Should Fear a Coming Crisis of Confidence

J.C. Barnes
A crisis of confidence has struck the behavioral and social sciences. A key factor driving the crisis is the low levels of statistical power in many studies. Low power is problematic because it leads to increased rates of false-negative results, inflated false-discovery rates, and over-estimates of effect sizes. To determine whether these issues impact criminology, we computed estimates of statistical power by drawing 322 mean effect sizes and 271 average sample sizes from 81 meta-analyses....

Reputation management explains the apparent contagiousness of immorality (manuscript under review)

Tom Kupfer & Roger Giner-Sorolla
One feature attributed to moral disgust is the sensation that immorality is physically contaminating, as shown by experiments in which participants are unwilling to contact immoral objects like a Nazi officer’s hat. We propose that a different concern drives the apparent contagiousness of immorality: associating visibly with immoral stimuli risks reputation damage because observers will infer immorality by association. Hypothetical (Study 1) and behavioral (Study 2) evidence supported this account. Forced to choose, participants preferred...


Abdul Atsar
Indonesia merupakan negara yang memiliki kekayaan sumber daya genetika laut yang sering dimanfaatkan oleh Inventor dalam maupun luar negeri untuk menghasilkan Invensi yang baru. Oleh karena itu diperlukan pengaturan secara jelas dan tegas. Pelaksanaan sistem hak kekayaan intelektual yang baik bukan saja memerlukan peraturan perundang-undangan di bidang HKI yang tepat, tetapi perlu pula didukung oleh administrasi, penegakan hukum serta program sosialisasi yang optimal tentang hak kekayaan intelektual. Pada saat ini Indonesia telah memiliki perangkat peraturan...

Pengaruh kualitas pelayanan terhadap kepuasan pelanggan jasa BRT Transmusi Palembang

Hendra Hadiwijaya
Quality of service is used as a means to achieve competitive advantage. Inimproving the quality of services will lead to a likely customer loyalty and attractnew customers. The city of Palembang introduced the concept of Bus Rapid Transit(BRT). A form of mass transportation by combining the passenger-oriented station.Underlying issue in this research is "how influence service quality to passengersatisfaction BRT services Transmusi Palembang?" Aims to identify and analyze theeffect of service quality on customer satisfaction....

Critical Searches for Style in the Literature of Boredom: A Discussion on the Implications of its Inconsistent Genre Markers and Ethos

AWEJ Studies & Jibril Latif
A noticeable trend in university classes is studying boredom in literature, a theme which ostensibly began to envelope the western canon from the 19th century onwards that centers on the artistic utilization of dilatory space. Critical theorists like Adorno call it free time and warn of capitalism’s propensity to subvert it. Whereas boredom has traditionally been a boon for humanity in its propensity to force contemplation that leads to creativity, in modernity it has been...

Divergent discourse between protests and counter-protests: #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter

Ryan Gallagher, Andrew Reagan, Christopher Danforth & Peter Dodds
Since the shooting of Black teenager Michael Brown by White police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, the protest hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has amplified critiques of extrajudicial killings of Black Americans. In response to #BlackLivesMatter, other Twitter users have adopted #AllLivesMatter, a counter-protest hashtag whose content argues that equal attention should be given to all lives regardless of race. Through a multi-level analysis of over 860,000 tweets, we study how these protests and counter-protests diverge by...

Translators and Translation in the Early Tibetan Buddhist Renaissance

Matthew Spitzer
This paper looks at the early period (950-1150 C.E.) of the translation of Buddhist materials in the so-called phyi dar, or ‘Second Diffusion’ of Buddhism in Tibet. Specifically this paper addresses the figure of the lo tsa ba, or ‘Translator’, both those of the specifically Tantric variety, such as rwa lo rdo rje grags and ‘brog mi shakya ye shes, but also those that came slightly earlier and are anomalous if only because of their...

Language Learning and Metacognition: An Intervention to Improve Second Language Classrooms

Rebecca Knoph & Erin Buchanan
In the USA, the trend of increase in foreign language enrollments at the college level has suddenly begun to decline since 2009, despite the notion that learning multiple languages is becoming essential for effectively communicating with others from diverse native language backgrounds. This new decline may be due in part to inefficient and outdated foreign language courses. The current study examined the effect of how we assess our current knowledge and learning techniques (metacognition) on...

Image Similarity Test Using Eigenface Calculation

Andysah Siahaan
An image is a medium for conveying information. The information contained therein may be a particular event, experience or moment. Not infrequently many images that have similarities. However, this level of similarity is not easily detected by the human eye. Eigenface is one technique to calculate the resemblance of an object. This technique calculates based on the intensity of the colors that exist in the two images compared. The stages used are normalization, eigenface, training,...

