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Multi-scale biodiverity patterns in phytoplankton from coastal lagoons: the Eastern Mediterranean

L. Roselli, E. Stanca, A. Ludovisi, G. Durante, J. S. D. Souza, M. Dural, T. Alp, S. Bulent, V. Gjoni, S. Ghinis & A. Basset
1 - The phytoplankton from Eastern Mediterranean coastal lagoons is analysed using a multi-scale approach, with the aim of testing if phytoplankton variations follow a hierarchical scheme based on eco-geographical location. The scale similarity is examined by using a taxonomic metric based on the Kullback-Leibler divergence and a related similarity index. 2 - A hierarchical sampling design was used to investigate variations in taxonomic composition and richness of phytoplankton assemblages. Data analyzed collected during summer...

Do you speak ELF? La mediazione nella provincia di Lecce

Julia Boyd
This chapter investigates the use of pragmatic strategies in mediated encounters between migrants and Italian authorities, when English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) is used as a means to bridge the linguistic differences between the two parties involved. Reference to 'outer circle' English (Kachru 1985) is made which is contrasted with the theory put forward by Graddol in which the distinction between native/non-native speaker is replaced by categories classified according to language competency. This is...

Debts, Differently: Alternative Finance Organizations in Italy and France

Arianna Lovera
The main purpose of this article is to analyze the possibility of implementing financial practices that, in the principles that guide them, are different from and question the functioning of most banks in capitalist societies. In particular, the article describes the ways in which credit relationships (i.e. relationships between credit institutions and their borrowers) are conceived and shaped by some “alternative” banks and financial cooperatives. The findings are based on ethnographic fieldwork, including observations and...

Spatial variability in the population structure of the Carcinus aestuarii in Varano lagoon

L. Cilenti, G. D'Errico, T. Scirocco, C. Manzo & A. Fabbrocini
1 - This study analyses some aspects of Carcinus aestuarii biology within the project MOLEVAR (Pilot Project For The Production Of Moleche (C. aestuarii): New Economy For Varano Lagoon) funded by FEP-Puglia 2007-2013 (European Funds for Fishing) in order to evaluate the crabs, Carcinus aestuarii, as a new economic resource for Varano Lagoon (Southern Italy). 2 - The Varano lagoon is located on the Northern coast of the Gargano Promontory (Southern Adriatic Sea). The lagoon...

Interconvertible rules between an aggregative index and a log-change index

Shu Tsuchida
This paper describes interconvertible rules between an aggregative index like the Laspeyres index and a log-change index like the Tӧrnqvist index. Thus we can compare an aggregative index with a log-change index in the same form. Using these rules, we formulate the logarithmic difference between the Laspeyres price index and the Tӧrnqvist price index. One of the rules may be combined with another. By using these combined rules, we can change from given weights to...

Individual and Collective Responses to Crisis: An Analytical Framework for the Study of Social Resilience

Klaus Eder
The paper addresses the phenomenon of civil societies turning into uncivil societies and the capacity of civil societies for self-repair. Confronted with the recent events of the rise and fall of civil society in the “Arab Spring” and in the Ukrainian Maidan movement a conceptual framework is offered for accounting for such rise and fall. It starts with the paradox that participation in public debate equally produces civil and uncivil outcomes, thus taking up the...

Assessing the legitimacy of the EU

Direnç Kanol
The Lisbon Treaty could not meet the demands of many as regards the issue of the EU's legitimacy and democratic governance. By analyzing the literature on the legitimacy of the EU, the article shows why the EU has to fulfill the legitimacy criteria of the liberal-democratic states by defining the EU as a multi-level governance polity which affects the legitimacy of the member-states. This view discards the arguments for assessing the legitimacy of the EU...

Phytoplankton distribution in the Nador lagoon (Morocco) and possible risks for harmful algal blooms

M. Daoudi, L. Serve, N. Rharbi, F. El Madani & F. Vouv�
1 - Phytoplankton populations and environmental parameters were analysed seasonally in the lagoon of Nador (Morocco) over an annual cycle (2006-2007) at six stations. Seven phytoplankton Classes were observed: Diatomophyceae, Dinophyceae, Raphidophyceae, Prasinophyceae, Euglenophyceae, Dictyochophyceae and Cyanophyceae. Seven taxa were identified that may present a risk of inducing harmful blooms i.e. Alexandrium minutum, Pseudonitzschia delicatissima and P. fraudulenta, Prorocentrum minimum, Prorocentrum rhatymum, Dinophysis sacculus, Gymnodinium catenatum and Karenia mikimotoi. Physico-chemical analyses were carried out on...

