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PEERS’ ANATOMY: teaching among students as an original approach to learning anatomy – a project made in Alma Mater

Carola Pergolizzi, Fabrizio Toscano, Alessandro Broccoli, Ester Orsini, Marilisa Quaranta & Giulia Adalgisa Mariani
Anatomy is an ancient discipline which benefited greatly from technological improvements. Those very same technologies, along with a shift towards more clinically relevant topics, might be endangering anatomy’s central role as a cornerstone of medical education. A review of local realities showed anatomy to be quite uniformly taught by means of lectures alone. On the basis of our own experience, and comforted by references in literature (Day et al. [1]), we propose a revaluation of...

La Rete Ecologica Toscana: aspetti metodologici e applicativi

Leonardo Lombardi, Michele Giunti & Cristina Castelli
Interventions that can reduce the loss and the fragmentation of ecosystems are very important in the sphere of biodiversity conservation policies applied to areas of high human activity. Ecological networks, on a di erent scale, are important analytical and design tools, and they can highlight sources of biodiversity with the intention of ecological unification. The Tuscany Ecological Network project, based on habitat sustainability models and converted into a planning tool for the landscape plan of...

The face in Down’s syndrome: indices of overall size and harmony in Sudanese vs Italian subjects

Claudia Dolci, Riccardo Rosati, Daniela Ciprandi, Gianluigi Lodetti & Fadil Elamin
The study aimed to provide quantitative information about the facial soft-tissues of Italian and Northern Sudanese subjects with Down’s syndrome (DS) by using summary anthropometric measurements representative of facial size and harmony. The 3D coordinates of soft-tissue facial landmarks were obtained by a computerized digitizer in 54 Italian subjects with DS (20 females, 34 males, aged 13-52 years), in 64 Northern Sudanese subjects with DS (18 females, 46 males, aged 5-34 years), in 578 healthy...

Il paesaggio agrario dell’alto Garda bresciano e i suoi prodotti storici: un patrimonio da recuperare e valorizzare

Alberta Cazzani
Upper Garda Lake landscape is particular: a pristine natural environment is joined with an ancient transformation work by man to make profitable cultivations possible. These cultivations were giving rare and precious products, in the past very valuable, like lemons, citrons, olive oil, wine, laurel oil and capers. The tourism development since late XIX Century and the high maintenance costs have decreased the economic interest in Upper Garda Lake agriculture. In 2012 a no profit association...

Pedagogie implicite e aspettative reciproche nel dialogo tra genitori immigrati e insegnanti nella scuola dell’infanzia

Chiara Bove & Susanna Mantovani
In this article, we reflect on a virtual dialogue between teachers and immigrant parents in Italian schools and attempt to unravel the motivations, models and expectations influencing the behaviors and specific modes of communication. Our goal is to enhance our understanding, first of what each thinks of the other, and subsequently, of the mutual expectations conditioning the modes and forms of encounter and communication between immigrant parents and teachers characteristic of the school setting. We...

Musculoskeletal manifestations of diabetes mellitus: the role of exercise therapy in the treatment of limited joint mobility, muscle weakness and reduced gait speed

Piergiorgio Francia, Ferdinando Paternostro, Roberto Anichini, Alessandra De Bellis, Giuseppe Seghieri, Renzo Lazzeri, Massimo Gulisano & Mirca Marini
It is well known that limited joint mobility of the ankle and foot, impaired muscular performance and reduced gait speed are risk factors for ulceration in diabetic foot. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of an experimental protocol of exercise therapy on joint mobility, muscular strength and gait speed in a group of longterm diabetic subjects. The protocol consisted of a 12-week supervised training program; both joint mobility and muscular strength...

Lo spazio rurale come risorsa strategica in Paesaggi coltivati, paesaggio da coltivare di Alessandra Cazzola

Elisabetta Maino
A. Cazzola emphasizes on a new culture of open areas, where the rural space is understood as a strategic resources to landscape redevelopment. In the book ‘Paesaggi coltivati, paesaggio da coltivare. Lo spazio agricolo dell’area romana tra campagna, territorio urbanizzato e produzione’ are outlined methodological criteria and address for a lecture and a planning of rural landscape that can offer either sustainable food or non-commercial products, addressed to protection and environmental compensation, to social building,...

Dietary essential oil components in the prevention of hypoperfusion/reperfusion-induced tissue damage in the rat cerebral cortex

T. Melis, M.P. Serra, M. Boi, L. Poddighe, C. Picci, M. Del Fiacco, G. Carta, E. Murru, S. Lisai, A.R. Sirigu, M. Collu, S. Banni & M. Quartu
To extend our previous observations on the beneficial effect of dietary Pistacia lentiscus L. essential oil during cerebral bilateral common carotid artery occlusioninduced injury, we evaluated the activity of one of its major components, beta-caryophyllene (BCP), already known to possess peculiar biological activities, in Wistar rat cerebral cortex. Cerebral hypoperfusion was produced by a 30 min bilateral common carotid artery occlusion followed by 60 min reperfusion (BCCAO/R). Animals were starved for 12 hours before surgery...

