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SOCIB - Global Drifter Program Data Management Plan

Matteo Marasco, Lara Díaz-Barroso, Irene Lizarán, Miguel Charcos, Juan Gabriel Fernández Pineda, Xisco Notario & Joaquín Tintoré
The SOCIB Global Drifter Program (GDP) Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the data management life cycle for surface drifters (SVP and SVP-B) data, collected, processed and/or generated by SOCIB.

Guidelines on how to sync your High Frequency (HF) radar data with the European HF Radar node

Emma Reyes, Paz Rotllán, Anna Rubio, Lorenzo Corgnati, Julien Mader & Carlo Mantovani
A step-by-step guide to help High-Frequency (HF) radar data providers synchronize their near real-time native data files or standard NetCDF datasets to the European HF radar node and, from there, to other data distribution portals (Copernicus Marine Service, EMODnet-Phys and SeaDataNet)

Product User Manual: Glider Transport Calculations Toolbox

Mélanie Juza & Joaquín Tintoré
This document describes a free and open toolbox for the automatic visualization of SOCB glider physical and biogeochemical observations and derived dynamic geostrophic transports in the Balearic Channels. This toolbox is available through GitHub and constitutes a Data to Products Thematic Glider Service – D2PTS – from the JERICO-S3 EU funded project.

Análisis espacial de la capacidad de carga náutica de las zonas de fondeo de las Illes Balears.

Aina García Gómez, Pau Balaguer Huguet, Àngels Fernández Mora & Joaquín Tintoré Subirana
La navegación de recreo es uno de los sectores más importantes dentro del entramado de la economía del turismo en las Illes Balears. El número de amarres de las Illes Balears (más de 20.000) representa el 5% del total de los amarres del mar Mediterráneo y el 17% de España. Las embarcaciones de recreo fondean a lo largo de la costa balear pudiendo producir impactos negativos en el ecosistema marino. El análisis espacial de la...

Buoy Bahía de Palma Physicochemical parameters of sea water data

Joaquín Tintoré & Benjamin Casas Pérez
Data produced in the platform Buoy BahiaDePalma. It's compound by: Conductivity and Temperature Recorder, Current profiler, Currentmeter, Multiparameter probe, Oceanographic Buoy, Status, Waves recorder, Weather Station data

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