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Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, Vol 6 (2010)

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
International Erasmus Mundus Master Quaternary and Prehistory Master Theses 2008-2009

Copertina e Frontespizio (Vol. 9, n. 14/2017)

La Redazione
Annali online della Didattica e della Formazione Docente, Vol 9, N° 14 (2017): Strategie e metodologie didattiche in Matematica e nelle Scienze

Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, Vol 3 (2007)

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
Strumenti meteorologici storici dell’Università di Ferrara...1-20 Il Museo Geofisico di Rocca di Papa: tra divulgazione e ricerca scientifica...21-30

Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, Vol 8, N° 3 (2012): Naturalistica

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
7° CONVEGNO NAZIONALE DI ARCHEOZOOLOGIA Ferrara, 22-23 Novembre 2012 Rovigo, 24 Novembre 2012 Abstract Book

Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, 2011: Volume Speciale

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
Taphos 2011. 6th International Meeting on Taphonomy and Fossilization...1-95

Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, 2010: Volume Speciale

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
Presentazione...1-2 Programma...1-10 Biodiversità dal passato al futuro...1-4 Biodiversità e collezioni museali.Gestione e fruizione del patrimonio scientifico e storico del patrimonio italiano...21-41 Musei, collezioni e biodiversità. La biodiversità globale...42-56 Musei, collezioni e biodiversità. La biodiversità locale...57-76 Collezioni dei musei e analisi molecolari:potenzialità, problemi, criteri...77-82 Musei, colezioni e gestione del territorio. Ricerche sulla biodiversità...83-105 Educare alla biodiversità: riflessioni e proposte da condividere tra i soci...106-120

Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, 2008: volume speciale

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
Zooarchaeological and taphonomical analysis of the Epigravettian faunal remains of stratigraphic unit 11 at Riparo Tagliente (Verona-Italy)...1-5 Approccio “tecno-analitico”. Un esempio d’integrazione metodologica tra l’analisi tecnologica e la logica dialettico-analitica: il caso studio dell’insieme litico dello strato Fa del sito di Payre (Areche, Francia)...1-7 L’industrie acheuléenne de Mareuil (Vallée de la Somme)...1-7 Variability of the levallois and discoid methods at the middle Paleolithic of north-east Catalonia: Puig Marí (Maçanet de la Selva) and Can Planiol...

Una visione formativa della Chimica per la scuola primaria

Antonio Martino & Gaia Clara Mercedes Naponiello
Abstract – Implementation of scientific subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, natural science) for primary science education degree program has represented a cultural challenge to the Italian scientific community in the last years. In the international context, there is still few literature available concerning teachers working at this primary level; despite the first encounter of children with science could play a decisive role in the emergence of young scientific vocations. This work proposes to consider humanistic education...

Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, Vol 12, N° 1 (2016)

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
ATTI DEL 7° CONVEGNO NAZIONALE DI ARCHEOZOOLOGIA a cura di U. Thun Hohenstein, M. Cangemi, I. Fiore, J. De Grossi Mazzorin

Children’s literature mirrored by scholarly educational journals

Monika Knaupp
Abstract – The paper is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of German literary production for young readers in educational review in the period 2000-2010. The Author has used German data-base FIS-Bildung, the first access to academic news in the field of “Bildungsforschung”, obviously also for Literature for children. Thanks to specific passwords - as “Kinderliteratur”, “Jugendliteratur” and “Zeitschriftenartikel” – researchers can obtain a list of articles. The results analyze shows that literature for children’s not...

Sezione di Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, 2012: Volume Speciale

Sezione Di Museologia Scientifica E Naturalistica
Isernia, 14-15 Ottobre 2010 Atti del Workshop CONSERVATION, TOURISM AND RISK MANAGEMENT A cura di Carlo Peretto

La "silhouette des langues": dessiner et représenter les identités plurielles

Thérèse Manconi
Abstract – The “Silhouette des Langues” workshop offers an opportunity to reflect on representations of linguistic repositories in order to produce a personal ‘linguistic repository’. Taking as a starting point: the inherent complexity and the recognition of multilingualism (Castellotti: 2010); the educational value of learners’ storytelling (Perregaux: 2002); the effect on the learning of a foreign language of the ‘word’ learners draw from the ‘ritual’ procedures of classroom interaction (Moore and Simon: 2002), we employ...

L’intercompréhension, rempart contre la glottophobie

Hugues Sheeren
Abstract – Because it favors diversity and multilingualism, intercomprehension is an approach that invites its followers to discover differences and adapt their opinion on the universe, languages spoken elsewhere and other people. Since it is a communication means that is fair, of an equal level, and respectful of interlocutors, it opposes racism and “glottophobia” while emphasizing minority languages, dialects and idioms that have been little institutionalized all this without creating a hierarchy between them. It...

Linguistica romanza e intercomprensione: una risorsa didattica per il multilinguismo e il plurilinguismo in Europa

Marie-Christine Jamet & Antonella Negri
Abstract – For decades, European policy has valorized principles of multilingualism and plurilingualism. In practice, however, policies tend to focus on valuing languages that are helpful for economic competitiveness and for attracting foreign students. Instead, a language policy that considers the academic training reality of learning a language and not simply the professional outcomes for the student – in view of the concrete multicultural academic reality in which a student will then act as a...

Prima della scuola: spunti per impostare nuovi percorsi scolastici in un’epoca di alta mobilità individuale

Gabriele Iannàccaro
Abstract – The paper discusses the linguistic concerns of people in mobility in order to set out a better education policy that can take into account the real conditions in which the communication processes take place. Data and suggestion come from a large survey in Europe, fp7 European project MIME (Mobility and Integration in a Multilingual Europe). With the aid of an interpretive framework, different typologies of mobility are provided, to indicate the real needs...

Fa tre anni che insegno a Barcellona. Interferenze e interlingua tra italiano, castigliano e catalano

Margherita Ghetti
Abstract – The process of learning similar languages, such as Italian, Castilian Spanish and Catalan, in a multilingual environment like the Italian School in Barcelona, entails some difficulties that arise precisely from their reciprocal similarities. The tendency to use these languages’ common elements incorrectly creates a sort of shared interlanguage that allows us to identify recurring interferences in terms of both lexicon and syntax. This paper, in the light of the analysis of the bilingual...

Il latino nella didattica dell’intercomprensione fra lingue romanze: percorsi possibili

Erika H. Frisan & Hugues Sheeren
Abstract – From the 2017/18 academic year the Linguistic Centre of the University of Verona has activated a multilingual laboratory of intercomprehension among romance languages. The lab also offers an opportunity to share reflections on the linguistics of Greek-Latin languages. This article presents in brief the theoretical assumptions underlying this choice and illustrates some strategies and didactic activities that – by intersecting philology and ludolinguistics – have been and can be conceived as reinforcing an...

Utilizzo di attività “ponte” online su Moodle in un laboratorio universitario di Intercomprensione fra lingue romanze: dal reale al virtuale e ritorno

Paola Celentin & Susana Benavente Ferrera
Abstract – During the workshop on intercomprehension between Romance languages, which started in the academic year 2017/2018 at the Linguistic Center of the University of Verona, a Moodle application was used to integrate this with face-to-face teaching. The ways in which online work was combined with face-to- face work led us to coin the phrase “bridge activity”, which will be illustrated in the article. In our opinion, it was not simply a question of “mixed”...

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