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Business Ethics ed etica aziendale

Gianfranco Rusconi

Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene, Vol 49, No 4 (2008)

Department Of Health Science-University Of Genoa
HPV vaccination in Italy: perspectives after 1-year experience Post-exposure prophylaxis for hepatitis A: immune globulin, vaccine or both? Emergency department syndromic surveillance system for early detection of 5 syndromes: a pilot project in a reference teaching hospital in Genoa, Italy Occurrence of polychlorobiphenyls in buffalo mozzarella cheese from Campania (Italy) Return visits to the Paediatric Emergency Department: first analysis in Italy Spatial distribution of fungal microflora in the sediment of a brackish lake (Lake Alimini...

Organizational justice e valore condiviso

Giulio Rolleri
According to shared value theory, firms can boost their economic performance by integrating CSR elements in their competitive strategy, satisfying both shareholders’ and stakeholders’ interests at the same time. However, this win-win relationship’s firmness is still unclear. In this article, we argue that human resources management represents a field where this link is steady and systematic, for treating employees in a just way enhances individual and organizational performance. We illustrate how a fair treatment leads...

Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene, Vol 49, No 1 (2008)

Department Of Health Science-University Of Genoa
Epidemiological study on vocal disorders in paediatric age Inequalities and health: analysis of a model for the management of Latin American users of an emergency department Underweight and overweight among children and adolescents in Tuscany (Italy). Prevalence and short-term trends Seroprevalence study on the diffusion of the West Nile Virus among blood donors, healthcare workers, jockeys, grooms and fowlers, veterinary surgeons and hunters in Messina (Italy) Silver zeolite antimicrobial activity in aluminium heating, ventilation and...

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