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Harmonic solution of semiconductor transport equations for microwave and millimetre-wave device modelling

G. Acciari, F. Giannini & G. Leuzzi
The transport equations for charges in a semiconductor have been solved for a periodic voltage excitation by means of a harmonic approach, for modelling of microwave and millimetre-wave active devices. The solution is based on the expansion of the unknown physical quantities in Fourier series in the time domain, and on the discretisation in the space domain. A Waveform-Balance technique in the time domain is used to solve the resulting non-linear equations system. In this...

Wire delay effects reduction techniques and topology optimization in NUCA based CMP systems

Francesco Panicucci
One of the most important issues designing large last level cache in a CMP system is the increasing effect of wire delay problem which affects the banks access time and reduces the performances. Some CMP systems adopt a shared L2 cache to maximize cache capacity, instead other architectures use private L2 caches, replicating data to limit the delay from slow on-chip wires and minimize cache access time. Ideally, to improve performance for a wide variety...

Riding Horses, Writing Stories: Josephine Rector’s Career at Western Essanay

Viktoria Paranyuk
Josephine Rector’s fleeting career in cinema is inseparable from the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, specifically its outfit in Northern California. This paper traces the contours of Rector’s involvement with Essanay, in particular her contribution as a scenario writer to the western genre. As head of the scenario department from 1912 to 1914, she was responsible for both writing and selecting suitable material for two-reel adventure stories, most notably the Broncho Billy series, which inaugurated the...

South Africa's foreign economic policy: strategies of an emerging power

Raymond Steenkamp Fonseca
In democratic South Africa, the foreign economic policy introduced and implemented was shaped not only by the changes in the international distribution of power, evident in the international economy, but also by what happened at the State level. The ANC’s electoral dominance, strong Executive presidency, and the dominant discourse of liberation ideology, shaped the multilateral character and South-South orientation of foreign economic policy. Relations with the economic powers, the USA and the EU are initially...

Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), Version 3.0.2: A compilation of potential sources for earthquakes larger than M 5.5 in Italy and surrounding areas

DISS Working Group
DISS is a georeferenced repository of tectonic, fault and paleoseismological information. The core objects of DISS are: - the individual seismogenic source, a simplified and three-dimensional representation of a fault plane. Individual seismogenic sources are assumed to exhibit "characteristic" behaviour with respect to rupture length/width and expected magnitude; - the composite seismogenic source, an elongated region containing an unspecified number of aligned seismogenic sources that cannot be singled out. Composite seismogenic sources are not associated...

Coloring the Figures. Women’s Labor in the Early Italian Film Industry

Federico Pierotti
The essay deals with the problem of women workers employed as hand colorists in Italy between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. It explores general issues such as the relation between the modern development of industrial coloring processes and the professions involved, the continuity between the coloring techniques in the film industry and those employed in other production fields (e.g. photography). The text subsequently investigates the situation of women...

Typing Services

Leonardo Gaetano Mezzina
The notion of a session is fundamental in service-oriented applications, as it serves to separate interactions between clients and different instances of the same service, and to group together logical units of work. In the area of process calculi Honda, Kubo and Vasconcelos proposed their perspective of what a session should be from the perspective of theorical foundations. They presented a calculus equipped with a notion of session types that govern the interactions between peers....

Essays in regional and complex urban economics

Marco Modica
Cities are entities that are not “simple” but “complexly organized”. Theories about geographical structure of cities, land use patterns and cities evolution that explain how cities become spatially ordered are expanding to take in consideration this complexity. The conceptual foundation for the existence of central place hierarchies (i.e. the study of agglomeration economies in cities and trasportation and logistic costs) is now completed by the definition of emergent patterns that are not directly linked to...

Essays on the dynamics of productivity at the firm level: the role of finance

Elena D'Alfonso
During the last ten years, Italian growth has lagged behind other European countries. This delay has been mainly attributed to a slowdown in Italian firms productivity. A large body of literature has deepened the role of finance, among other factors, in spurring economic growth. The present work investigates some of these processes, through three different frameworks. Chapter 1 is an application of the Rajan Zingales (1998) approach to the Italian case. In this application a...

