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Simulated radio relics emission from clusters at z=0 and z=0.5

Franco Vazza
The two .tar files contain maps along X,Y,Z of all M>10^13 Msol simulated galaxy clusters in the CUR1 box of Vazza et al. 2014 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2016MNRAS.459...70V. Each map shows the 3 x 3 R100 projected volume along X,Y,Z for al clusters. Each .fits map has the followig structure plane 0=average projected gas density [g/cm^3], 1=bolometric X-ray emission (arbitrary units); 2=av.mass-weighted temperature[K], 3=average mass-weight. magnetic -field, model0 [muG] 4=average mass-weight. B-field, model1 [muG] 5=radio emission for model...

CHRONOS++ Radio sky model (fits files)

Franco Vazza
Simulated sky model for a 200^3 Mpc^3 volume located at dl=100Mpc (z=0.024) Each map has 2400 x 2397 pixels, each pixel is 83.3 kpc (comoving), corresponding to 40.5"/pixel. The datasets contain: - _radio_2Jy007Z_hb_new2_radio_ergscm2_component.fits : sky model of different radio components at 120 MHz, separately given in 3 frames: a) synchrotron emission from cosmic shocks; b) emission from radio galaxies ; c) synchrotron emission from secondary electrons. The units are log10(erg/s/cm^2) per pixel. The emission is...

Persistent Identifier (PID) Bundle

Michael Lautenschlager Peter Wittenburg
This document is the bootstrapping document for the discussions within the PID focus area within the GEDE (Group of European Data Experts) and the RDA Data Fabric Recommendations subgroup. It kicked off the work to find cross-disciplinary agreements about PIDs.


Solvita Rusina
ENGURE LTSER, VEGETATION DATA, 1997-2008 from 12 stations. Geographical point coordinates are given for each station. Each station had 3 releves 2x2 m. Assessment of vegetation was performed once per year in June. Data are aggregated for each station.


Solvita Rusina
Bulk precipitation data for Engure LTSER, 1995-2012

Air temperature, Engure LTSER, 1995-2008

Solvita Rusina
Air temperature daily measurement data for Engure LTSER 1995-2008

B2SHARE v2.0.0

Adrian Mouat
The source code of B2SHARE version 2.0.0. Changes since v1 include a new user interface, a new REST API, a new command line interface, a new data model based on JSON and JSON-Schemas and a new Docker deployment, with a default setup provided for demonstration.

Meteorological data Sonian 2011-2016

Arne Verstraeten
mean daily precipitation (mm), mean temperature (°C) for Sonian forest (4 may 2011 - 31 dec 2016)


Jonas Kratzke
Die Möglichkeiten des digitalen Forschens beflügeln gleichsam Methodik, Vernetzung und Erkenntnisgewinn in der Wissenschaft. Moderne Informationssysteme fördern insbesondere die Entwicklung innovativer Forschungs- methoden, unterstützen virtuelle Kollaboration und erhöhen den Wert von Daten für den Forschungsprozess. Mit einem Schwerpunkt auf dem Management von Forschungsdaten (FDM) behandeln die E-Science-Tage 2017 erreichte Fortschritte, neue Herausforderungen und Chancen bei der Arbeit mit digitalen Forschungsdaten. Die E-Science-Tage bieten sowohl Forschenden als auch Infrastruktureinrichtungen ein gemeinsames Forum für die Initiierung und...

Meteorological data Wijnendale 2011-2016

Arne Verstraeten
mean daily temperature (°C), precipitation sum (mm) for Wijnendale forest (5 okt 2011 - 31 dec 2016)

Simulated radio relics

Franco Vazza
Fits datacube of 256 x 256 pixels and 100 frequency channels, for the simulated synchrotron radio emission from a galaxy cluster at z=0.05. Each pixel is 34 kpc, and has values in units of Jy/arcsec^2. The emission is computed for 100 frequencies channels of 17Mhz each, starting from 95 MHz. Credits: F.Vazza 2017 - taken from Vazza et al. 2012, http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2012MNRAS.421.1868V

RDA Europe Self Assessment

RDA Europe, Peter Wittenburg (Ed)
The European Commission asked the RDA Europe project to carry out a self assessment to find out what its impact is. The document is fairly comprehensive and may give a good impression about what RDA and RDA Europe have achieved and what not.

English-Greek Lexicon of Electronics

Kaliontzopoulos Panos
Second edition with more than 31.000 terms

WLCG HTCondor Accounting Update

John Gordon
Presentation to WLCG Accounting Task Force December 2016

Recommendations for Implementing a Virtual Layer for Management of the Complete Life Cycle of Scientific Data

Peter Wittenburg Tobias Weigel
A group of experts active in RDA created recommendations for actions by funders to be taken now to facilitate the development of a much more efficient data landscape. It is compliant to EOSC but adds an implementation concept.

Deposition data from Wüstebach Germany 2009-2017

Deposition data at Wuestebach station in [mg x L-1] at weekly basis

TERENO Wüstebach meteorological data

Heye Bogena
10 minute interval temperature and precipitation in °C and mm from different sensors of a meteorological station.Sensor names are temperature at 2m, Precipitation_Cum10min_OttNRTtotal, Precipitation_Cum10min_OttRTNRT, Precipitation_Cum10min_OttNRT, Precipitation_Cum10min_Ecotech, Precipitation_Cum10min_RainCap

HPDBSCAN Benchmark test files

Four data sets used for the benchmark of HPDBSCAN. Collection of geo-tagged Twitter data: This set has been collected and made available to us by Junjun Yin form the National Center for Supercomputing Application (NCSA). The dataset was obtained using the free twitter streaming API and contains exactly one percent of all geo-tagged of the United Kingdom in June 2014. It was initially created to investigate the possibility of mining peoples trajectories and to identify...

Orthography-based dating and localisation of Middle Dutch charters

Dieter Van Uytvanck
In this study we build models for the localisation and dating of Middle Dutch charters. First, we extract character trigrams and use these to train a machine learner (K Nearest Neighbours) and an author verification algorithm (Linguistic Profiling). Both approaches work quite well, especially for the localisation task. Afterwards, an attempt is made to derive features that capture the orthographic variation between the charters more precisely. These are then used as input for the earlier...

Vegetation data Randu Meadows 1996-2012

Viesturs Melecis
Vegetation data of grasslands, coastal reserve LTER site Randu Meadows. Data from 18 relevees (2x2m), distributed along the coastline

Precipitation data Randu meadows 1996-2012

Precipitation data for LTER site coastal reserve Randu meadows, 1996-2012

Air temperature data Salaca River 1982-2015

Agrita Briede
Air temperature data for LTER Salaca River, 1982-2015

Precipitation data Salaca River 1982-2015

Agrita Briede
Precipitation data for LTER site Salaca River, 1982-2015

Air temperature data Riga Hydro Power Station Reservoir on the Daugava River 1976-2015

Agrita Briede
Air temperature data for Riga Hydro Power Station Reservoir = LTER site - on the Daugava River 1976-2015

Precipitation data RIGA HPS RESERVOIR ON THE DAUGAVA RIVER 1976-2015

Agrita Briede
Precipitation data for Riga Hydro Power Station Reservoir - LTER site - on the Daugava river, 1976-2015

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