Varietà regionali in Puglia. Transumanze, confini, incroci

Immacolata Tempesta
This paper examines the main features of regional Italian in central-northern Apulia. In the area, the presence of several dialectal microareas and some alloglotte minorities causes a very fragmented repertoire. The regional Italian represents an important variety, since the presence of strong dynamics that go from the bottom to the standard, whit the Italianization of the dialects, can help to create a shared regional Italian, reducing local differences.

Saída à francesa – Poetas franceses e dilemas brasileiros na poesia de Drummond nos anos 50

Homero Vizeu Araújo
Discussão da relação de Carlos Drummond de Andrade com poetas franceses, especialmente Baudelaire e Valéry, ao escrever sua obra situada nos anos 50 do século XX, em especial os livros Claro enigma e Fazendeiro do ar. Este estudo procura revelar aspectos da forma literária que compõe reflexão e provocação para reelaborar contradições e dilemas da cultura e da experiência histórica brasileira.

Un'opera sicuramente non galateana: L'Elogio di Giannozzo Manetti

Alessandro Laporta
The aim of the essay is to eliminate any residual hypothesis of the belonging to Antonio De Ferrariis Galateo of the Elogio (Praise) by Giannozzo Manetti, one of the best known Florentine humanists, also active in the Aragonese court of Naples. The attribution dates back to a usually correct repertoire, the "Library of vulgarizers" by Filippo Argelati, published in Milan in 1767, and it had never been rejected, with the risk of misleading Galateo's scholars....

Un'arma da gioco. Furio Jesi mitologo

Fabio Moliterni
This paper intends to investigate the approach to the myth and mythology of Furio Jesi (1941-1980) in the context of the aesthetic and political theories of the twentieth century (K�roly Ker�ny, Thomas Mann and Bertolt Brecht, Walter Benjamin, up to Jean-Luc Nancy and Giorgio Agamben). The comparative and contrastive analysis of these different approaches results in the formulation of a number of premises to the construction of a new inedited methodological framework for the study...

Filoso/Fare Giocando

Rosetta Spedicato
The growing interest about philosophical practices has allowed ideation and realization of experiments on pedagogical use of philosophy. These experiments, in original way, try to overcome the reference paradigm rappresented by Lipman method. The passage that follow produces the most significant sides of a research made by Università degli Studi di Bari on playful didactics of philosophy at high schools.

DNA studies at 900 MHz EM fields by a TEM plane transmission line

A. Talà, A. Lorusso, M. Tredici, L. Velardi, V. Nassisi, P. Alifano & A. Rainò
A suitable plane transmission line was developed and its behaviour analysed at 900 MHz radiofrequency fields to study the DNA mutability and repair of microorganisms. In this work, utilizing such a device, we investigated the behaviour of the DNA mutability and repair of Escherichia coli strains. The transmission line was very simple and versatile in changing its characteristic resistance and field intensity by varying its sizes. In absence of cell samples inside the transmission line,...

Língua materna ou língua estrangeira? Uma experiência com o ensino do português brasileiro na formação inicial do Curso de Letras

Sonia Merith-Claras
A língua portuguesa, enquanto língua estrangeira, vem garantindo espaço no cenário mundial. Podemos citar como razões de interesse pelo português brasileiro acordos e parcerias estabelecidas entre Universidades, de diferentes países, que promovem a vinda de alunos para estudar no Brasil. Além destes, há outros alunos/visitantes oriundos de programas de intercâmbios que visitam e permanecem no Brasil, ocasião em que necessitam aprender o português brasileiro. É neste último contexto que se insere o projeto de extensão,...


Lubna Nazir Chaudry
The article uses the lens of structural violence to examine the lives of Pakistani Christians. Thirty-five Christians living in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi participated in a study that elicited life history narratives and dialogical interviews.These narratives yielded participants’ experiences of structural violence and their analyses of societal level processes that enabled these experiences.The collaborative analysis is discussed under three headings: the impact of the Blasphemy Laws, the ascription of impurity, and unequal...

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