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ICTS SOCIB Implementation Plan

Joaquín Tintoré
This document describes the implementation plan of ICTS SOCIB.


Ananda Pascual, Simón Ruiz, Charles Troupin, Antonio Olita, Benjamín Casas, Félix Margirie, Pierre-Marie Poulain, Marc Torner, Juan Gabriel Fernández, Miquel Àngel Rújula, Cristian Muñoz, Xisco Notario, Inmaculada Ruíz, David Roque, Antonio Tovar, John T. Allen & Joaquín Tintoré
A multi-platform synoptic experiment (ALBOREX) was conducted in 2014 in the eastern Alboran Sea in the frame of EU funded FP7 PERSEUS project. The final goal was to monitor and establish the vertical exchanges associated with mesoscale and sub-mesoscale (e.g fronts, meanders, eddies and filaments) and their contribution to upper-ocean interior exchanges.

ICTS SOCIB Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Joaquín Tintoré
This document describes the strategic plan of ICTS SOCIB for the period 2017-2020.


Giorgio Budillon, Yuri Cotroneo, Giuseppe Aulicino, Giannetta Fusco, Emma Heslop, Marc Torner & Joaquín Tintoré
The project aims at assessing the importance of a new monitoring line across the Algerian Basin between Palma de Mallorca and the Algerian Coast. The Algerian Basin (AB) is located in the south of the Western Mediterranean Sea and is characterized by the presence of fairly fresh surface waters coming from the Atlantic (Atlantic Water- AW) and the more saline waters from the northwestern Mediterranean region interacting at different scales from basin-scale to mesoscale structures....

ICTS SOCIB Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Joaquín Tintoré
This document describes the strategic plan of ICTS SOCIB for the period 2013-2016.

SOCIB QC procedures

Inmaculada Ruiz, Cristian Muñoz, Kristian Sebastian & Sebastian Lora
This document describes a series of test procedures for SOCIB data quality control in near real time.

SOCIB Glider - Canales Endurance Line

Joaquín Tintoré, Emma Heslop, Simón Ruiz, Cristian Muñoz, John Allen & Nikolaos Zarokanellos
SOCIB Glider Missions - Canales Endurance Line - was initiated in 2011, with in kind collaboration of CSIC (IMEDEA), covering both the Mallorca and Ibiza channel in a semi continuous operational mode and sampling physical and biogeochemical data. The Ibiza channel is a well-established biodiversity hotspot and accordingly more intensive monitoring of the Ibiza channel is carried out to capture the mesoscale and submesoscale structures and their relation to the weekly to seasonal and annual/inter-annual...

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