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Morfologia preimmaginale in Cypha imitator (Luze) (Coleoptera Staphylinidae Aleocharinae)

Luigi De Marzo
PREIMAGINAL MORPHOLOGY OF CYPHA IMITATOR (LUZE) (COLEOPTERA STAPHYLINIDAE ALEOCHARINAE) Larvae of Cypha imitator were obtained by selecting plant debris in a garden in South Italy. Some of them were hold in laboratory conditions and pupated in a silky cocoon. Diagnoses of the larvae (instars I-III) and pupa are given, together with some structural details of the VIII abdominal segment gland. Larvae of Cypha imitator do agree with the generalized aleocharine type (according to NEWTON, 1990),...

Figure del pensiero meridiano: l'esempio Amelio

Alessandro Canad�, Roberto De Gaetano & Roberta Rosini
Dottorato di ricerca in Filosofia della comunicazione e dello spettacolo: teoria e storia dei linguaggi, Ciclo XXV, a.a. 2013-2014

<em>Epitaph of a Small Winner</em> – Título qualquer serve?

Ariadne Nunes
<div> <p><i>Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas</i> has an English translation, by William L. Grossman, intitled <i>Epitaph of a Small Winner</i>. The article reflects upon possible consequences for the interpretation and reading of the book of such a translation of its title, trying to determine if it implies an idea of translation as a form of rewriting. It concludes that Grossman's translation of the title may imply a loss in comunication between Machado de Assis' message...

Plato on the Stream. Platonism in the Age of Streaming

Frédéric Bisson
This article defends a Platonist view of streaming. It is opposite to the mainstream representation that streaming has “liquidated” the structure both objective and collective of musical experience. On the contrary, streaming is the support of a new kind of musical object, which is distinct both from the allographic notational objects (scores) and from the phonographic ones (records). This third kind of object has to be characterized as a flux-object. The way it is diffused...

Un nuovo genere ed una nuova specie di Eriofide, Bariella farnei (Acari: Eriophyoidea), su Quercus trojana Webb in Puglia

Enrico De Lillo
A NEW GENUS ANO A NEW SPECIES OF ERIOPHYID MITES, Barie/la farnei (ACARI: ERIOPHYOIDEA), ON Quercus trojana WEBB IN APULIA (SOUTHERN ITALY). The author describes a new genus and a new species of Family Eriophyidae, Subfamily Phyl- locoptinae, from Quercus trojana Webb: Barie/la farne i n.sp. Barie/la n. gen. Viene descritto un nuovo genere ed una nuova specie, Barie/la Jarnei n. sp., appartenente alla Famiglia Eriophyidae ed alla Sottofamiglia Phyllocoptinae. Questa specie è stata raccolta...

Private incentives to vertical disintegration among firms with heterogeneous objectives

Gianpaolo Rossini
A vertically integrated monopoly is compared to a decentralized market arrangement where production is segmented. A Labor Managed firm produces an input used by a profit maximizer manufacturer of a final good. Unlike what usually occurs between homogenoeus firms we find circumstances in which the decentralised vertical arrangement is privately superior to the integrated one.

Wagō Ryōichi’s <em>Net-poetry </em>and the Revolutionary ’Shared Literature’

Veronica De Pieri
<div> <p>Although the Fukushima literary scenario offers different approaches to the theme of dystopia and trauma, works of literary criticism are still a few. This article aims to turn scholars’ attention to the relevance of a critic analysis of Fukushima literary response starting from the production of Wagō Ryōichi and his poetical tweets. The purpose is to suggest new study guidelines concerning the literature of the catastrophe as a genre itself, thorough the investigation of...

Recensione a C. Cucina, Vestr ok austr. Iscrizioni e saghe sui viaggi dei Vichinghi

Giovanna Princi Braccini
Viaggi di Vichinghi. Recensione a C. Cucina, Vestr ok austr. Iscrizioni e saghe sui viaggi dei Vichinghi


J.H. Giliomee
THE ASTEROLECANIIDAE (HOMOPTERA: COCCOIDEA) OF SOUTH AFRICA The 16 species of Asterolecaniidae known from South Africa can be tentatively placed in six genera based on the characters of the adult female. Some species do not fit into these genera as presently defined, requiring a redefinition of some genera or the creation of new ones. However, it appears that the characters on which the genera of the Asterolecaniidae are presently based are too few in number...

