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European Archive of Historical EArthquake Data (AHEAD)

Paola Albini, Mario Locati, Andrea Rovida & Massimiliano Stucchi
AHEAD, the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data 1000-1899, is a distributed archive aiming at preserving, inventorying and making available, to investigators and other users, data sources on the earthquake history of Europe, such as papers, reports, Macroseismic Data Points (MDPs) in different scales (EMS-98, MSK, or MCS), and parametric catalogues.nThe AHEAD general repository rely on independent, regionally managed data archives. At present, eight regional, online macroseismic archives team up in AHEAD covering Italy, France,...

Hume’s law, Moore’s open question and Aquinas’ human intellect

Augusto Trujillo Werner
This article concerns Aquinas’ practical doctrine on two philosophical difficulties underlying much contemporary ethical debate. One is Hume’s Is-ought thesis and the other is its radical consequence, Moore’s Open-question argument. These ethical paradoxes appear to have their roots in epistemological scepticism and in a deficient anthropology. A possible response to them can be found in that a) Aquinas defends the substantial unity and rationality of the human being; b) Thomistic natural law is a natural...

Lo spazio di libertà, sicurezza e giustizia alla prova delle più evolute forme di cooperazione amministrativa

Simone Carrea
The most advanced forms of administrative cooperation established by EU law have marked the evolution from cooperation mechanisms having a merely auxiliary character for the activities of national authorities (such as for instance in the area of tax law) towards forms of actual cooperative exercise of the administrative functions. Such forms of cooperation require, however, the development of adequate means of judicial protection not only for the individuals concerned by the administrative cooperation but also...

Il PAS A049 - Matematica e Fisica. L’organizzazione generale e il percorso di Fisica

Giorgio Pastore
L’organizzazione generale, le principali problematiche generali e gli aspetti più strettamente legati al percorso di Fisica del PAS della classe di concorso A049 (Matematica e Fisica) sono brevemente presentati e discussi.

True but also not true

Stefano Boscolo & Giulia Pravato
We present three ways of expressing a possible interpretative uncertainty of the truth predicate: ambiguity, context-sensitivity and semantic indeterminacy. Next, we examine Kölbel (2008)’s pluralist view that “true” is ambiguous between a substantialist concept and a deflationist concept, and that it is ambiguous as the word “dog” is between “male dog” and “canine”. Our main goal is to show that Kölbel’s thesis does not withstand empirical scrutiny in the sense that “true” fails most of...

Experiments in visual perspective: size experience

Brentyn J. Ramm
Phenomenal objectivism explains perceptual phenomenal character by reducing it to an awareness of mind-independent objects, properties, and relations. A challenge for this view is that there is a sense in which a distant tree looks smaller than a closer tree even when they are the same objective size (perceptual size variation). The dual content view is a popular objectivist account in which such experiences are explained by my objective spatial relation to the tree, in...

Holden Caulfield può ringiovanire? Strategie traduttive 1961-2014

Silvia Campanini & Stefano Ondelli
The Catcher in the Rye is a cult book of the 20th Century. Although he introduced no novelty in terms of narrative technique, Salinger achieved a realistic reproduction of teenage informal speech that was instrumental to the book’s artistic and poetic success. Similarly, Adriana Motti’s 1961 Italian translation of the novel was hailed as a literary turning point because of its linguistic innovations. This paper examines the main differences between Motti’s translation and Matteo Colombo’s...

Dummett on McTaggart’s proof of the unreality of time

Brian Garrett
Michael Dummett’s paper “A Defence of McTaggart’s Proof of the Unreality of Time” put forward an ingenious interpretation of McTaggart’s famous proof. My aim in this discussion is not to assess the cogency of McTaggart’s reasoning, but to criticise Dummett’s interpretation of McTaggart.

Can a city be relocated? Exploring the metaphysics of context-dependency

Fabio Bacchini & Nicola Piras
This paper explores the Persistence Question about cities, that is, what is neces-sary and sufficient for two cities existing at different times to be numerically identical. We first show that we can possibly put an end to the existence of a city in a number of ways other than by physically destroying it, which reveals the metaphysics of cities to be partly different from that of ordinary objects. Then we focus in particular on the...