Modelli televisivi e apprendimento. Il talk show “Gladiattori”

Lorenzo Denicolai
L’articolo presenta il talk show “Gladiattori”, format per web tv ideato e sviluppato dal centro interdipartimentale di ricerca Cinedumedia, Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell’Educazione, Università degli Studi di Torino. Lo scopo del progetto è sperimentare una metodologia didattica innovativa con il video e i linguaggi multimediali. Partendo dalla teoria del dialogo platonico e da alcuni studi di pragmatica, comunicazione, antropologia della performance e televisione, l’articolo analizza come il talk show (e, in genere, il...

Global governance of biofuels: a case for public-private governance?

Farhad Mukhtarov, Patricia Osseweijer & Robin Pierce
With this paper, we examine the current state of global governance of biofuels and assess the potential regulatory and non-regulatory mechanisms for such governance. We ask two questions: a) what are the current efforts and initiatives towards the global governance of biofuels; and b) which form of global governance is more likely to emerge in the field of bioenergy. We come to the conclusion that institution building through private governance and non-state actor partnerships can...

Tra “complesso del tiranno” ed “ossessione della stabilità”: il disegno delle istituzioni democratiche dopo la caduta del fascismo e del franchismo

Orazio Lanza
Democracies are often the outcome of popular mobilizations, but, almost always, only a given group leads the process of democratization. In particular, the formal design of democratic institutions is, necessarily, the product of the political efforts of an élite, whose beliefs and preferences are particularly relevant. This essay aims to identify which legacies of the past have affected the institutional design of democratic regimes established in Italy and Spain after the fall of Fascism and...

Giardini contemporanei in Francia: sperimentazioni/esperienze. Un incontro a Firenze con Hervé Brunon

Claudia Maria Bucelli
Confronted by the more and more complex social and cultural structures of our times and the more and more varied debates on contemporary garden projects, an imperative need for research arises which would allow us to find comprehensive instruments and interpretation viewpoints for new realisations.
As in ancient times, the garden continues to be a reflection of the world that bore it and at the same time contains it. By translating itself both ethically and...

La mostra “Pietro Porcinai (1910-1986). Il lavoro di un paesaggista italiano nelle immagini e nei disegni dell’archivio fiesolano”

Tessa Matteini
La Mostra, inaugurata all’Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Colonia il 3 marzo 20041 e riproposta, nella stessa città, nel settembre successivo alla Kölnmesse, colma una lacuna importante per la conoscenza della figura e delle opere di uno dei maggiori paesaggisti del Novecento.
La vicenda umana e professionale di Pietro Porcinai viene presentata per la prima volta al di fuori dei confini nazionali, attraverso i documenti e le immagini fotografiche conservati nell’Archivio di Villa Rondinelli a...

Age-related changes in the brain of obese Zucker rat: Morphological and immunochemical analysis.

Daniele Tomassoni, Francesco Amenta & Seyed Khosrow Tayebati
Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is defined as a combination of glucose intolerance, arterial hypertension, dyslipidemia and obesity with insulin resistance as the main cause of these imbalances. In general, obesity increases the risk of vascular diseases. Both cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders are often linked to impaired cognitive functions. A relationship between metabolic disease and mild cognitive impairment, and/or vascular dementia was hypothesized. The obese Zucker rat (OZR), represents a model of obesity and type 2 diabetes...

3D polysaccharide based hydrogel for bone tissue engineering

Gabriella Teti, Giovanna Orsini, Antonio Mazzotti, Monica Belmonte & Alessandra Ruggeri
Hydrogels have attracted considerable attention in biomedical engineering applications due to their many favorable biomimetic properties. Hydrogels based on proteins or carbohydrates can also function as effective extracellular matrices to direct cellular behavior. Recently, polysaccharide based hydrogels have become particularly interesting as matrices for the repair and regeneration of a wide variety of tissues and organs. The incorporation of inorganic minerals as hydroxyapatite nanoparticles can modulate the performance of the hydrogel with potential applications for...

La integración sociopolítica de los jóvenes en tiempos inciertos

Jorge Benedicto
The structural transformations experienced by western societies in last decades and the hegemony of neoliberal policies have modified the patterns of social reproduction which guaranteed the youth social integration in adulthood. The most evident consequence of this new context is the breakdown of intergenerational contract that organized the coexistence and legitimacy of European democracies in the phase of welfare capitalism. The effects of this “unfulfilled promise” of integration, now emphasized by big crisis, are experienced...

