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Los tweets de @DigitalCSIC en 2021

Juan Román-Molina &
Los datos se extrajeron de Twitter Analytics el 8 de febrero de 2022 y hacen referencia a todos los tweets creados en 2021. Se descargaron los Excel con los datos por meses en csv. Tras su conversión a Excel y ordenados por fecha ascendente se escogieron las siguientes columnas: Fecha - Texto del Tweet - Enlace permanente - Impresiones - Interacciones - Tasa de interacción (en %) - Retweets - Respuestas - Me gusta -...

Seabird egg volume

Enric Real, Daniel Oro, Daniel Bertolero, José Manuel Igual, Ana Sanz-Aguilar, Meritxell Genovart, Manuel Hidalgo & Giacomo Tavecchia
The datasets contain measures of length and width of the egg of three species of Seabirds.

Escribano hortelano – Emberiza hortulana Linnaeus, 1758

Iván Alambiaga
Aves - Orden Passeriformes - Familia Emberizidae en la Enciclopedia Virtual de Vertebrados Españoles, http://www.vertebradosibericos.org/.

Laboratory guidelines for the detection and quantification of plastics particles from freshwater environmental samples

Henar Margenat, Delfina Cornejo, Michael Butler Margalef, Anna Vila-Gispert & Helena Guasch
The present document develops the laboratory protocols to analyse plastic pollution in freshwater environmental samples, although the methods followed can be extrapolated to other ecosystems. These protocols are developed in the framework of the PLASTICØPYR project, which aims to tackle plastic pollution associated with mountain tourism activities by developing transversal actions involving several stakeholders. These guidelines are developed in order to quantify plastic pollution in different river habitats, from large items (macro- and mesoplastics) to...

Avifauna diversity and phenology in a Ramsar site: Lake Tonga (Northeastern Algeria)

, , , , &
Between 2013 and 2016 we conducted an inventory and characterization of aquatic avifauna at Lake Tonga, a Ramsar site. We identified 61 species belonging to 17 families, dominated by Anatidae with 14 species. The inventoried species have different phenological status. Some are known for their regular wintering and some for their summer concentrations, while others are residents year round. Population analysis showed the presence of endangered species such as Oxyura leucocephala, Marmaronetta angustirostris and Aythya...

Dataset supporting the paper \"Atomic-scale spin sensing with a single molecule at the apex of a scanning tunneling microscope. DOI: 10.1126/science.aax8222\"

Benjamin Verlhac, Nicolas Bachellier, L. Garnier, Maider Ormaza, Paula Abufager, Roberto Robles, Marie-Laure Bocquet, Markus Ternes, Nicolás Lorente & Laurent Limot
List of files: Co_bilayer_spin_density.vesta: VESTA file (https://jp-minerals.org/vesta/en/). Corresponds to figure 4a. CHG: spin density of a Co bilayer on Co111 (VASP format). Corresponds to figure 4a. CONTCAR: structure of a Co bilayer on Co111 (VASP format). Corresponds to figure 4a. delta_Eex.agr: grace file (https://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/). Corresponds to figure 4b. delta_Eex.dat: raw format. Corresponds to figure 4b. Methods for the generation of data: Results from density functional calculations generated with the VASP code.

Datos para la investigación de la iconografía del arco para la entrada del virrey de las Amarillas en Puebla (1755), a partir del lienzo atribuido a atribuido a José Joaquín Magón

Judith Farré Vidal
Data for the investigation (images and transcription of the epigrams of the arch for the entrance of the viceroy of Las Amarillas in Puebla (1755), from the canvas attributed to José Joaquín Magón.

EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: Mi9 EOSC Integration Plan progress

Marcus Hardt &
This document is an EOSC-SYNERGY Milestone describing the progress of the Integration with EOSC. The structure follows the “Roadmap for integration” defined in the initial deliverable [D2.1].

