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Angelo Mosso e lo studio del muscolo ad alta quota

Paolo Cerretelli
Rivista di Storia dell'Università di Torino, V. 3, N. 1 (2014)

¿Es conveniente enseñar las variantes del español en clase de E/LE?

David Giménez Folqués
When we teach our students of Spanish as a Foreing Language we have to think about what Spanish we have to teach. We usually teach the dialect variant of the Spanish that we speak, but is it enough? Spanish has a lot of dialect variants, not just in Spain but also in America. And if these students change country, they may have difficulties. Therefore, the best way to teach Spanish as a Foreing Language is...

Unveiling biophilia in children using active silence training: an experimental approach

Giuseppe Barbiero, Rita Berto, Dinajara Doju Freire, Maria Ferrando & Elena Camino
Biophilia – the innate tendency of human beings to focus on and to affiliate with natural life emotionally – occurs spontaneously in school children. In this study we hypothesized that the development of biophilia is facilitated by an active silence training (AST). In AST silent observation is used as a means to achieve self-knowledge, while games are used as a way of evoking fascination, i.e. to help directed attention to rest and to be restored....


Pertti Hietaranta
The paper provides a compact discussion of some of the relationships obtaining between content and language integrated learning (CLIL) and some of the underpinnings of human cognition. The paper starts with a short description of a personal reminiscence from the author’s school days, and uses this as an empirically based introduction to the notion of content and language integrated learning. The author specifically suggests that there are a number of cognitively motivated reasons for adopting...

Il folclore russo nelle fiabe in versi di Puškin

Marco Lovisolo
Orality and Literature. Russian Folklore in Puškin's Verse Tales. During the XIX century, Russian authors took on the challenge to gather oral folklore and put it down in writing. Among them a special consideration deserves the man who contributed to forge Russian literary language: Aleksandr Puškin. Article’s aim is double: analyze which sources were used by the Moscovite poet and understand how he managed to define literary standards which, though despised by the contemporary well...

A Path Through Landscapes of Waste

Chiara Giobergia
This contribution suggests a parallel analysis of the debut works of two post-colonial African writers, A.K. Armah and A. La Guma, inscribed within the recent trend labelled 'literature of waste'. Scrutinised through ecocritical and sociological theories, their works stand out for the striking way in which they provide a unique reading of the Sub-Saharan continent as remnant of neocolonialist processes that have been relegating it, both metaphorically and concretely, to a waste bin for the...


Marta Ciccolari Micaldi

“The Shadow of Fool-Made History”: History as Narrative in Nabokov’s Work

Siggy Frank
This paper presents a first attempt to examine Nabokov’s notion of the writing of history in relation to the overtly fictional narrative in Pnin, noting Nabokov’s strategy of using the inherently anti-historicist, self-reflexive mode of his work to engage with historical issues.

Restructuring Rental Rate Components to be More Innovative Sharia Compliance Product in Islamic Home Financing

Akhmad Afffandi Mahfudz, Nor Hayati Ahmad, Rosylin Mohd Yusoff, Asmadi Muhamad Naim & Turkhan Ali
Abstract— This study attempts to restructure a more innovative Sharia compliant product in Islamic home financing. By examining the components of residential rental index and addressing some unresolved issues particularly in Musyarakah Mutanaqisah, the study seeks to propose rental index as an alternative benchmark to current interest rates. This paper employs library research derived from the pedigree of Islamic home financing. However, some mathematical modelings are employed to strengthen the analysis. The paper proposes a...

The “Rip Word” And Tattered Syntax: From “the word go” to “the word begone”

Ann Banfield
Starting with a close analysis of Beckett’s “brotherly likes”, those seemingly infinite patterns of “generation and reproduction” that informs all of Beckett’s oeuvre, the essay examines Beckett’s “ronde syntaxique” (syntactic circle or syntactic round) and the close relationship between words and images in his work, as well as on his Ur-image of the clouds parting at sunset. This “introduces the new matter of loss, lessness, of a movement not in rounds but worstward, not Joyce’s...

