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No borders. Quando lo sport è strategia di policy per un rinnovato welfare

Alessandra Sannella
Recent years saw an increase, both in Italy and in the rest of Europe, in activities put in practise in order to use sports as means for facilitating the social inclusion of migrants and/or asylum seekers. The importance of social inclusion has been frequently analysed from reference models related to several welfare systems dimensions used to convey sports values. The aim of this paper was to analyse some of the accomplished sports projects, not only...

Cultura e pratica sportiva tra volontariato e intervento pubblico: il caso norvegese

Irene Masoni
Among the European Countries Norway shows one of the higher percentage of citizens physically active. These levels are confirmed also with reference to the number of citizens registered with the National Sport Federations. The goal of the research is to underline the features that characterize the Norwegian sport system. The article outlines some final hypo-thesis with regard to the reasons of involvement and about the existence of a link with the characteristics of the national...

Razzismo nel calcio italiano: due casi a confronto

Francesco Annunziata
This work is based on a well-known phenomenon and deep-rooted in the sport: racism to players as a form of aggression. Starting from the quotation of the Mancino law n. 205 of 25 June 1993 and the regulations over the years have brought changes with the inclusion of DASPO, you may notice that in the twenty years after the introduction of this legislation, the situation remains similar. The two events I considered discriminatory, date back...

Attività fisico-motoria e malattie cronico-degenerative. Riflessioni su strategie e azioni implementate in Italia

Annamaria Perino & Massimo Tosini
General objective of the article is to highlight the role that sport has on overall well-being of all ages’ people. In particular, the reflection will focus on the potential effects that physi-cal activity has on people with chronic degenerative diseases. The reference is to the policies implemented in Italy and to some projects made in some local contexts.

Pratica sportiva e lavoro sociale tra stato, mercato e comunità

Francesco Pirone
The essay reflects on the sport-based welfare mix transformations. Collected research high-lights the relevance of sport-system models and sportivization patterns. We debate the sport importance for innovation of social policies. At the same time, we emphasize the ambiva-lence of sport. Finally, the essay highlights the risks of mitopoiesis from an overestimation of the power of sport in the innovation of social policies.

Lo sport di tutti. Valori e didattica dell’integrazione sociale

Antonio Tintori & Loredana Cerbara
While the literature continues to list the positive values conveyed by sport, the sports world and schools, which are the fundamental place where young people are confronted with peers also through the rules, they are often subject of news about deviance and violence that have nothing to do with the sporting values. With this paper the authors are promoting a theory, based on empirical evidence, for which it is not enough to plays sports to...

Ben-essere e innovazione sociale partecipata: lo sport e l’attività fisica come beni relazionali

Giovanna Russo
In the last few decades the pursuit of physical and mental wellbeing of the population has become one of the primary goals of contemporary society, for improving the quality of life. This value, in a context of global crisis, requires and promotes social innovation and participatory new subsidiary welfare tools. From this point of view, sport and physical activity appear as relational goods capable of developing awareness and social engagement for better living standards for...

Calcio come inclusione sociale. Studio di caso: l’A.S.D. Napoli Calcio Femminile e Maschile

Luca Bifulco & Rosalba Sarnataro
The article analyzes the case of A.S.D. Napoli Calcio Femminile e Maschile, a non-profit association from Naples, which aims to use sport as a factor of social inclusion. The social utility of sport lies in its ability to promote personal – psychological and relational well-being – and broader social and economic benefits. However, sport can also be the site of social exclusion, since not all social groups have the same opportunities. The research tries to...

Lo sport come motore di inclusione sociale: la rete del “calcio solidale” a Roma

Folco Cimagalli
Sport is a multidimensional phenomenon, able not only to urge the individual dimension, but also to promote social relationship. For this reason, it is a tool that can promote social inclusion of disadvantaged people who, through sport, are able to run their asset of social relations. The paper focuses on the case of “Fondazione Roma Solidale”. The Foundation is a body part by the City of Rome, which found in sport - and particularly in...

The Interference of the Mass media in the Intercultural Dialogue during the Emergency Landings in the Mediterranean: Between Reality and Representation

Francesca Ieracitano & Francesco Vigneri
The aim of the paper is to highlight the difficulties that characterise the intercultural dialogue in specific contexts and situations of emergency. The paper focuses on the interference of the mass media and their representations in the dynamics of intercultural dialogue among emergency operators and migrants at the borders. These aspects will be examined by relating the results of prior researches carried out on mass media representations of the landings to those obtained by the...

Intercultural Complexity of the Southern Mediterranean: Arab-Mediterranean Perceptions and Outlooks

Mohieddine Hadhri & Emiliana Mangone
The present paper aims at placing the Mediterranean within the cultural perceptions and literary productions of the Arab World, particularly the Maghreb. How do collective consciousness and cultural representations in the South see the Mediterranean as a heritage of civilization? Does the Mediterranean exist at all for Arabs? Is it completely absent, or does it holds at least a marginal place in the Arab cultural and scientific productions? If the latter hypothesis were true, what...