Exploratory and confirmatory analyses in sentence processing: A case study of number interference in German

Bruno Nicenboim, Shravan Vasishth, Felix Engelmann & Katja Suckow
Given the replication crisis in cognitive science, it is important to consider what researchers need to do in order to report results that are reliable. We consider three changes in current practice that have the potential to deliver more realistic and robust claims. First, the planned experiment should be divided up into two stages, an exploratory stage and a confirmatory stage. This clear separation allows the researcher to check whether any results found in the...

Computer Aided Quality Control in Clinical Chemistry

Aristeidis Chatzimichail
This doctoral thesis describes a series of tools that have been developed for the design, evaluation, and selection of optimal quality control procedures, in a clinical chemistry laboratory setting. These tools include: 1) A simulation program for the design, evaluation, and comparison of alternative quality control procedures. The program allows (a) the definition of a very large number of quality control rules, and (b) the definition of the quality control procedures as boolean propositions of...

Racing through the Halls of Congress: The “Black Nod” as an Adaptive Strategy for Surviving in a Raced Institution

James Jones
Although there is an impressive body of research on the U.S. Congress, there has been limited discussion about the central role race plays in the organization of this political institution. While some scholars have documented Congress’ racist past, less is known about the present significance of race in the federal legislature. Throughout the day, African Americans routinely nod to one another in the halls of the Capitol, and consider the Black nod as a common...

Direct replication of “Temporary suppression of visual processing in RSVP task: an attentional blink?” (Experiment 2)

Massimo Grassi, Enrico Toffalini & Camilla Crotti
This project aims at a direct replication of RAymond et al. (JEP:HPP, 1992) “Temporary suppression of visual processing in RSVP task: an attentional blink?” (Experiment 2) with a much larger number of participants (N=100 in contrast to the N=10 of the original paper).

Multi-group Invariance data and code

Anna Dalla Rosa, Michelangelo Vianello, Elisa Galliani & Pasquale Anselmi

Multidisciplinary Investigations at P.O.W. Camp 198, Bridgend, Wales: Site of a Mass Escape in March 1945.

Luis Rees-Hughes, Jamie Pringle, Nick Russill, Kris Wisniewski & Peter Doyle
The largest escape of German Prisoner of War (PoW) in WW2 was in March 1945 from Camp 198, situated in Bridgend, South Wales, UK. Since camp closure the site has become derelict, and has not been scientifically investigated. This paper reports on the search to locate the PoW escape tunnel that was dug from Hut 9. This hut remains in remarkable condition, with numerous PoW graffiti still present. Also preserved is a prisoner-constructed false wall...

Dolly and Alice

Dan Burk
The opinion of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, In re Roslin Institute, rejecting patent claims to mammals cloned from somatic cells, was rendered about a month before the United States Supreme Court's decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International. The Alice opinion explicitly sets out the standard for determining whether an invention falls within statutory patentable subject matter. Thus one is thus left to wonder what the Roslin opinion...


Seminar 2017, Tengku Saktisahdan, Moraida Hasanah & Supriono Siregar
Telah dilakukan penelitian untuk pembuatan keramik berpori yang memanfaatkan bentonit, debu vulkanik Gunung Sinabung dan karbon aktif. Pembuatan sampel dilakukan dengan tahap pengayakan masing masing bahan dengan ukuran 100 mesh dan pencampuran dengan menggunakan metode dry press dengan beban 5 ton selama 10 menit. Perbandingan komposisi bentonit, debu vulkanik Gunung Sinabung dan karbon aktif yaitu (80:0:20), (75:5:20), (70:10:20), (65:15:20) dan (60:20:20). Karakterisasi sifat mekanik kuat tekan sebesar 3,02 MPa – 6,66 MPa dan kekerasan sebesar...

Basis functions for the consistent and accurate representation of surface mass loading

Peter Clarke, David Lavallee, Geoffrey Blewitt & Tonie van Dam
Inversion of geodetic site displacement data to infer surface mass loads has previously been demonstrated using a spherical harmonic representation of the load. This method suffers from the continent-rich, ocean-poor distribution of the geodetic data, coupled with the predominance of the continental load (water storage and atmospheric pressure) compared with the ocean bottom pressure (including the inverse barometer response). Finer-scale inversion becomes unstable due to the rapidly increasing number of parameters which are poorly constrained...

Sex differences in adolescent ethanol drinking to behavioral intoxication

Sara Westbrook, Minsu Kang, Luke Sherrill, Dylan O'Hearn, Tanya Krishnamani & Joshua Gulley
Rodent models have been especially useful for investigating adolescent ethanol exposure. However, there is a paucity of studies examining sex differences in behavioral intoxication from adolescent ethanol drinking. Here, we used an ethanol drinking model to investigate if adolescent rats of both sexes readily drink ethanol to measurable behavioral intoxication, indicated by increased impulsive action and motor incoordination. Beginning on postnatal day (P) 28, male and female Long Evans rats were given 30-min access to...

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