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Gli epitafi greci per animali. Fra tradizione epigrafica e letteraria

Valentina Garrulli
<div> <p>Text and commentary of the Greek funerary epigrams for dogs preserved on stone, on papyrus, in ancient anthologies and literary texts: a comparative analysis of such epitaphs, their features and characteristics.</p> </div>

Base di statua da Rodi con citazione di Aristofane

Ivan Matijasic
<div> <p>The statue base, found in Rhodes and belonging to the second/first century BC, preserves verses 454-9 of Aristophanes’ <i>Frogs</i> headed by the name of the author in the genitive: it is the only known epigraphic example of a classical text introduced by its author’s name. The inscribed text is also significant for the textual tradition of the <i>Frogs</i>, since it confirms the reading of some ancient medieval manuscripts. The inscription was found near the...

Il ruolo delle associazioni di insegnanti di lingue alla definizione delle linee di politica linguistica in Europa

Paolo Balboni
<div> <p>Language teacher associations play an important role in taking information from policy makers to language teachers and vice versa. Europe’s language teaching manifestoes have been proclaimed for decades, but only the ones that were ‘translated’ into information to teachers have been effective – and this information is provided to teachers by language teacher associations. There are three different types of associations: a) federations of associations, the most important being FIPLV, the Fédération Internationale des...

L’identificazione fra tondrachiani e pauliciani e la testimonianza della lettera n. 4 (K67) di Grigor Magistros

Federico Alpi
<div> <p>There Paulicians and the Tondrakians were two Christian heretical sects which have been considered as two branches of a single heresy by some modern scholars, while others have retained them as two completely separated groups. Grigor Magistros Pahlawowni (ca 990-1058) was an Armenian polymath who actively fought the Tondrakians, and has left an important eyewitness account of the practices and beliefs of these heretics. In one of his letters, he is also credited of...

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Antichità egizie e Italia

Emanuele Marcello Ciampini & Paola Zanovello
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Herramientas embotadas

Luigi Giuliani
<div> <p>This article tackles the problem of editing the stage directions from a neo-Lachmannian point of view. After considering the nature of the stage direction a sign within the semiotic nature of the theatrical text, the behaviour of the copyists in the manuscript and printed transmission of the Spanish theatre of the Golden Age is taken into account, in order to analyse those problems that arise in the application of the method in the phase...

<em>El caballero determinado</em> de Hernando de Acuña: tradición textual y autoría

Marcial Rubio Árquez
<div> <p>Hernando de Acuña’s <i>El caballero determinado</i>, translation of Olivier de la Marche’s French text <i>Le chevalier délibéré</i>, was first printed in 1553 and had considerable success until the end of XVI century, with 8 editions. Still today the text continues to present two problems: its authorship and the relationship between the different testimonies which transmit it. Regarding the former, it is unclear whether the work was translated and versified by Acuña or if the...

Higher Education in Language Teaching

Carmel Mary Coonan
<div> <p>The changing face of society and the new needs and situations of foreign/second language learning impact upon language education programmes and on the very idea of what language education is. Language teaching – the field which has as its focal point of reference language education – must be able to understand the new situations so that answers can be found. In order to do this language teachingrequires specialists capable of investigating the issues. This...

Tubi astronomici

Francesco Bertola
<p>Some illustrations in medieval manuscripts show people looking at the sky through astronomical tubes: this is a first, tentative census and discussion.<br></p>

Re-Run and Re-Read

Alessandra Violi
<div> <p>Hailed by critics as breaking paths for the direction of British fiction, Tom McCarthy’s novel <i>Remainder</i> (2005) has been described as a way of re-thinking literature in terms of intermedial spaces, be they installations, performance artworks or a ‘remix’ of writing and film. The newness of Remainder seems to hinge on its imitation of a contemporary mediascape saturated with technical images and simulacra, in which reality is totally metamorphosed into a filmic phantasmagoria that...

La guerra di Crimea come fattore di modernizzazione

Giulia Lami
<p>The essay analyses the impact of Crimean war on the Russian and Ottoman empires. These were both pushed, in a different way but with a similar intent, to begin a complex policy of modernisation, giving its fruits in the 1860s and 1870s. Both Empires, located at the periphery of Europe, were governed by autocratic monarchs, lacked a tradition of civil rights and self-government and suffered from the comparison with the West, which represented in the...

Per l’edizione delle <em>Lettere sopra la pittura grottesca</em> di Pirro Ligorio

Damiano Acciarino
<div> <p>This contribution brings new information to light regarding the conceptual development of grotesque decoration in late Renaissance art. Three unpublished letters written by Pirro Ligorio are analysed. These scripts are a product of the cultural context of the Counter-Reformation, the artistic aspects of which were pioneered by Gabriele Paleotti, who requested Ligorio’s opinion on grotesque paintings before the publication of his <i>Discorso</i>. By comparing these letters with Paleotti’s book and other writings by Ulisse...

Transregional Intoxications

Max Klimburg
<div> <p>The essay deals with the wine culture of the Hindu Kush area, which is believed to be among the oldest vinicultural regions of the world. Important traces and testimonies can be found in the Gandharan Buddhist stone reliefs of the Swat valley as well as in the wine culture of former Kafiristan, present-day Nuristan, in Afghanistan, which is still in many ways preserved among the Kalash Kafirs of Pakistan’s Chitral District. Kalash represent a...

Intelectuais no exílio: algumas notas sensíveis

Adelia Miglievich
<div> <p>Darcy Ribeiro tried, in all, 12 years of exile after the military coup in 1964 in Brazil. From fragments scattered accounts of his travels and confessions on the proper exile, I propose the invention of a text capable of linking their statements, as if Darcy had written at once. Return so intellectual theme of exile under the inspiration of Theodor Adorno and Edward Said in order to conclude on the meaning of shifts in...

2 Archaeological Evidence from the Levant

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi
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Institutional Change for Gender Equality in Research

Maria Sangiuliano & Agostino Cortesi
Gender balance in research organizations is considered as a key step for ensuring research excellence and quality and inclusive-sustainable innovation. Still, in spite of an increasing number of HE and research institutions committed to make science more equal and some positive trends in figures on Gender equality in STEM research, it still appears to be difficult to prioritize gender equality. This is particularly true for disciplines such as ICT/IST where female representation at all levels...

Historical Fiction in Spain

Nicola Gilmour
<div> <p>Medieval historical fiction is a popular genre in Spanish publishing. This essay interrogates the popularity of these novels, and explores the possible theoretical frameworks for understanding its contribution to Spanish cultural identity. It traces the rise of medieval historical fiction set in the “España de las Tres Culturas” from the early 1990s, with particular reference to 1992’s Quincentennial commemorations. Furthermore, the subject matter of these novels (<i>convivencia </i>between ethno-religious communities) links it to modern...

Certified Copy

Marco Dalla Gassa
<div> <p>The window and the mirror have often represented, in the history of cinema theories, two different ways to deal with the nature of vision: the first pledging to be the instrument to point to reality and the world, and the second appearing as a magnet, attracting, absorbing and redoubling individual subjectivities. In two short but meaningful sequences of <i>Copie conforme </i>(<i>Certified Copy</i>) Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami resolves this dicotomy, depriving both objects of their...

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