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Bio-poetica. frizioni e interazioni tra “concetti nella vita” e produzione finzionale della dinamica del bios

Vittoria Borsò
Current concepts of biopoetics deal with the analogy between evolution theory and literature as well as with the mutual challenges of evolution and aesthetics. These approaches do not take into account the fact that the relationship between bios and the scientific, anthropological and cultural knowledge is not given, i.e. it is not necessary in the metaphysical sense of being unavoidable. Bios is life in itself. Through the concept of “bio-poetics” I thus intend to deny...

Analisi Energetica di sistemi ibridi con celle a combustibile: modello di simulazione numerica di un sistema SOFC/TG alimentato con miscele ricche di idrogeno

Francesca Amelia Mirandola, Leonardo Pagnotta, Gaetano Florio & Petronilla Fragiacomo
Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria Meccanica, Ciclo XXVI, a.a. 2014

Testimonials on Elabs programs

Testimonial - Participants talk about how eLabs program (story telling -sharing experiences) assisted them to gain confidence in dealing with community issues.

Dialoguing with Carol Harlow on “the Limping Legitimacy of EU Lawmaking: a Barrier to Integration”

Antoine Vauchez
European Papers; Vol. 1, 2016, No 2; www.europeanpapers.eu; p. 571-577; ISSN 2499-8249

Ex-post evaluation of competition authorities' actvities

Camilla Landi
Ex-post evaluation of competition authorities’ activities is acquiring growing importance in international debate. Both academic literature and Competition Authorities have started to evaluate on regular basis competition policy enforcement aiming to assess the degree of its effectiveness. The thesis is aimed at providing an assessment of recent antitrust enforcement practice in Europe after the introduction of Regulation No. 1/2003, focusing on commitment decisions introduced by Article 9. After having provided a general framework for ex-post...

Phytoplankton monitoring in the Trieste harbour, North Adriatic Sea (Port Authority), March 2015

Paola Del Negro & Daniela Fornasaro
Phytoplankton monitoring in the Trieste harbour, in the North Adriatic Sea (Port Authority) in March 2015.

I tanti volti dell’onore. Conflitti del quotidiano e pratiche di pacificazione nella Toscana del Settecento

Maria Pia Paoli
Nella Toscana del Settecento si registrano numerosi casi di paci fra privati. Il ruolo dei mediatori si incrociò a volte con i procedimenti giudiziari dei tribunali del Granducato, centrali e periferici. In questo articolo si prendono in esame soprattutto due figure di mediatori, Pier Andrea Andreini e Bindo Simone Peruzzi che, in epoche diverse, trattarono composizioni cavalleresche per vari membri della nobiltà del Granducato. L’ampia casistica di luoghi e situazioni che emerge da fonti per...

Indagini geofisiche nell’area dell’Anfiteatro romano di Catania

Daniele Malfitana, Giovanni Leucci, Lara De Giorgi, Giuseppe Cacciaguerra, Giovanni Fragalà & Antonino Mazzaglia

Bollettino Sismico Italiano, II quadrimestre 2016

Lucia Margheriti, Anna Nardi, Francesco M. Mele & Alessandro Marchetti
Bollettino Sismico Italiano, II quadrimestre 2016, version 1.0 contains 4332 earthquake locations in the Italian region in the time frame between 01-05-2016 and 31-08-2016, locations refer to earthquakes located by INGV. We exclude from this count the earthquakes of the central Italy sequence started on August 24th and not jet revised from the Italian seismic bulletin. BSI will make a special report on the sequence in 2017. The personnel on duty in the seismic survey...

Undermining defeat and propositional justification [Special Issue]

Giacomo Melis
I extend the Higher Order View of Undermining Defeat (HOVUD) defended in Melis (2014) to account for the defeat of propositional justification. In doing so, I also clarify the important notion of higher-order commitment, and I make some considerations concerning the defeat of externalist epistemic warrants.

Direct N-body code designed for a cluster based on heterogeneous computational nodes

David Goz, Luca Tornatore, Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
The ExaNeSt H2020 project is developing an exascale ready prototype based on hybrid hardware (CPUs+accelerators). Astrophysical codes are used to test and validate the exascale platform. At the same time, astrophysical applications must be re-engineered in order to exploit heterogeneous hardware. We present and test the parallel scheme of a state-of-the-art direct N -body code (called ExaHiGPUs) conceived to be run on hybrid architecture.

Sot Aspremont ou fu li pré flori. Quelques observations sur la tradition manuscrite de la Chanson d’Aspremont en Italie Francigena

Anna Constantinidis
L’objectif de cette contribution est d’offrir quelques observations sur la tradition manuscrite de la Chanson d’Aspremont en Italie. Celles-ci sont issues du chantier d’édition des témoins français et franco-italiens de la chanson de geste. Les résultats de l’étude permettent de nouvelles réflexions sur la complexité et l’importance de la tradition manuscrite du poème dans l’Italie médiévale. This contribution examines certain aspects of the Franco-Italian Chanson d’Aspremont manuscript tradition in Italy derived from the project of...

Human Capital in the Twenty First Century

Daniel Kuehn
European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 15. no. 1 (Summer 2018), p. 3-9

Communication structure and coalition-proofness (2013)

Marco Mantovani
Data are based on an experimental study carried out with the aim of analysing the role of the structure of communication in a coordination game.

The computerized experiment has involved 210 subjects, distributed over 12 experimental sessions, and is structured in four treatments. In each treatment, the subjects played eight rounds of the coalitional prisoner’s dilemma, and each treatment implemented one of four symmetric communication structures (no communication, public communication, private communication or both)....

2014 - Tutto il fascicolo del volume 1

Germano Rossi
Psicologia della Religione e-journal / Psychology of Religion e-Journal, Vol 1, No 1 (2014): Psicologia della Religione e-journal Dicembre 2014

Epos orale russo tra oralità e scrittura: problemi e proposte di traduzione

Moroni, Elisa <1977>
In the present thesis, I discuss the role of orality in translation, taking into account the problems arising while translating Russian folk epics. I investigate the meaning of orality in the context of folkloristic translation, trying to define a concept of oral poetry, and exploring its consequences for translation. In the first chapter, I try to identify the main differences between written literature and oral modes of expression, with special reference to folklore. Oral verbal...

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