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Horacio Cerutti-Guldberg

Los conflictos de poderes en el estado constitucional: el caso de estudio Venezuela

Flor Ávila Hernández & Édgar Córdova Jaimes
The objective of the present article is to carry out a discussion from the theoretical approaches on the competences, separation of powers and a priori consequences that the de facto disappearance of the autonomy of the legislative and Judicial powers and the consequences thereof for the rule of law. We review experiences from Europe (Italy and Spain) and then introduce the Venezuelan case, we conclude that from the conflict of powers, and therefore from the...

Lo andino en la historia: raíces de una elusiva identidad

Enrique Ayala Mora
The present research article shows that behind the historical process studied there is a unification of history through the paradigms of the civilizing hegemony of the West. The process, deeply and rigorously explained through a qualitative methodology, will highlight in the conclusions the consequences of the colonization of Latin America, which is projected as a periphery that seeks to dignify its memory and build an identity.

El testimonio sobre la Guerra Civil en la literatura periodística de Alejo Carpentier

Marcella Solinas
This article proposes a critical reflection of the four chronicles that Alejo Carpentier wrote in the years of the Spanish Civil War. In order to cover an exhaustive proposal of critical interpretation, the reading of Carpentierian texts has to be detached from an attentive analysis of the argumentative strategies of those pages, so unusual in the Cuban literary production. To achieve this objective, a discourse qualitative analysis approach will be used, in particular, to argue...


Università Degli Studi Di Salerno
Anno I, n. 0 gennaio/marzo 1981 (Notiziario speciale per il terremoto); N.1-4 (anno accademico 1987/1988 maggio/giugno)

Maschere del genio fra Pirandello, Ugo Fleres, Capuana, Livia De Stefani

Daniela Bombara
In an article titled Sincerità (Ariel, 1898) Pirandello criticizes the artistic simulation, particularly the theft of other authors’ motifs and ideas. On the same topic Pirandello’s friend Ugo Fleres writes a novel, L’Anello (1898): the mediocre Ottavio Gandolfi attributes himself the authorship of a died composer’s genial opera, but he can’t repeat its success and gets mad, nullifying himself in the musician’s ghost. The simulation assumes therefore a hermeneutical function, revealing to the protagonist his...

Salernum. Anno III, n. 1 (marzo 1938)

Vincenzo Spaziante, Luigi De Angelis, Antonio Marzullo, Antonio Rizzo, Gaetano Jemma & Carmine De Martino
A. III, n.1 (marzo 1938): Il Discorso della Corona per l'inaugurazione delle Camera dei Fasci e delle Corporazioni, P. 3 ; Il 'Discorso del Duce agli Squadristi per la celebrazione del Ventennale del Fascismo, P. 6 ; V. Spaziante, La “La Carta della Scuola”, P. 11 ; L. De Angelis, La Casa Littoria di Salerno, P. l7 ; A. Marzullo, La Scuola di Ceramica a Vietri sul Mare, P. 23 ; A. Rizzo, Aspetti e...

Cádiz, 1812: La tercera constitución libera

Alessandra Petrone
The objective of this research article is to frame the 1812 Cadiz Constitution as a part of the constitutional history of the period. Through a qualitative-descriptive methodology, this article verify the type of relationship that can be gone to establish with the 1791 French Constitution and with that American of 1787, over that with the English constitutional model. Finally, to evaluate the model of Cadiz in its international projection.

Pensar las ciencias sociales en América Latina desde una perspectiva decolonial

José Alvarado
This research article aims to analyze with a qualitative methodology the vision of the social sciences in Latin America from decoloniality perspective. In the expositions that underlie the idea of the exclusion and subalternization of the other knowledge, which represents a scheme of the Eurocentric-Modern model prevailing in the social sciences; for this reason, it is necessary to rethink the role of the same from the pluriversality of thought, outside the compartmentalized optics of the...

Institucionalismo y pluralismo jurídico en los procesos de construcción de la paz a partir del caso colombiano

Carmelo Nigro
Since the re-entanglement of the current society is on, the juridical experience is increasingly reluctant to fit into modern-made categories requiring to pay more attention to the characteristics of different social practices. Starting from the peculiar approach of Santi Romano’s Legal Institutionalism, this research article looks for an interpretative mold able to deal with the present juridical polymorphism, trying out its abilities and weak points by a comparison with the specific case of peace process...

Civiltà della Campania. Anno II, n. 3 (agosto-ottobre 1975)

Mario Parrilli, Giuseppe Galasso, Nicola Cilento, Bruno Gatta, Roberto Causa, Arturo Assante, Guerino Grimaldi, Roman Vlad, Mario Stefanile, Domenico Rea, Michele Prisco, Pietro Amos, Alfonso Gambardella, Roberto Virtuoso, Venturino Panebianco, A. Paolo Carbone, Franco De Ciuceis, Eugenio Tirone, Ferdinando Calabro & Italo Santoro
A. II, n.3 (agosto-ottobre 1975): Il messaggio dell’Assessore Emilio de Feo, P. 3 ; M. Parrilli, Continuità nel turismo regionale, P. 3 ; Napoli nei secoli, P. 5 ; G. Galasso, Tumulti ed elezioni del ’600, P. 6 ; N. Cilento, Nella città medioevale, P. 18 ; B. Gatta, Capri tra Napoleone e Murat, P. 24 ; R. Causa, Gioacchino Toma a Napoli, P. 30 ; A. Assante, Napoli e il suo porto, P. 34...

«Ad occhi chiusi». Lacan (non) legge Poe

Bartolo Anglani
This paper muses on the famous Séminaire sur «La lettre volée» held by Jacques Lacan on April 26, 1955, and published in the first volume of Écrits (1966). According to such an analysis, Lacan isolated this narrative from the context of Poe’s production and, above all, from the American writer’s reflection about the conditions and modalities of the intuitive knowledge a priori through a long list of devilish figures among which the detective Dupin is...

Calixarene based catalytic systems

Nicola Alessandro De Simone
2016 - 2017

L’incidenza sulla Brexit della sentenza della Corte di giustizia UE del 10 dicembre 2018

Maria Cristina Carta
The article highlights the main reasons for the uncertainty of future scenarios for UK-EU relations following the ruling by the EU Court of Justice of 10 December 2018. Based on an evolutionary interpretation of article 50 of the EU Treaty, the Court of Justice gave a positive ruling on the possibility for the United Kingdom to unilaterally revoke its declaration of withdrawal from the EU. This possibility was not considered during the negotiations as it...

La protezione dei dati nel settore della cooperazione giudiziaria e di polizia in materia penale alla luce della direttiva (UE) 2016/680: frammentazione ed incertezze applicative

Gabriele Rugani
Data protection in the context of law enforcement requires specific rules because of the particular nature of the field. However, such rules have proliferated, especially as a result of the problems of the EU institutions in the regulation of the area, which were caused by the pre-Lisbon pillar-based system in the EU. The consequences are fragmentation of the legal framework, uncertainty on the rules to apply and a weaker protection for data subjects. Directive (EU)...

Governing Asylum with (or without) Solidarity? The Difficult Path of Relocation Schemes, Between Enforcement and Contestation

Luisa Marin
The progressive emergence of EU policies on migration, asylum and visa is based upon the Schengen integration process, which has conceptualized the EU’s common external border as a juxtaposition of the MS ones. Upon this premise, the EU has developed the Common European Asylum System (C.E.A.S.) with several instruments, without putting solidarity at the core of the system, but rather holding onto the ‘chacun pour soi’ logic, which implies that states geographically bordering with the...

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