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Aranzadi Ringing Scheme (bird ring-recovery data)

Juan Arizaga Mart?Nez
This data base consists of bird ring-recovery data from the Aranzadi Ringing Scheme (Aranzadi Sciences Society, Spain). Data have been compiled since 1950. For each record, you will find the following information: species, locality (province, country, X and Y coordinates), catching method, and ring-recovery conditions and circumstances.

Mammals in MZNA-VERT: pellet sampling

This collection includes information of small mammals' records obtained from the analysis of barn owl pellets. Most of the material has been collected in the region of Navarra, Spain, although other localities of the Iberian Peninsula are also included. The collection is stored in the holdings of the Museum of Zoology of the University of Navarra (MZNA) and is composed by skulls, mandibles and few skeletons of 36 species of more than 72000 georeferenced specimens....

Centro de Recuperación de Fauna Silvestre \"La Tahonilla\". Cabildo de Tenerife

José Alberto Delgado Bello
El Centro de Recuperación de fauna silvestre recoge y atiende a los animales heridos, accidentados o enfermos. El objetivo es recuperarlos para su nueva liberación al medio natural contribuyendo así a la conservación de las poblaciones naturales.

Decoration increases the conspicuousness of raptor nests [Dataset] 2016

David Canal, Margarita Mulero-Pázmány, Fabrizio Sergio & Juan J. Negro
The dataset contains the results of the trials of nest detectability using 25 volunteers as "experimental conspecifics” to estimate the detectability of black kite nests to trespassers. The dataset include the ID of Volunteers; Id of the images; ID of the nest; Distance to the nest (measured in AGL and meters); Position of the UAV when taking the image (zenithal, lateral or approaching snapshots); Decoration of the nests (Decorated (1) vs. non-decorated (0)); Detection of...

Mammals in MZNA-VERT: biology of Arvicola sapidus in Navarra. PhD project, Juan Manuel Garde

This dataset contains information of 421 records of Arvicola sapidus and records of other small mammals distributed in Ribera Alta (Navarra, Spain). All specimens were collected for studying the biology of A.sapidus. The collection includes skeletons, skins and in some cases, tissues from this specie. There are included also skulls and skins from few other species of small mammals trapped during the surveys. The data set is available in GBIF.

Mammals in MZNA-VERT: project Human impacts in rivers of Navarra

This collection includes information of 2278 records of small mammals distributed in Erro Basin (Navarra) and nearby areas. The study carried out in the basin contributes to the material collection of MZNA with 1798 specimens captured in field and stored in its facilities. The rest of the records correspond to occurrences from field. Material brought to laboratory mainly consists on whole animals (frozen) but there are also skulls, mandibles from barn owl pellets, and skins...

Localizaciones satélite de un ejemplar (\"Lorien\") de águila azor perdicera (Aquila fasciata Vieillot, 1822) en Aragón

Víctor Manuel Sanz Trullén
Conjunto de posicionamientos de un ejemplar de águila azor perdicera (Aquila fasciata Vieillot, 1822), denominado "Lorien", equipado con un emisor ARGOS/GPS por el Servicio de Biodiversidad del Gobierno de Aragón. Los datos corresponden al periodo de actividad del emisor que abarca desde la instalación en agosto de 2011 hasta la muerte del ejemplar en agosto de 2012.

Dataset of Global Change, altitudinal range shift and colonization of degraded habitats in mediterranean mountains (MIGRAME)

Antonio Jes?S P?Rez Luque
In this datapaper we describe the dataset of the Global Change, Altitudinal Range Shift and Colonization of Degraded Habitats in Mediterranean Mountains (MIGRAME) project, which aims to asses the capacity of altitudinal migration and colonization of marginal habitats by Quecurs pyreanica Willd. forests in Sierra Nevada (southern Spain) considering two global change drivers: temperature increase and land use changes. The dataset includes information of the forest structure (diameter size, tree height and abundance) of the...

CIMDEF: a wide-angle deep seismic reflection profile in the Central Iberian Zone

P. Ayarza & Ramón Carbonell
The CIMDEF experiment consists on two NW-SE to N-S oriented deep seismic reflection transects and one E-W oriented in the W of Spain. It aimed to sample the Variscan Central Iberian Zone. This transect was designed to be the northward continuation of the ALCUDIA seismic profile

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AMPHIBIAN CSIC experimental data CoFe2O4-PLD_ApplSurfSci2019 [Dataset]

M. Sánchez-Arenillas, M. Oujja, F. Moutinho, Juan De La Figuera, María Vega Cañamares, Adrián Quesada, Marta Castillejo, J.F. Marco &

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