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Evidence (positive and negative) for the relevance of alpha phase in human cognition

Manuela Ruzzoli, Mireia Torralba Cuello, Luis Morís Fernández & Salvador Soto-Faraco
This is an open and shared document which lists contributions regarding the role of oscillatory phase in cognition, in which anyone can contribute by adding a study. See the wiki for more information and how to contribute.

Data from a three-wave complete longitudinal design survey on career calling and related constructs (N=6368).

Anna Dalla Rosa & Michelangelo Vianello
This dataset provides de-identified raw responses to a non-anonymous three-wave online survey with a 12-month time lag. Data collection was part of a larger project on the development of career calling in Italian college students. Results of analyses conducted on different sub-samples contained in this dataset have been reported in previous publications. The first wave of responses was collected during the fall of 2014. Sample sizes for each wave are Nt1= 5,886, Nt2=1,700 and Nt3=881....

Field experiment: Impact of 'impact per dollar information' on charitable giving in a large email campaign

David Reinstein, Elizabeth Keenan, Ayelet Gneezy, Hengchen Dai, Enrico Rubaltelli, Stephan Dickert, Peter Ayton & Kiki Koutmeridou
We are running a field experiment with a large US-based charity. They are sending out a massive email campaign (approx 300,000 emails). We will randomly (without blocking/stratification) vary whether or not these emails present information about the impact per dollar donated to the charity. We may run other treatments in future campaigns as part of this same project.

Support for Free Expression

Stephen Morgan
This is a general project page on research that examines support for free expression, using survey items developed initially by Samuel Stouffer for his classic, Communism, Conformity, and Civil Liberties, and then as continued and further developed since 1972 for the General Social Survey. See Wiki below for details. The GitHub repository provides the data and code for the TESS experiment.

Systematic identification of human SNPs affecting regulatory element activity: supplementary data

Joris van Arensbergen, Ludo Pagie, Vincent FitzPatrick, Marcel de Haas, Marijke Baltissen, Federico Comoglio, Robin van der Weide, Hans Teunissen, Urmo Võsa, Lude Franke, Elzo de Wit, Michiel Vermeulen, Harmen Bussemaker & Bas van Steensel
Overview of material associated with manuscript J. van Arensbergen et al: Systematic identification of human SNPs affecting regulatory element activity.

Validation of the International Reading Speed Texts in a Canadian Sample

Elliott Morrice, Julian Hughes, Zoey Stark, Aaron Johnson & Walter Wittich
The purpose of these two studies were to (1) validate the International Reading Speed Texts (IReSTs) in a normally sighted English-speaking Canadian sample; and (2) examine the impact of assessing reading comprehension using the IReST, with and without simulated reductions in visual acuity/contrast sensitivity, on reading speed. The results of study 1 show the IReST is indeed valid in an English-speaking Canadian sample, however, the results of study 2 show that assessing reading comprehension using...


David Quiroga-Martinez
Data, materials and scripts for a study on uncertainty/precision in auditory and music predictive processing

Moral Judgments of Autonomous Vehicles

Andrew Monroe & April Young
How do people judge autonomous vehicles faced with a moral dilemma compared to human drivers?

Effects of Observed Head Orientation on Numerical Cognition

Felix Götz, Anne Böckler & Andreas Eder
The present research shows effects of observed vertical head orientation of another person on numerical cognition in the observer. Participants saw portrait-like photographs from a frontal view with their gaze being directed at the camera and the head being tilted up or down (vs. not tilted). The photograph appeared immediately before each trial in different numerical cognition tasks. In Experiment 1, participants produced smaller numbers in a Random Number Generation (RNG) task after having viewed...

Open Source Implicit Association Test

Ian Hussey
IAT implemented in PsychoPy v1.90, but with more flexibility than the version bundled with PsychoPy

Video Game Course for Engineers

Joseph Mahoney
This is the permanent home of the course projects for IST 446 / ME 497 for Penn State Berks

Mental Fatigue in the Brain - Sustaining attention for a prolonged period of time increases temporal variability in cortical responses

Leon Reteig, Ruud Brink, Sam Prinssen, Michael Cohen & Heleen Slagter
Data and code accompanying research project described in this publication: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cortex.2019.02.016

Behavioral Patterns in Smartphone Usage Predict Big Five Personality Traits

Clemens Stachl, Quay Au, Ramona Schoedel, Daniel Buschek, Sarah Völkel, Tobias Schuwerk, Michelle Oldemeier, Theresa Ullmann, Heinrich Hussmann, Bernd Bischl & Markus Bühner
This project contains material, data and code for the study "Behavioral Patterns of Smartphone Use Predict Personality Traits". The Markdown script "paper.Rmd" knits the corresponding manuscript into a pdf file. This repository contains all the necessary data, syntax and other materials to reproduce the study from the variable-extraction point onwards. Despite our strong commitment to open science practices, the raw log data cannot be made available openly, due to unsolved privacy implications of geolocation data...

Learning reward frequency over reward probability: A tale of two learning rules

Hilary Don, A Otto, Astin Cornwall, Tyler Davis & Darrell Worthy
Learning about the expected value of choice alternatives associated with reward is critical for adaptive behavior. Although human choice preferences are affected by the presentation frequency of reward-related alternatives, this may not be captured by some dominant models of value learning, such as the delta rule. In this study, we examined whether reward learning is driven more by learning the probability of reward provided by each option, or how frequently each option has been rewarded,...

The Implementation of Dynamic Marketing Engagement Strategy for The Development of Beginner Entrepreneur at Digital Market

Sumitro Sarkum, Bernat Panjaitan, Doni Pinayungan, Marihot Sibarani & Denny Ramadhan
This research aims to develop the marketing system of Beginner Entrepreneur (BE) at digital market with hope that it can be a reference to the development strategy for BE to compete at digital market in Indonesia. It also can be a dynamic marketing development strategyat digital market following the development and the condition of market constantly changing. This research is based on the phenomenon that usually faced by BE in developing their business toward its...

Effects of aquatic exercises in women who have undergone surgery after breast cancer: Systematic review

Jefferson Cardoso, Carla Silva, Aline Carrasco & Mariana Silva
Current cancer treatments, while increasingly effective in survival, are toxic and produce negative physiological and psychological long-term effects, including pain, fatigue, reduced immune function, and quality of life. Aquatic exercises could be a useful approach to attenuate these side effects in women diagnosed with breast cancer. The results of this review may assist physical therapists and physicians during decision making to control these adverse effects during and after breast cancer treatment.

Motor simulation is disturbed when experiencing pain

Emiel Cracco, Amanda Clauwaert, Yentl Van den Broeck, Stefaan Van Damme & Marcel Brass
Data, analysis scripts, and experimental program for the study "Motor simulation is disturbed when experiencing pain"

776$x e-issn Project

Martin Patrick
The goal of the project is to find and add 776$x fields to print serials in order to help OpenURL find print results in Primo.

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