Spiritualized nature: Hegel on the transformative character of work and history

David Ciavatta
It is argued that one of Hegel’s main strategies in overcoming the opposition between nature and spirit is to recognize a realm of “spiritualized nature” that has a distinctive ontological character of its own, one that, though it is rooted in nature, must be understood in essentially historical terms. It is argued that for Hegel the activity of work is premised upon a commitment to the independent standing of such spiritualized nature and its historical...

Rôles et fonctions du participe présent dans la presse ou comment la traduction vient en aide à la didactique du Fle

Catia Nannoni
This essay considers some uses of participe présent in the French press in relation to the difficulties of translation into Italian from a didactic point of view. The study shows that translation not only illustrates an asymmetry in terms of frequency of use between the two languages, but also the appearance of critical or new uses of participe présent which need to be correctly understood before being formulated in Italian. These examples of translation illustrate...


Guido Seddone
Introduction: issue 8, volume 2019

Conscious experiences as ultimate seemings: renewing the phenomenal concept Strategy [Special Issue]

Francois Kammerer
The Phenomenal Concept Strategy is a popular strategy used to support physicalism in the realm of conscious experience. This Strategy accounts for dualist intuitions but uses the ways in which we think about our experiences to explain these intuitions in a physicalist framework, without any appeal to ontological dualism. In this paper, I will raise two issues related to the currently available versions of the Phenomenal Concept Strategy. First, most of the theories belonging to...

Past and Current Realities about Mexican/Latino Immigration. Looking Beyond the U.S.

Emilia Martinez-Brawley & Paz Zorita
The literature including social media shows that Mexican/Latino immigrants have attracted contempt and have been traditionally objected to as a minority in the U.S. The intent here is to search for historical and other factors that might explain the public antipathy and to identify reasons that could, either in isolation or in combination with others, explain anti-immigrant sentiments among people, many of whom are descendants of immigrants. The perusal of the challenges of Mexican immigrants...

Literature and practical knowledge

Pascal Engel
This article defends literary cognitivism, the view that literature can convey genuine propositional knowledge, in the form of propositions which are (i) true (ii) justified and (iii) have aesthetic value because they convey such knowledge. I reply to familiar objections to this view, and reformulate it as the thesis that literary knowledge is a form practical knowledge that is only derivatively propositional. I attempt to apply some ideas to be found in Stanley’s and Williamson’s...

Archivio storico per le province napoletane. A.1, n.1/4 (1876)

Bartolomeo Capasso, Gaspare Fuscolillo, Camillo Minieri-Riccio, Scipione Volpicella, Luigi Volpicella, Filippo Caravita, Giulio De Petra, Nunzio Federigo Faraglia, Giuseppe De Blasiis, Cosimo Stornaiuolo, Giacomo Racioppi & Antonio Sogliano
A.1, n.1 (1876): B. Capasso, Le fonti della Storia delle provincie Napolitane dal 568 al 1500, P. 1 ; B. Capasso, Le croniche de li antiqui Ri del Regno di Napoli di Gaspare Fuscolillo, P. 35 ; C. Minieri-Riccio, Memorie della guerra di Sicilia negli anni 1282, 1283, 1284 tratte da’ Registri Angioini dell’Archivio di Stato di Napoli, P. 85 ; S. Volpicella, Viaggio del card. d'Aragona, P. 106 ; S. Volpicella, Parere del Collaterale...

Hegel on the naturalness of logic: an account based on the preface to the second edition of the Science of Logic

Elena Ficara
The preface to the second edition of Hegel’s Science of Logic is crucial for understanding the idea of Hegel’s logic. It is an important text because what Hegel writes is not an idiosyncratic view about logic, but rather something universally true about the object, scope, and nature of logic. Something that can genuinely dialogue with more recent, and perhaps more sophisticated, accounts of logic. One central aspect of Hegel’s argumentation in the preface is the...

A hundred year of Donald Davidson_an introduction

Maria Cristina Amoretti, Maria De Caro & Francesca Ervas
Donald Davidson was one of the most important analytical philosophers of the twentieth century.

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