Diffusione urbana e cambiamento climatico: percorsi di (in)sostenibilità a livello locale?

Giuseppe Forino, Luigi Perini & Luca Salvati
Le città sono gli insediamenti umani più vulnerabili agli impatti del clima. Nelle aree urbane il cambiamento climatico è esacerbato da regimi termometrici più netti e precipitazioni più intense rispetto ad aree rurali o extraurbane. Ciò è dovuto all’influenza che forme e strutture urbane esercitano sul clima locale, accentuando le onde di calore e modificando i regimi delle precipitazio-ni temporalesche. In particolare, i modelli insediativi della città ‘diffusa’ rendono ‘urbani’ spazi precedentemente rurali, con un...

Bilinguismo / Translinguismo nell’opera poetica di César Moro

Andrea Spadola
This article looks at the bilingual literary work of César Moro, considered one of the most important Surrealist authors in Hispanic America. The poet left for Europe at the age of 22 to become a dancer and painter. But, once he met Breton, Éluard, and Péret in Paris, he joined the Surrealist group. He wrote some Surrealist reviews and began to write poetry in French. Moro continued to use French as his main means of...

Synuclein expression in the lizard Anolis carolinensis

Mattia Toni, Federica De Angelis, Rosa Vaccaro, Arianna Casini & Carla Cioni
The synuclein (syn) family comprises three proteins: alpha-, beta- and gammasyn. In mammals alpha- and beta- syn are primarily expressed in the brain where they are localized in pre-synaptic terminals while gamma-syn is mainly expressed in the peripheral nervous system. In humans, syns are involved in neurodegenerative diseases with high social impact such as Parkinson’s disease and tumors. However, the normal cellular functions of the three syns have not yet been fully clarified. Members of...

“Andrea Palladio e la villa veneta. Da Petrarca a Carlo Scarpa”, un viaggio alla scoperta della civiltà della villa. (II)

Giulia Tettamanzi
The exposition “Andrea Palladio e la Villa Veneta. Da Petrarca a Carlo Scarpa” (Andrea Palladio and the villa veneta. From Petrarca to Carlo Scarpa) offers a trip through the history of the villa, in places of time, space and culture. This second part suggests an itinerary meeting the most important points of formal and ideological villa maturation during the Renaissance. From Petrarca to Alberti, the villa typology growths and develops in Tuscany, with the Medici...

Portal and interface chronic inflammation are associated with the progenitor cell compartment activation during NAFLD

Simone Carotti, Umberto Vespasiani-Gentilucci, Andrea Onetti-Muda, Giuseppe Perrone, Antonio Picardi & Sergio Morini
Background and aim: During nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), portal and interface chronic inflammation (PCI and ICI) are strongly associated with fibrosis by activation of hepatic stellate cell (HSC)s (Brunt et al., 2009; Vespasiani-Gentilucci et al., 2014). However, the determinants of PCI and ICI observed in NAFLD remain to be elucidated. Since portal and periportal ductular reaction is related to disease progression, we aimed to investigate if PCI and ICI are associated with hepatic progenitor...

Creare Paesaggi

Antonella Valentini
The proceedings of an international meeting are recently published. It was realized in Turin in 2004, related with the second edition of the Creare Paesaggi, during which was presented the exhibition of the IIIrd Biennial of Landscape that has been in Barcelona the year before. The occasion for the Italian event is to reflect on the different forms and ways to present-day project of landscape. The title of the review - Creare Paesaggi – recalls...

The rat dorsal column nuclei contain a region homologous to the human Locus K

M. Quartu, M. Boi, L. Poddighe, T. Melis, C. Picci, M.P. Serra & M. Del Fiacco
Locus K is a newly identified region within the territory of the human nucleus cuneatus that shares neurochemical and histological features with protopathic second order sensory nuclei (Del Fiacco et al., 2013; Serra et al., 2013; SIAI 2014). This work is aimed at examining the rat dorsal column nuclei in order to ascertain whether a structure homologous to the human Locus K occurs in the rat brain. Rat brainstem sections were observed by means of...

An innovative in vitro co-culture of Caco2 and HT-29 cells for mimicking human intestinal epithelium: a morphological analysis

Elena Donetti, Francesca Arnaboldi, Laura Cornaghi, Paola De Luca, Margherita Maggioni, Amelia Fiorilli & Anita Ferraretto
Intestinal epithelium represents the physiological interface between our body and nutrients with their associated molecules. The necessity to evaluate this interaction together with the difficulties encountered using in vitro primary cultures of bioptic intestinal fragments led to the development of cell lines obtained by colon adenocarcinoma and established in culture. Among these, HT-29 e Caco2 cell lines are the most used. We previously demonstrated that i) subcultured Caco2 cells form a regular monolayer with microvilli...

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