L'implementazione delle politiche pubbliche attraverso un nuovo modello di multi-level governance in Italia: il caso del Dipartimento delle politiche di sviluppo e coesione

Anna Caputo
Gli anni ’90 hanno rappresentato una finestra di opportunità per una riforma dell’Italia che tocca diversi ambiti: l’economia, la politica, l’amministrazione, la forma di stato. L’azione di rinnovamento è principalmente condotta da una élite tecnocratica che trova nelle proprie competenza e nella credibilità, la legittimazione al cambiamento. In questo quadro il Dipartimento delle Politiche di Sviluppo e Coesione (DPS) ha rappresentato un’innovazione per diversi aspetti: istituzionale, con l’unificazione del Ministero del Tesoro, del Bilancio e...

ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900-2009)

Dmitry A. Storchak, Domenico Di Giacomo, István Bondár, James Harris, Eric R. Engdahl, Willie H.K. Lee, Antonio Villaseñor, Peter Bormann & Graziano Ferrari
GEM Technical Report 2012-01

Design approaches for oscillators in low microwave bands

J.P. Pascual, J. Portilla & E. Artal
Several design procedures for oscillators are proposed and compared with commercial CAD tools and finally with measurements of fabricated voltage controlled MMIC prototypes. All of the proposed design techniques are easy to implement in any CAD package, or even to code in any Language. They provide, not only appropriate initial values for the components in more complete simulations, but also accurate final results. Measurements permit the validation of the whole design process, the models and...

Essay on the economics and politics of oil producing countries

Alessandro Cologni
Our research is argued to contribute significantly to the existing literature. By focusing on relevant topics in the field of political economy, fiscal policy and microeconomic theory, our analysis tries to provide some answers to issues not yet well addressed by researchers and analysts in previous works. The introduction of a theoretical framework which endogenizes the emergence of different political regimes in a context of a rentier state represents the most relevant contribution to the...

Glossary for the GEM Building Taxonomy

Luke Allen, Andrew William Charleson, Svetlana Brzev & Charles Scawthorn
GEM Technical Report 2013-03

Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms in a Male Patient: Why Could It Be Possible? Case Report

Giovanni Taffurelli, Marielda D’Ambra, Carlo Alberto Pacilio, Salvatore Buscemi, Riccardo Panzacchi, Eugenia Peri, Claudio Ricci, Donatella Santini, Raffaele Pezzilli, Riccardo Casadei & Francesco Minni
Context Mucinous cystic neoplasms (MCN) of the pancreas concern usually female patients and are characterized by an ovarian-type stroma. Case report A 65-year-old man was admitted to our Institute for the incidental finding, at ultrasonography, of a cystic mass of the body-tail of the pancreas. Laboratory tests, including tumor markers (CEA and CA 19-9), were within normal range. A CT scan confirmed the mass, hypodense, unilocular, 45 mm in diameter, regular shaped and without neither...

Cuestiones espaciales: la forma urbana de la ciudad influyen en las posibilidades de la economía en particular para las mujeres

Ana Falù
Cuestiones espaciales: la forma urbana de la ciudad influyen en las posibilidades de la economía en particular para las mujeres

The interplay between bureaucracy and globalization

Irina Mirkina
This research focuses on a twofold issue: 1) the challenges that globalization creates to institutions, having to deal with a new international order; 2) the challenges that state governance creates for global actors, having to adapt themselves to the national and sub-national peculiarities. The globalization–bureaucracy interplay is a politically contested phenomenon, in which different models of interactions among states, firms, and citizens appear and transform both nationally and internationally. At the national level, the impact...


Marina Cabrini, Daniela Fornasaro & Fonda Umani Serena
Time-series (1986-2010) of phytoplankton abundance and community composition in the surface layer of the Long Term Ecological Research station “C1”, in the Gulf of Trieste, North Adriatic Sea.

Croce e il Cristianesimo

Paolo Bonetti
Dialogo su Dio in un carteggio – L’immortalità dell’anima e la polemica contro il Modernismo – La Provvidenza e la Grazia – La rivoluzione cristiana – La cristianità e la crisi della civiltà

Il contributo di Michael Oakeshott nel dibattito teorico sui modelli di convivenza in un'Europa multiculturale

Alexia Redini
Il presente lavoro ha come obiettivo quello di considerare il pensiero politico di Michael Oakeshott (1901-1990) - uno dei maggiori esponenti del conservatorismo britannico - quale contributo originale ad alcune delle principali tematiche che la filosofia politica si trova a dover affrontare in questo inizio di secolo. In particolare, l'idea di fondo è che l'associazione civile di Oakeshott sia un modello teorico di convivenza, in grado di fornire uno strumento di comprensione per ripensare le...

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