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Philosophy Kitchen - Rivista di filosofia contemporanea, N. 2 (2015): Cartografie dell'attualità. Per una critica della ragion spaziale

Università Degli Studi Di Torino
The Rise and Fall of Modern Political Space

The Rise and Fall of Modern Political Space

Carlo Galli
In order to analyze the rise and fall of modern political space, it is necessary to understand how space matters in political thought and in politics, starting from an exposition of what is meant with the concept of “implicit space”. This is the aim of my paper, which is based on the ideas I developed in Political Spaces and Global War (2010).

Deformations of nodal surfaces


Bio-Politics over Radiation

Nobuo Kazashi
‘Bio-politics’, according to Foucault, concerns natural environment and bodies, which are both ‘ungovernable.’ Problems regarding radiation risk are typical problems of governability; radiation can contaminate the whole environment and can eventually damage genes and destroy the self-reproductive capacity of biological bodies. Since radiation can be neither seen nor sensed, problems relating to the so-called ‘radiation exposure safety level’ become political problems concerning the scientific construction of invisible reality and the definition of its meanings for...

Engaged foreign language pedagogy: Translating <em>Hadashi no Gen</em>

Marcella Mariotti
This study is aimed to show how even translating can be seen as an ‘engaged foreign language pedagogy’, when it comes to ‘sharing memories’ and contents that are highly significant for the well-being of the social actors involved in such a process: teachers, students, publishers, readers and all humankind. The case study is <em>Hadashi no Gen</em> (<em>Barefoot Gen</em>, Keiji Nakazawa, 1973-85; below: GEN), a translating workshop at an Italian University. The aspects explored are: 1) the...

On the Multiple Clause Linkage Structure of Japanese

Bjarke Frellesvig, Stephen W. Horn, Takehiko Maruyama & Kerri L. Russell
In this paper, we will describe the distribution of the multiple clause linkage structure within actual spoken and written Japanese. We will examine three Japanese <em>corpora</em>: BCCWJ, CSJ and OCOJ. By identifying distributions of multiple clause linkage structures in <em>corpora</em> of contemporary Japanese (BCCWJ and CSJ), we shed light on what kinds of settings give rise to what type of clause linkage structures through what processes. The dynamic rewriting rule proposed by Kondo (2005) is...

Reading Lessons for Advanced-Level Learners Using Modern Japanese Literature

Miyako Kiso & Saki Sugihara
This paper describes the program of advanced-level reading lessons carried out in the Department of Japanese Studies at Hamburg University in 2014. We will first sketch a framework of the lesson. To enable students to study autonomously, we began to compile a portfolio in order to look back on studies throughout the semester, focusing on reading comprehension and presentations during lessons. In this paper, we will describe  the structure of this portfolio and give an overview...

Visual Images of Japanese Culture in Geography Textbooks in Italy (1912-2014)

Mugio Umemura
This paper aims to demonstrate an aspect of images of Japanese culture in contemporary Italy and to this purpose examines with what kinds of visual image of Japan have been drawn in geography textbooks in Italy. In this paper, we focus on geography textbooks mainly for upper secondary education published in Italy (1912-2014), in order that we examine how visual images of Japan and Japanese cultures have historically changed and reproduced in these textbooks. Finally,...

Da ‘monello’ a ‘ragazzo per bene’

Fuko Matsumoto
Questo saggio si propone di illustrare le differenze culturali sottostanti all’immagine del ‘monello’ quale essa traspare, rispettivamente, dall’ottocentesca opera collodiana <em>Le avventure di Pinocchio</em> e dalla sua prima traduzione giapponese di Epoca Taishō (Satō Haruo, 1912-1926). Per l'autore italiano il ‘giudizio’ è condizione imprescindibile perché il monello possa evitare di cadere sulla cattiva strada e raggiungere invece la condizione superiore di ‘ragazzo per bene’. Al tempo stesso, le ‘monellerie’ del protagonista non arrivano mai a coincidere...

Multiple Modernities and Japan

Kiyomitsu Yui
This article aims to explore the analytical framework and its basic premises to consider the situation of current societies as multiple second modernities under <em>glocalization</em> and deals with Japan as its case study. This paper analyses different patterns of relationships among the individual, the intermediate group and the state in each region/local area, and tracks the transformation of those patterns in the contemporary society. Sometimes the structural tension inherent in modern society between traditional and more...

Dōgen and <em>mitate</em>

Aldo Tollini
In the beginning I will introduce the concept of <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">mitate</em>, which is a rhetoric device very similar to a metaphor largely used in Japanese literature in order to hint at something outside a text. After having explained its structure and function, I will examine how it was employed in the field of Buddhism and, especially, in the Zen sect. Then, I will focus on on the Sōtō Zen master Dōgen (1200-1253) and his major work <em style="mso-bidi-font-style:...

War Brides as Transnational Subjects in Mori Reiko’s <em>The Town of the Mockingbird</em>

Linda Flores
Mori Reiko’s 1979 Akutagawa prize-winning story <em>The Town of the Mockingbirds</em> portrays a community of Japanese war brides in a small military base town in Midwestern America. The narrative explores how the release from prison of Jun, a war bride imprisoned for killing her son, impacts on the community. Employing Françoise Lionnet and Shu-mei Shih’s theory of “minor transnationalism” this article explores how the protagonist, Keiko, connects with her community across binaristic lines of gender,...


Bonaventura Ruperti


Masumoto Hiroko

New Steps in Japanese Studies

Nobuo Kazashi & Marcella Mariotti
This volume presents the outputs of the joint-research project<em> Innovative Japanese Studies through International Cooperation: The Fostering of Young Researchers by Cooperation with Overseas Institutes of Japanese Studies</em>, conducted by the Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University, Japan as part of the <em>Program for Advancing Strategic International Networks to Accelerate the Circulation of Talented Researchers</em>, and financed by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).  From October 2013 to March 2016, young researchers...


Massimo Prada
L’articolo si sofferma sulle tendenze evolutive manifestate dall’italiano negli ultimi decenni, in particolare in relazione alle possibilità offerte e ai bisogni indotti dalle nuove tecnologie. Nel dettaglio, analizza gli effetti linguistici operati dalla ridefinizione delle caratteristiche della scrittura, che ha portato, almeno in alcuni contesti, anche a una semplificazione generale dei testi scritti, producendo una sorta di italiano scritto medio, varietà alla base dei testi neomediali. Essa pare caratterizzata da notevole variabilità e mutevolezza, in...

Experiential Learning for teacher training: a case example on language, content and technologies in a Learning Event by eTwinning,

Letizia Cinganotto
The paper aims at describing an online training initiative (Learning Event) promoted by eTwinning on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and technologies within an international community of practice. The discussion starts from a brief conceptualization of experiential learning with reference to teacher training for continuous professional development. Self- re ection on the learning outcomes and the added value of the experience in terms of competence development (referred to language, technology and subject content) are...

Faculty Perceptions and Use of Experiential Learning In Higher Education

Scott Wurdinger & Pete Allison
Experiential learning is popular with students as it is considered more enjoyable and leads to deeper learning when compared to didactic approaches. Employers prefer hiring students who have learned experientially and yet emerging research indicates that the use of experiential learning in higher education institutions remains limited. This research surveyed faculty on their use of and views regarding experiential learning across US institutions focusing on undergraduate teaching. Findings indicated that dominant obstacles to using experiential...

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Nicola Villa
Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, Vol 13, No 1 (2017): Focus on: ICT and Experiential Learning: Models, Methodologies, Technologies, Research

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