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Secondary evolution of galaxies investigated by N-body simulations

Giuseppina Coppola
In the ΛCDM cosmology, merging is one of the most important physical processes that drives the formation and evolution of galaxies. In the present work, we use N-body techniques to investigate some of currently open issues related to the formation and evolution of galaxies along the Hubble sequence (see Chapter 1). In particular, we address (i) the role of dissipation-less merging on the scaling relations and internal color gradients of early-type galaxies, by modeling these...



Interdisciplinary essays on public procurement

Olga Chiappinelli
Accounting for about 15-20% of GDP in developed economies, public procurement is both a paramount economic phenomenon and a leading activity of governments. Sound procurement policies and practices are therefore essential not only to achieve best value for money when purchasing goods and services of public utility, but also to pursue strategic objectives of crucial importance (e.g., sustainable growth and innovation) and to optimize spending in an era where public money has a high opportunity...


Some physics items, differend from ε'/ε, are briefly summarized with some emphasis on the experimental point of view, as they have been presented at this workshop. Namely: structure functions of weak and e.m. Kaon decays, radiative ϕ decays into scalar and pseudoscalar mesons, spectroscopy of excited vector mesons, γγ interactions, Kaon-Nucleon and Kaon-Nucleus interactions at very low energies, Hypernuclei formation with stopped Kaons, measurement of the hadronic contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment.

Indagini geofisiche nell’area dell’Anfiteatro romano di Catania

Daniele Malfitana, Giovanni Leucci, Lara De Giorgi, Giuseppe Cacciaguerra, Giovanni Fragalà & Antonino Mazzaglia

Centrifuge Modelling of Flexible Retaining Walls in Saturated Sand under Seismic Actions.

Michele Tricarico
In this work the seismic behaviour of flexible retaining walls embedded in saturated sand has been inevstigate carring out a total of seven centrifuge tests at the Schofield Centre of University of Cambridge. The head of piezometric fluid has been collocated at the excavated level. Two possible structural configurations have been chosen: cantilever walls and walls with one level of props at the top. The results have been examined in detail in terms of the...

Nbn: A Fast, Low Cost, Mini Data Acquisition System for Nuclear Physics

Antonio Ordine
A multiparametric data acquisition system, based on VME system and Macintosh desktop computer, has been developed as an evolution towards smaller size (few tens of raw parameters) nuclear physics experiments of an acquisition system implemented for heavy ion induced nuclear reactions (few hundreds of parameters and high counting rates) using VME, CAMAC-FERA modules and middle size Work-Station (as Digital alpha station and/or HP WS). The system acquires data from VME ADCs, processes and stores them...

Quantizable non-local gravity

Marin Diego
It's widely recognized that general relativity emerges if we impose invariance under local translations and local Lorentz transformations. In the same manner supergravity arises when we impose invariance under local supersymmetry. In this paper we show how to treat general relativity as a common gauge theory, without introducing a metric or a tetrad field. The price to pay for such simplification is the acceptance of non-locality. At first glance the resulting theory seems renormalizable. Finally...

Learning to change: the organizational learning dimension of UN reform

Mine Kolukirik
The thesis has analysed the role of organizational learning in institu-tional change by focusing on the United Nations institutional change initiative titled Delivering as One. The scope of the research takes into account that thus far extremely limited attention has been paid to or-ganizational learning for change in the context of the UN country level reforms. This aspect is studied using the UN’s Delivering as One as case study. In doing so, I have taken...

Matera. Scavo di S. Giovanni Battista – S. Maria La Nova: i dati

Brunella Gargiulo, Isabella Marchetta, Serena Patriziano, Nicoletta Montemurro & Mario Calia

L’interazione tra sistema economico e sistema politico, l’influenza della distribuzione del reddito sulla crescita economica

Francesco Purificato
Il risultato di maggior rilievo di questo lavoro è quello di essere riusciti a fondare una struttura logica che consenta di interpretare in modo agevole il complesso processo di interazione tra sistema politico e sistema economico; soprattutto, una struttura logica che integra in modo originale gli approcci teorici delle funzioni di influenza, delle funzioni di interesse e neokaleckiano, che fino ad ora erano stati considerati alternativi oppure non erano mai stati messi in relazione gli...

Study of Tensile Response of Kapton and Mylar Strips to AR and CO2 Mixtures for the BteV Straw Tube Detector

E.Basile, F., Bellucci, M.Bertani, S.Bianco, M.A.Caponero, F.DiFalco, F.L.Fabbri, F.Felli, M.Giardoni, A., La, Monaca, G.Mensitieri, B.Ortenzi, M.Pallotta, A.Paolozzi, L.Passamonti, D.Pierluigi, A.Russo & S.Tomassin
Gas mixtures are known to affect mechanical properties of plastic materials of interest in HEP gas detectors. We have studied tensile properties of several materials for use in the straw tube detector of experiment BteV at the Fermilab Tevatron. A straw tube is a complex structure made up of two different layers of polymeric material with aluminium deposition and glue, therefore we have decoupled all these elements to better understand gas effect on each one....

The (in)visible artists: contemporary artists from Croatia in the post-1989 “globalized” contemporary art field

Tihana Puc
The object of this research is the integration of contemporary artists from Croatia into the post-1989 “globalized” contemporary art field. The study aims at understanding and explaining how the correlation between the internal developments in Croatia, after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991, and the external modifications of the contemporary art field, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, impacted the international embeddedness of contemporary artists from Croatia. In contrast to most of...

The search for the rare decay Bs → μ+μ− with the ATLAS experiment at LHC

Elisa Musto
The object of this thesis work is Bs → μ+μ− rare decay, a golden channel to detect New Physics Beyond the Standard Model. The analysis here presented is based on the data collected in 2010 data taking period with the ATLAS detector at LHC. On the branching ratio an Upper Limit of Br(Bs → μ+μ−) < 5.91× 10−7 at 95% CL has been set.

I giovani e il loro apporto in capitale umano nella conduzione delle aziende agricole: evidenze sul caso italiano

Felicetta Carillo
L’obiettivo principale della tesi è stato quello di indagare sulla capacità del settore agricolo italiano di intraprendere processi innovativi e sulla capacità imprenditoriale di attivare processi moltiplicativi di sviluppo locale, evidenziando il ruolo delle politiche. In particolare, si è indagato sulla capacità delle imprese di aumentare la produttività ed essere competitive, assecondando le nuove tendenze di mercato. Pertanto lo studio empirico, condotto su un campione rappresentativo delle aziende agricole italiane, è stato focalizzato sulla relazione...

The QCal Tile Calorimeter of KLOE

M. Adinolfi, F. Ambrosino, M. Antonelli, C. Bini, V. Bocci, F. Bossi, P. Branchini, G. Cabibbo, R. Caloi, G. Carboni, M. Casarsa, G. Cataldi, P. Ciambrone, S. Conetti, E. De Lucia, P. De Simone, S. Dell'Agnello, A. Denig, A. Di Domenico, C. Di Donato, S. Di Falco, A. Doria, A. Ferrari, G. Finocchiaro, C. Forti … & A. Ventura
The quadrupole tile calorimeters of KLOE (QCAL) are two compact detectors placed close to the interaction point and surrounding the focusing quadrupoles. Their purpose is to increase the hermeticity of KLOE calorimetry. Each QCAL consists of a sampling structure of lead plates and scintillator tiles with wavelength shifter (WLS) fibers and mesh photomultiplier readout arranged in 16 azimuthal sectors. The arrangement of WLS fibers allows the measurement of the longitudinal position of the showers from...

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