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Same people, different images. The social representations of migrants in a local community

Alessia Rochira, Roberto Fasanelli & Anna Liguori
The increase of immigrants compels local communities to find appropriate responses to encourage successful intercultural adjustment. The migrant public perception of native population may strongly influence the effectiveness with which migration is managed. Nonetheless, the social understanding of immigrants is not homogeneous among native community members. Functioning within the theory of social representations, this research aimed to capture the differences between the representations of migrants experienced by distinctive groups of native residents, and their relation...

Addressing mental illness in Africa: Global health challenges and local opportunities

Nicole M. Monteiro
Mental illness is considered a silent epidemic throughoutAfrica due to substantial financial and systemic challenges. In this article, I discuss the infrastructure, psychosocial and socioeconomic contributors to the global mental health disparities in Africa, which include: low priority/lack of clear mental health policy; poor health infrastructure and lack of funding; insufficient number of trained specialists; poor legal protection and lack of equity; lack of evidence-based and culturally aligned assessment and treatment; stigma, discrimination and human...

Does the European Union's development aid policy require a major policy rethink?

Cristian Talesco
This essay attempts to establish whether the current development aid policy of the European Union would need a major policy rethink. In fact, in a period of austerity, fiscal consolidation is prima facie understandable, and hence cuts on foreign aid funds. However, is it really about cutting on aid? Or is it about aid effectiveness and the challenges posed by the new emerging economies? Scholars have been pointing out the need for a cohesive aid...

Conoscere per minuzie. Elementi di gnoseologi a in Kierkegaard, Benjamin e McLuhan

Antonio Rafele
Knowing through Minutia. Elements of Gnoseology in Kierkegaard, Benjamin and Mcluhan. This paper aims at investigating the textual relations that link the thoughts of Benjamin (On the Concept of Irony), Mcluhan (Understanding media) e Benjamin (The Origin of German Tragic Drama) in a common reflection on the modes of knowledge. The elements of gnoseology which arise from this reflection have a great significance in media and communication studies. Thereupon, the paper builds-up a constellation of...

«Guarda bene che tu non faccia il primo». Il Pci in provincia di Cuneo e il caso di "Rinascita" (1954-1957)

Cecilia Bergaglio
IT Il presente articolo è tratto da un’indagine sull’identità del Partito Comunista Italiano piemontese e sulle strategie politiche attuate dalle otto Federazioni provinciali che lo compongono. Scopo della ricerca, che ha ricoperto un arco cronologico lungo un trentennio, dalla Liberazione al mancato “sorpasso” del 1976, è quello di contribuire a “spezzare” l’idea di un’identità monolitica del comunismo italiano e, in questo caso, del Pci del Piemonte, solitamente identificato con il Pci di Torino e della...

On left univocal factorizations of semigroups

M.M. Miccoli
We should like to construct all the semigroups that have a left univocal factorization with factors to pair (A,B) of prescribed semigroups such their intersection consists of only one element, that is right identity of A and left identity of B.

Laser application in oral surgery

G Giannelli
The increasing use of laser in oral surgery has led to undoubted operative advantages and a better quality of the outpatient operation compered with electro- and coldblade bistoury. Dental laser allows to obtain a more precise incision, a better recovery, bleeding reduction, shorter working times, post-operative edema reduction, lack of pain, wound sterility and a more aesthetic cicatricial process. It produces also a biostimulation of those cells involved in the recovery process reducing so the...

Big Data or Big Fail? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and the missing role of Statistics

Stefano M. Iacus
The so called “Big Data” are data which we think as being “big” because of their volume, their amount per unit of time and because they are un- structured. The usual sources of big data are administrative repositories, transaction data or social media and social network feeds. Someone defines big data as those data which cannot be analyzed on a desktop machine or stored on one’s hard disk. These ways of defining big data completely...

Ge Ion implant from energetic Lasergenerated plasma

L. Giuffrida, L. Torrisi, F. Caridi & A. Borrielli
At the PALS laboratories of Prague (Czech republic), IPPLM of Warsaw (Poland) and INFNLNS of Catania (Italy) experimental tests have been carried out to implant Ge ions in Si substrates through laser-generated Ge-plasma. Si substrates were placed in a vacuum chamber at different distances and angles from the Ge-target. Online measurements of ion energy were obtained by time of flight (TOF) techniques using an ion energy analyzer IEA which permitted to draw information about the...

Le implicazioni dell'uso globale della lingua inglese

Giovanna Gallo
My choice to translate the essay by R. Nagar and D. Faust into Italian ismotivated by the fact that the Indian situation they describe can be paradigmatic of the today's global context: the same linguistic and cultural pluralism and therefore the same pragmatic need to communicate beyond national borders, which have contributed to the spread of English throughout the Indian subcontinent, characterise the present global context, leading to the creation of a world class structure...

Analysis of time statistics of extreme variations of heart beat fluctuations

C. Pennetta & L. Palatella
We analyzed heart beat fluctuations in terms of return times of extreme values of the RR increments. We considered 24 hours Holter ECG signals of 90 healthy individuals and 90 unhealthy ones suffering of congestive heart failure (chf). The increment time series RR corresponding to sleep and daily activity were studied separately. In both cases, our results pointed out strong differences in the median return times of the positive high thresholds between healthy and unhealthy...

Aluminium treatments to modify the surface wetting properties

C. Scolaro, L. Torrisi & G. Ceccio
Different techniques of surface treatments are employed to modify the physical properties of aluminum surfaces. Experimental data report measurements of liquid wetting ability in aluminum surfaces treated with different techniques: lapping, sanding, chemical etching, laser ablation, ion implantation and nanoparticle deposition. Surfaces can be modifies as a function of the different treatment parameters enhancing or reducing the wetting ability. Treatment duration, roughness and morphology play important role in determine the properties from hydrophobic to hydrophilic...

He's Worse than Me: The Eurosceptic Parties at the Turning Point

Giovanni Barbieri
One of the most important reasons for the expansion of Eurosceptic parties is the worsening of the economic crisis. This and, more generally, the processes of globalization/denationalization have not had the same effects for all citizens; a new structural conflict, opposing the "winners" and "losers" of glob-alization, has arisen. Usually the mainstream political parties tend to take the "winners'" side, while the peripheral parties tend to adopt a "loser's"' programme and to use Euroscepticism as...

On the structure of involutions and symmetric spaces of dihedral groups

K. K. A. Cunningham, T. Edgar, A.G. Helminck, B.F. Jones, H. Oh, R. Schwell & J.F. Vasquez
We initiate the study of analogues of symmetric spaces for finite groups, with the current work focusing on the family of finite dihedral groups. In particular, we investigate the structure of the automorphism group, characterize the involutions within the automorphism group, and determine the fixed-point subgroup and symmetric space of each automorphism.

Social Economy as Antidote to Criminal Economy: How Social Cooperation is Reclaiming Commons in the Context of Campania’s Environmental Conflicts

Monica Caggiano & Salvatore Paolo De Rosa
This article contributes to ongoing debates on how bottom-up social cooperation can halt and reverse processes of environmental and human degradation, dispossession and impoverishment, by proposing a synchronization of resistance and of commoning practices. The article moves from the empirical case of social and ecological conflicts currently unfolding in the so-called Land of Fires, an area in Southern Italy infamous for the socio-environmental impacts of two decades of waste disposal, mismanagement and contamination. Within this...

La noia di Jacqueline

Mario Capasso
Some observations on a review of an edition of Livius’ papyrological fragments.

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