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Sudut Pandang Sebagai Unsur Fiksi Karya Sastra

Sudut pandang, point of view,viewpoint, merupakan salah satu unsur fiksi yang oleh Stanton digolongkan sebagai sarana cerita literary device. Sudut pandang haruslah diperhitungkan kehadirannya, bentuknya, sebab pemilihan sudut pandang akan berpengaruh terhadap penyajian cerita. Reaksi afektif pembaca terhadap sebuah cerita fiksipun dalam banyak hal akan dipengaruhi oleh bentuk sudut pandang. Sudut pandang pada hakikatnya merupakan strategi, teknik, siasat, yang secara sengaja dipilih pengarang untuk mengemukakan gagasan dan cerita. Menurut Booth mengemukakan bahwa sudut pandang merupakan...

Australian Research Council Field of Research (FoR) 1801 Law and Legal Studies, Select Grant Award Data 2010-2018

David Carter
This draft data-set presents Australian Research Council ('ARC')-provided raw data for ARC grants/programs from 2010 to 2018 (funding commencement date) for Field of Research (FoR) 1801: Law and Legal Studies.I have no way of knowing the completeness of these data. The data included results for DECRAs, Discovery Projects, Future Fellowships, Laureate Fellowships, and LIEF grants. Data expressed as one-line-per-grant (Tab Labelled: SN-ARC-FOI18-GENDER) with hand coded gender (1=Female).

25 innovative and inspiring solutions to combat plastic marine litter in the Mediterranean Region

Regional Consumption and Production
Plastic Marine Litter is today a global concern. It comprises up to 95% of the waste accumulated on shorelines, the ocean and sea surface and floors. Most marine litter originates from land-based sources and can have severe environmental, health and economic consequences.Yet, solutions to prevent plastic to end up as marine litter exist and have already proved to be effective. Most of these solutions build on a circular economy approach, which puts the emphasis on...


Abdurrozzaq Hasibuan
PT. Astra International, Tbk merupakan perusahaan multinasional sebagai dealer kenderaan merk Toyota. Program Booking Service diterapkan untuk memenuhi harapan pelanggan terhadap pelayanan yang cepat. Penelitian ini menganalisis pengaruh Program Booking Service terhadap kepuasan Konsumen dengan menggunakan metode Analisis Korelasi dan menerapkan Metode Kaizen. Berdasarkan penelitian disimpulkan bahwa hubungan antara Program Booking Service terhadap Kepuasan Konsumen ternyata “Rendah”. Hal ini dibuktikan dengan Korelasi r = 0,265, sebab berdasarkan Tabel Nilai Hubungan Koefisien Korelasi bila r berada...

Quantifying vocal fold activity: two new methods for analysing electroglottographic data [Research compendium]

Stefano Coretta
Research compendium for the talk 'Quantifying vocal fold activity: two new methods for analysing electroglottographic data'

Application of Character Education for Children with Special Needs in Special Schools

Firunika Cahyani, Eko Purnomo & Eddy Marheni
This research is a qualitative research,This research was conducted on August 2 to September 29, 2018 at Padang Perwari Special School, West Sumatra. The informants in this study were teachers who taught at the extraordinary Padang Perwari school which amounted to 5 people, with the object of research totaling 64 students with special needs. Data collection methods use observation, interviews and focus group discussions (FGD). Data analysis uses interactive analysis models through the stages of...

Data on the Design of Truss Structures by Teams of Engineering Students

Christopher McComb, Jonathan Cagan & Kenneth Kotovsky
This experiment was conducted in order to compare different approaches that human teams use to solve design problems that change dynamically during solving. Specifically, study participants were given the task of designing a truss structure (similar to a bridge spanning a chasm) in teams of three. At two points during design, the problem statement was changed unexpectedly, requiring participants to adapt. Two conditions were given different initial problem representations. During the study, every participant had...

Neural predictors of eating behavior and dietary change

Nicole Giuliani, Junaid Merchant, Danielle Cosme & Elliot Berkman
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of human neuroimaging studies seeking to predict behavior above and beyond traditional measurements such as self-report. This trend has been particularly notable in the area of food consumption, as the percentage of people categorized as overweight or obese continues to rise. In this review, we argue that there is considerable utility in this form of health neuroscience, modeling the neural bases of eating behavior and dietary...