Communication for Cultural Integration : The Case of a Secondary Reception Centre

Rosanna Tammaro, Marika Calenda, Iolanda S. Iannotta & Concetta Ferrantino
The language, a human species-specific activity, permits of knowing, organizing and recounting the reality that around us. Although the vocal level represents the preferred channel of expression, everyday experiences are shared in many ways in the community. Facial expressions, gestures, but in general, our action are reflection of the culture that has shaped us. In this paper, the authors report some considerations about the typical communication dynamics of a Secondary Reception Centre, in the context...

Picking Up the Brush for Emperors and Sultans. Imperial Portraits as Representations of Power in The Early Modern Mediterranean (Ca. 1450-Ca. 1650)

Zeynep Olgun
This paper aims to discuss the influence of interdependently effective political discourses and cultural differences in early modern Mediterranean regarding the motives for official state portraiture. Therefore, the paper will focus on the portraits of monarchs, foremost the depictions of Philip IV of Spain by the court painter Velázquez and works of Titian under the patronage of Charles V and Philip II in order to analyse, how the conservative portraiture culture was established and maintained...

Report on Cultural Psychology: A new science of the human nature, Yokohama 2016

Kolja Lehmann-Muriithi
This is a review of the symposium “Cultural Psychology: A new science of the human nature“, which took place at the International Conference of Psychology (ICP) in Yokohama in 2016. The symposium was a collaborative effort of the editors and authors of the “Yokohama Manifesto“ and its main goal was to make the ideas in this Manifesto known to a wider audience. There were five groups of authors and co-authors who presented their findings in...

A grounded theory for unaccompanied foreign minors in Italy: the case study of Egyptian minors

Lavinia Bianchi
The article suggests to share a research first emerging categories according to methodological universe of the "Grounded Theory" based on a mental construction / orientation process. The main target is to investigate in the educational relationship between an unaccompanied minor (MSNA) and his educator, and so has also to consider the progressive changes in the learning of the language and the corresponding humanization of the same, so well the continued definition and shared construction of...

The Kurdish diasporic mobilization in France: From a restricted political national frame to a translocal sphere of contention? The case of Kurds in Marseille, France

Zuhal Karagoz
Based on a sociological case study on Kurdish mobilization in Marseille, France; this article aims to expose the intricate dynamics that affect the transformation of mobilization forms and strategies in diaspora. By conceiving the mobilization process as a career, it aims to analyze the evolution towards different situations like the host country’s politics or the critical events occurred in homeland or diaspora. In addition to these cornerstones increasing the legitimization of the Kurdish movement at...

Use and Abuse of History and Memory: the Istrian-Dalmatian Exodus and the Current Refugee Flows

Erminio Fonzo
After the World War II, about 300.000 Italian people abandoned Istria and Dalmatia, which were annexed by Yugoslavia, and moved to Italy. The exodus is tied to the atrocities committed by the Slavic forces, the so called foibe massacres. Today the memory of these events is growing, mainly in its public-institutional representations, and many initiatives are organized to remember the exiles. Knowledge and awareness of the Istrian-Dalmatian exodus, however, are limited to a minority of...

Europe / Mediterranean: Media Treatment of the Immigrant

Emiliana Mangone & Emanuela Pece
People define their own behaviour on the basis of their perception of Others, as well as of the expectations they have towards them, paying particular attention to the socio-cultural context of belonging and the reference values they ascribe to the other party and to the relationship existing between them. These dynamics are strongly influenced by the information conveyed by mass media in their dual role as both mediators of reality and opinion leaders, often becoming...

Rewiev to "Esodi e frontiere di celluloide. Il cinema italiano racconta le migrazioni" edited by Leonarda Trapassi and Linda Garosi

Giuseppe D'Angelo
Review of the book Esodi e frontiere di celluloide. Il cinema italiano racconta le migrazioni.

Women and Refugees in Twitter: Rethorics of Abuse, Vulnerability and Violence from a Gender Perspective

Mar Gallego, Estrella Gualda & Carolina Rebollo
In this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, women refugees are experiencing extreme vulnerability and violence, both during their journey and in the camps. Our objectives through this article are to analyze how women are being treated in the Social Media (images, discourses, social representations, or narratives). Data for this article were extracted from Twitter (with the help of Nodel XL Pro), from which we collected 1,807,901 tweets about “refugees”, using this word as search strings in six...

Movement to Another Place. Cultural Expressions of Migration as Source of Reflection Contributing to Social Theory

Slobodan Dan Paich
Methodologiesare explored to enriching migration theory, with an inter-disciplinary look into cultural expressions resulting from migration. Cultural and migration maps offer a comparative and diachronic insight into migration impulses and waves.Migration of ideas and techniques is also examined through artifacts resulting from forced or intended move-ment of people and experts. Two contemporary plays evolved from the stories of mi-grants/refugees offer probing and open-ended speculation about itinerancy, vagrancy, reset-tlement and economic emigration as part of social...

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