What Is It Like to Be a Compass Needle? The Cognitive Potential of Literary Criticism, the Pleasure of Thinking, and the Kantian Notion of “Mutual Assistance of the Faculties”

Caius Dobrescu
The Cognitive Potential of Literary Criticism, the Pleasure of Thinking, and the Kantian Notion of “Mutual Assistance of the Faculties"

Osservatorio MU.S.I.C. Working Paper Series, N° 01-2015

Osservatorio MU.S.I.C. Working Paper Series
The Interplay of Equity and Gender Ideology in Perceived Housework Fairness. Evidence from an Experimental Vignette Design

Il Novecento di Lotte Dann Treves

Elisa Signori
Jew university students’ experience – Italians and, above all, foreign students – and the impact of Italian racist legislation on their studies and destinies are still unknown. Lotte Dann Treves’s biography, considered here as an interesting case-study of this historic phenomenology, is focused on the diverse contexts of Fascist Italy, Italian University and particularly Turin. After a brief period of openness to international scientific mobility, under minister Bottai’s guidance, Italian University chose discrimination and expulsion...

Tiempo y aspecto en la traducción de Anónimas de Paula Izquierdo

Elisa Camandona
Tense and aspect in the translation of Anónimas by Paula Izquierdo. Tense and aspect are grammatical categories that each translator and each teacher should take in consideration. The purpose of this study is to show the contrast between Spanish and Italian languages from a morphosyntactic point of view. In order to identify their structural differences and similarities, this work offers a comparison of four tales of an original Spanish storybook, Anónimas, with the respective translations...

Da Studium conventuale a Studium generale. La scuola del convento di San Francesco di Chieri nel Quattrocento da scritture contabili minoritiche

Paolo Rosso
This essay examines the contacts between the Studium conventualis of the franciscan convent in Chieri and the faculty of Theology of the University of Turin during the fifteenth century. Through the analysis of two account books of the convent of Chieri (1402-1430; 1472-1497) were investigated the composition of the community of Minors, the circulation of books in its various forms among the friars and the mutations of the Studium conventualis organization that followed the transfer...

For an Applied Philosophy of Gastronomy

Jessica Jaques & Ferran Adrià
Applied philosophy considers as a single generative matrix the discursive praxis and its validation in a real object. It resignifies traditional metaphysics by blending it almost inextricably with a real praxis. It combines with and draws from artistic, ethical, educational, psychological, religious, ethnic, political, legal, economic, sociological, activists, linguistic, ecological or scientific practices. Now is the turn of gastronomy: in recent times, this field stopped being a mere practice to become a discursive generator of...


Redazione RSUT
Rivista di Storia dell'Università di Torino, V. 1, N. 1 (2012)

Celebrazioni di Corrado Segre (1863-1924) a 150 anni dalla nascita

Erika Luciano
Rivista di Storia dell'Università di Torino, V. 2, N. 2 (2013)

Povertà e ricchezza in Shakespeare

Franco Marenco
This paper examines the place that the conditions of poverty and affluence take up in the plots of some dramatic texts of the early XVIIth Century in England. When confusion occurs, and the poor become rich, or the rich become poor, a tragic failure has taken place in the order of things and of social relations, sanctioned once and for all by divine decree. The first factor of this violation of order is material covetousness,...

Presentazione del libro di Franco Venturi “Comunismo e Socialismo Storia di un’idea”

Gianmaria Ajani
Rivista di Storia dell'Università di Torino, V. 4, N. 1 (2015)


Noemi Alfieri
The essay will consider some of the main problems related to the application of the Literary Canon to African Literatures in Portuguese Language and will focus on the particular case of the debate on the novel Yaka, written by Pepetela. Cosmological and political differences from Europe, social identity and ethnical variety are the main fields which need to be explored, aiming to go through the cultural contrasts that stand on the core of Africa and...

Tradimento e fedeltà. Introduzione (parte I)

Eloisa Perone
CoSMo | Comparative Studies in Modernism, No 2 (2013): Fatzer – Fragmente

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