Memory egotism

Iris Zezelj
Positive biases are evident in various forms of self-reports: academic performance or performance on tests of intelligence, athleticism and driving (Wilard & Gramzow, 2009). These positive biases in autobiographic memory are often dubbed memory egotism. There are two broad contexts in which people demonstrate memory egotism (Dunning et al., 2004): (a) information deficiency: as information becomes less accessible in memory, people tend to rely on more general beliefs about themselves and reconstruct the specific information...

الشخصية النرجسية

Samer Rudwan
تتميز الشخصية النرجسية (الأنانية) بالتعجرف وقلة التعاطف مع الآخرين و فرط الحساسية تجاه آرائهم. ولا يستطيع الأنانيون غالباً تقبل آراء الآخرين دون أن يلحظ الآخرون ذلك السلوك، ويسفهون بشكل غير مباشر آراء واقتراحات الآخرين، ويدعون أنهم يعرفون ما يفكر فيه الآخرون وأنهم ليسوا بحاجة إلى نصائح الآخرين. ويبالغ الأنانيون في إنجازاتهم وميزاتهم ومحاسنهم، ويتوقعون من الآخرين أن يعترفوا لهم بالجميل بصورة خاصة، سواء كان هذا الاعتراف مبرراً أو غير مبرر. ويستحوذ عليهم وهْمُ النجاح والسلطة...

Supplementary materials for paper: Ceramic morphological organisation in the Southern Caddo Area: The Clarence H. Webb collections

Robert Selden
Analyses of ceramic vessel shape are neither new or novel; however, the relatively recent adoption of geometric morphometric (GM) methods by archaeologists provides a preview of the contribution of GM to the systematic and rigorous study of morphology as applied to material culture. This study is focused upon an analysis of Caddo bottle shapes for Belcher Engraved, Hickory Fine Engraved, Keno Trailed, Smithport Plain, and Taylor Engraved vessels from the Allen Plantation, Belcher Mound, Gahagan...

Supplementary materials for paper: Ceramic morphological organisation in the Southern Caddo Area: Quiddity of shape for Hickory Engraved bottles

Robert Selden
This study expands upon a previous analysis of the Clarence H. Webb collection that resulted in the identification of two bottle shapes used in the manufacture of the Hickory Engraved type. The current sample of Caddo bottles adduces three-dimensional meshes from the Hickory Engraved specimens in the Webb collection, and 14 new meshes from six sites and one collection. Results confirm that in some cases Hickory Engraved bottle shapes differ significantly by site, that the...

Supplementary materials for paper: A Preliminary Study of Smithport Plain Bottle Morphology in the Southern Caddo Area

Robert Selden
This study expands upon a previous analysis of the Clarence H. Webb collection, which resulted in the identification of two discrete shapes used in the manufacture of the base and body of Smithport Plain bottles. The sample includes the Smithport Plain bottles from the Webb collection, and four new bottles: two previously repatriated specimens in the Pohler Collection, and two from the Mitchell site (41BW4) to test whether those specimens align morphologically with the Belcher...

Supplementary materials for paper: Lithic morphological organisation: Gahagan bifaces from the Southern Caddo Area

Robert Selden, John Dockall & Harry Shafer
This analysis of Gahagan biface morphology enlists the three largest samples of Gahagan bifaces, to include that of the type site (Gahagan Mound) as well as the Mounds Plantation and George C. Davis sites. Results indicate a significant difference in Gahagan biface morphology at the Mounds Plantation site when compared with Gahagan bifaces from the Gahagan Mound and George C. Davis sites. Tests for allometry and asymmetry were not significant. The test of morphological disparity...

Supplementary materials for paper: Asymmetry of Caddo Ceramics from the Washington Square Mound Site: An Exploratory Analysis

Robert Selden
While pursuing a study of 3D geometric morphometrics for ceramic burial vessels that often articulate with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) from the ancestral Caddo region, there have been no shortage of potentially meaningful observations, one of which--rotational asymmetry--is discussed here. Using Geomagic Design X (reverse-engineering software) and Geomagic Verify (inspection software), metrics associated with rotational asymmetry were generated and analyzed. Future directions include the incorporation of directional and fluctuating asymmetry...

GMO News Sources

Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, , Szarecor, Darwin Campbell & Shawn Dorius


Widya Sari
The research is aimed at determine the effectiveness of the STEM learning approach on mathematical communication ability. The research used post test only control group design. The population of this research is students of class III SD Laboratorium Undiksha Singaraja on academic year 2017/2018 which are divided into 2 classes. The sample of the research was selected by total sampling technique. The member of the samples is 68 students. The data of student’s mathematical communication...

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