NEWA Meso-Micro Challenge for Wind Resource Assessment Phase 1: Cabauw Benchmark Data

Javier Sanz Rodrigo, Roberto Chávez Arroyo, Asier Irigoyen Indave, Jordi Garcons, Dalivor Cavar & Dries Allaerts
This repository contains data generated in the first phase of the "NEWA Meso-Micro Challenge for Wind Resource Assessment" corresponding to the Cabauw site. The benchmark results have been published in the Torque 2018 conference: Sanz Rodrigo J, Chávez Arroyo R, Gancarski P, Borbón Guillén F, Avila M, Garcons J, Folch A, Cavar D, Allaerts D, Meyers J, Dutrieux A (2018) Comparing Meso-Micro Methodologies for Annual Wind Resource Assessment and Turbine Siting at Cabauw. Journal of...

Registration Year

  • 2018

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