San Fruttuoso 1915 ensemble simulations: WRF namelist.wps and namelist.input

A. Parodi
WRF version 3.4.1 namelist.input used to perform the 56 members ensemble simulations for the period 24 september 1915 12 UTC - 26 september 1915 00UTC using the 20th Century Reanalysis data V2C for the paper accepted for pubblication Parodi, A., Ferraris, L., Gallus, W., Maugeri, M., Molini, L., Siccardi, F., and Boni, G.: Ensemble cloud-resolving modelling of a historic back-building mesoscale convective system over Liguria: The San Fruttuoso case of 1915, Clim. Past Discuss.,...

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  • 2017

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