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Discovery of alien water frogs (gen. Pelophylax) in Umbria, with first report of P. shqipericus for Italy

Dario Domeneghetti, Giacomo Bruni, Mauro Fasola & Adriana Bellati
Allochthonous water frogs (gen. Pelophylax) have been repeatedly introduced in several European countries, causing dramatic consequences for the conservation of indigenous taxa. In Italy, invasive populations are known for northern regions, where they were introduced mainly for edible and scientific purposes. Here, we report the first detection of an alien population of water frogs in Central Italy, along the Resina valley (Umbria). Genetic analysis of the mitochondrial ND3 gene polymorphism assigned some specimens to two...

Efficacia degli indicatori di valutazione delle politiche. Un’analisi delle misure previste per la forestazione nel PSR 2007-’13 della Regione Puglia

Giuseppe De Blasi, Annalisa De Boni, Michele Moretti & Rocco Roma
In the latest Apulian programs for rural development a newer attention was put on forestry sector, in order to better hinder the global changes due to the peculiar sectorial ability. Three different instruments has been set to improve the forest value, to increase the forestry land and to boost the multifunctional rule of forestry. Aim of this work is to stress the difference between the proposed indicators in regional programs and some other characterized by...

Public expenditures on family-specific benefits, governance and child health outcomes

Oznur Ozdamar
Lower child mortality may imply a higher rate of return to education, namely investments in human capital which is the prime engine for the economic growth. As Noble-laureate Amartya Sen convincingly argues that child mortality is an important indicator of economic success since being alive is already a necessary condition for our capabilities and it is helpful in the formulation of the public policy decisions. In other words, it is a good measure to understand...

Big data, complex networks and markets

Diego Pennacchioli
This thesis is focused on the study of new techniques of analysis coming from diverse fields (Complex Networks Analysis, Data Mining, and Big Data). Main aim is to better understand systems characterized by a high level of complexity. Markets are the chosen application scenario. In these complex systems, to find the right balance between the forces of demand and supply is very challenging, especially considering that they are characterized by imperfect but massive and fast...

Modeling and analysis of the internet topology

Giovanni Accongiagioco
Over the last decades, the Internet has grown from a smallscale academic network linking few universities, to a largescale complex system, reaching out to billions of people and enabling communications and computing worldwide. While the number of persons connected to the Internet 24/7 is growing exponentially, particularly through smartphones, most of them are unaware of the real Internet infrastructure. Recently, researchers have attempted to discover details about the characteristics of the Internet in order to...

The OpenQuake-engine User Manual

Helen Crowley, Damiano Monelli, Marco Pagani, Vitor Silva & Graeme Weatherill
GEM OpenQuake

Metodi molecolari nello studio della variabilità genetica di Tuber borchii

Bonuso, Enrico <1980>
Tuber borchii (Ascomycota, order Pezizales) is highly valued truffle sold in local markets in Italy. Despite its economic importance, knowledge on its distribution and population variation is scarce. The objective of this work was to investigate the evolutionary forces shaping the genetic structure of this fungus using coalescent and phylogenetic methods to reconstruct the evolutionary history of populations in Italy. To assess population structure, 61 specimens were collected from 11 different Provinces of Italy. Sampling...

Beyond Essentialist and Functionalist Analyses of the "Politicisation of Religion": The Evolution of Religious Parties in Political Catholicism and Political Islam

Joerg Baudner
The debate about �politics and religion� has already rejected essentialist claims of fundamental differences in the impact of religion on politics in different cultures. This article will argue that political Islam in Turkey and political Catholicism in Italy and Germany adopted remarkably similar patterns of cross-class coalitions and policies for a �reconciliation of capitalism and democracy�. First, religious parties developed as mass integration parties which already encompassed cross-class coalitions. Second, in the aftermath of political...

High mobility stem cells and cardiomyopathies

Daniela Galli, Stefania Crippa & Maurilio Sampaolesi
Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, Vol 115, No 1/2 (Supplement) 2010

Technological Design in a multidisciplinary, sensory, context

Stephen Emmitt
Architecture involves measurable (tangible) and immeasurable (intangible) elements, which makes the pursuit of good architecture a constant challenge for all project contributors. It is often the immeasurable aspects, the intuition and feel for a project and the way in which actors interact, which help to bring about exciting, creative and functional buildings that reflect the best of humanity, time and place. In this article the author explores the role of technological design within an environmentally...

Sustainable inorganic Binders and Their Applications in Building Engineering: A Green Alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement

Natali Murri, Annalisa <1982>
In the last decades, the building materials and construction industry has been contributing to a great extent to generate a high impact on our environment. As it has been considered one of the key areas in which to operate to significantly reduce our footprint on environment, there has been widespread belief that particular attention now has to be paid and specific measures have to be taken to limit the use of non-renewable resources.The aim of...

Carducci, Pascoli, D’Annunzio e il mito tragico di Elisabetta D’Austria

Andrea Carrozzini
Oggetto d’indagine del saggio è l’assassinio della regina Elisabetta di Wittelsbach – chiamata anche Sissi, consorte dell’imperatore d’Austria Francesco Giuseppe – come motivo ispiratore di poeti, artisti e letterati. In particolare Carrozzini prende in esame tre autori della letteratura italiana che, in prosa e in versi, rievocano la figura di Elisabetta: Giosuè Carducci, Gabriele D’Annunzio e Giovanni Pascoli, rispettivamente nell’ode “Alle Valchirie”, nell’articolo “La virtù del ferro” (apparso su “Il Mattino” di Napoli) e nell’ode...

Hrabia Zygmunt i „Królowa mórz”. Wenecja w epistolografii Zygmunta Krasińskiego

Iwona Dorota
Count Zygmunt and "The Queens of Seas". Venice in the Epistolography of Zygmunt Krasiński In Zygmunt Krasiński’s correspondence, Italian towns represent a very particular “picture gallery”, characterized by richness of associations and beauty of exemplifications. The most interesting aspect is tracing the development of the poet’s imagination in Venice – a very special emotional and interpretational context for a romantic poet. In accordance with his personal dispositions, Krasiński leads us into “his own Venice”, made...

Immaginario paranoide e potere. Spunti per una riflessione

Giulio M. Chiodi
Esaminato nella sua natura astratta, il potere costituisce un elemento fondamentale di qualsiasi relazione sociale, aprioristicamente non sottoponibile a valutazioni negative. Solo un’analisi che tenga in considerazione il contesto in cui il potere viene esercitato, le relazioni che esso instaura e gli aspetti simbolici sui cui si sorregge, risulta capace di distinguere tra il potere quale modalità fisiologica delle relazioni umane e le sue forme degenerate e patologiche come la paranoia.

Noi, le altre e il “tempo” che passa. Sguardi incrociati sull’ età critica

Michela Fusaschi
In the anthropological perspective the age is a social construction, responds to the social representations according to the circumstances in that it is located; the “old” age is, in fact, a transformation period during which the woman assume a new identity and position in the society. This article, briefly, discusses and compare the representations of menopause between Italians and migrants women, from different countries that live in Rome, as subjects of new transnational reality involving...

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