Dal reale all'ideale: senso e relazioni nei processi di programmazione dei servizi sociali intesi come processi di cambiamento sistemico

Antonio Sama' & Francesca Falcone
Dottorato di ricerca in Conoscenze e innovazioni per lo sviluppo, XXVI ciclo. A. a. 2012-2013

Endogenous Transportation Technology in a Cournot Differential Game with Intraindustry Trade

Luca Colombo, Luca Lambertini & Andrea Mantovani
We investigate a dynamic Cournot duopoly with intraindustry trade, where firms invest in R&D to reduce the level of iceberg transportation costs. We adopt both open-loop and closed-loop equilibrium concepts, showing that a unique (saddle point) steady state exists in both cases. In the open-loop model, optimal investments and the resulting efficiency of transportation technology are independent of the relative size of the two countries. On the contrary, in the closed-loop case, a home market...

Biologia di Xylocopa (Xylocopa) violacea (L., 1758): specie di fiori visitate dalla femmina (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Salvatore Vicidomini
BIOLOGY OF XYLOCOPA (XYLOCOPA) VIOLACEA (L., 1758): FEMALE FEEDING FLOWERS (HYMENOPTERA: APIDAE) Forty-two species and varieties of flowers on which X. violacea usually forage were identified. The nectar and pollen of 10 of them are used for pollen past preparation (larval food). In February females come out of their winter shelters between 10:30 and 13:30 at T > 13°C; in March, instead, between 9:00 and 14:00, at T > 17°C. In April-July they emerge from...

e-Research Summer Hackfest: The INDIGO PaaS - part 3

Marica Antonacci
In this set of three videos, the PaaS Layer architecture of the INDIGO-DataCloud Project is described focusing on the technologies and solutions adopted for each component. The interaction among the various pieces is shown through the description of the main scenarios: the deployment of “IaaS automated services”, the deployment of a “PaaS service”, i.e. a Long-Running service (such as DBMS) or a user application to be run with specific input/output data. The video is the...

Graph-based techniques and spectral graph theory in control and machine learning

Rita Morisi
Graphs are powerful data structure for representing objects and their relationships. They are extremely useful in the study of dynamical systems, evaluating how different agents interact among each other and behave. An example is represented by the consensus problem where a graph models a set of agents that locally interact and exchange their opinions with the aim of reaching a common opinion (consensus state). At the same time, many learning techniques rely on graphs exploiting...

Microstorie di romanizzazione

Patrizia Solinas
<div> <p>Il volume si incentra sull’edizione di 60 iscrizioni (di cui 6 in alfabeto cosiddetto leponzio e 54 in alfabeto latino) rinvenute nel sepolcreto rurale di Cerrione (provincia di Biella, Italia), il quale ha restituito più di 200 depositi funerari ad incinerazione indiretta e diretta, pertinenti a soggetti insediati in un’area contigua al distretto minerario aurifero della Bessa, compreso nell’agro della colonia di Eporedia. Lo studio dei testi epigrafici, che la contestualizzazione archeologica consente di...

Open Access, Open Data and Open Education for Open Science and Open Innovation

Roberto Barbera
The talk introduces the concepts of Open Access, Open Data and Open Education and discusses how they are key enablers of Open Science and Open Innovation. Definitions and examples are provided, with a special focus on Africa. The talk is intended to set the scene and provide the audience with some background information to better participate and contribute to the Sci-GaIA workshop, which will take place in the next day. The presentation was given during...

La crescita esterna nelle imprese e nelle banche

Rosa Adamo & Antonella Belcastro
Dottorato di ricerca in Scienze bancarie e finanziarie, XIX ciclo. A.a. 2005-2006

The Court of Justice Considers the Commission’s US Safe Harbour Decision Invalid

Antal Berkes
European Papers; Vol. 1, 2016, No 1; www.europeanpapers.eu; p. 327-329; ISSN 2499-8249

I sistemi di codifica nell'era dell'e-Healt: traduzione ed implementazione di LOINC in Italia

Maria Teresa Chiaravalloti, Roberto Guarasci & Alberto Ventura
Dottorato di ricerca in Storie, popolazioni, culture, Ciclo XXV, a.a. 2011-2012

Plantisc data AE Height

Collins Udanor, Florence Akaneme & Chibuike Ugwuoke
Data set for results of the effect of the AE medium on plant height

Sci-GaIA Winter School - Lesson 4 Assignment

Antonio Calanducci
The video contains the description of the assignment of the Fourth Lesson of the Sci-GaIA Winter School. The school can be followed online at http://courses.sci-gaia.eu/courses/UNICT/WS2015/201603_01_31/about.

Problematiche traduttologiche in contesto interlinguistico del romanzo Keshtjella di Ismail Kadare: analisi contrastativa e nuovi approcci traduttivi

Francesco Altimari, Roberto De Gaetano & Giovanna Nanci
Dottorato di ricerca in Studi letterari, linguistici, filologici e traduttologici, Ciclo XXV, a.a. 2014-2015

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