Volcanoes in motion

Francisco-Jose Perez-Torrado, Alejandro Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Claudio J. Moreno-Medina, María Del Carmen Cabrera-Santana, Juan-Carlos Carracedo-Gomez, Santiago Diaz-Rodriguez, J. L. Fernandez-Turiel, Constantino Criado-Hernandez, Meritxell Aulinas-Junca & Claudia Prieto-Torrell
[EN] We explain the geological history of the island of El Hierro through a collection of eight panels. How the Canary Islands were formed and evolved is contextualized, and we introduce the birth of El Hierro. Next, we observe the landscapes of El Hierro as a response to macro-scale, such as giant landslides and rifts, and micro-scale phenomena (cones, lavas, and shore platforms). The last eruption of the island that gave rise to the Tagoro...

¿Qué es el Programa de Apoyo a la Publicación en Acceso Abierto para autores del CSIC?

Mercedes Baquero Arribas
En Directo.

Metodología para la alimentación de la Colección especial COVID-19 en DIGITAL.CSIC

Cecilia Molina Fernández & Isabel Bernal
La Red.

Encuesta de satisfacción del personal de la Red de Bibliotecas y Archivos del CSIC 2021

Juan Pedro López Monjón
La Red.

SCOSS presenta su primer plan estratégico

Karina Barros Ferradás


Pedro Cózar, Ian D. Somerville, Mark W. Hounslow & Tereza Kamenikova
Abstract: A detailed biostratigraphy is established, using the high foraminiferal abundance and diversity at Trowbarrow Quarry, which is also proposed as a stratotype section for the late Asbian (late Viséan), a substage not previously formally subdivided. The foraminiferal assemblages suggest that the early Asbian has to be revised, which has implications for the chronostratigraphy of many late Viséan outcrops in Britain, which are probably erroneously interpreted. From the upper part of the Park Limestone Formation...

A Sustainable Self-Induced Solution Seeding Approach for Multipurpose BiFeO3 Active Layers in Flexible Electronic Devices

Óscar Barrios, Ricardo Jiménez, Jesús Ricote Santamaría, Pedro Tartaj, M. L. Calzada & Íñigo Bretos
[EN] The direct integration of crystalline oxide layers into flexible electronic systems requires the development of relatively simple, low-temperature processing routes. Seeding represents a powerful strategy to reach this objective by the generation of preferential sites for the nucleation of crystalline phases with a reduced energy barrier. Here, a novel approach is reported where nanoseeds are generated in-situ from a precursor solution using a solvent-engineering strategy (solvent-antisolvent). The controlled addition of an antisolvent (1,3-propanediol) to...

Thermal acclimation and adaptation in marine protozooplankton and mixoplankton [Dataset]

Albert Calbet & Enric Saiz
It is a contribution of the Marine Zooplankton Ecology Group (2017 SGR 87)

Corregidor-Castro et al 2022_ Heterozygosity rock sparrow

Alejandro Corregidor-Castro, Matteo Griggio, Antonio T. Mingozzi, Andrea Pilastro, Alessandro Graputto, Mireia Plaza Cusine & Alejandro Cantarero
Dataset of the scientific article "Heterozygosity, genetic similarity and extra-pair paternity variation in two populations of Rock Sparrow Petronia petronia: a within- and between- populations comparison".

FAIR EVA (Evaluator, Validator & Advisor)

Fernando Aguilar Gómez
Documentation of the software can be found under the docs folder.

Effects of temperature on the bioenergetics of the marine protozoans Gyrodinium dominans and Oxyrrhis marina [Dataset]

Albert Calbet, Rodrigo Andrés Martínez, Enric Saiz & Miquel Alcaraz
We aimed at studying the mechanisms underneath the ascending and descending sections of the thermal performance curves in marine protozoans. To do so, we exposed Gyrodinium dominans and two strains of Oxyrrhis marina from different origins to three temperatures representative of each section of the thermal response curve (12ºC, ascending section; 18ºC, top; 25ºC, descending section). As variables, we measured growth, ingestion, and respiration rates (this latter with and without food). The growth rates of...

Species inventory of Nywala quarry, owned by Levantina, in Nerpio, Albacete (Spain)

Elena L?Pez Mart?Nez & Sara Campillo Mar?N
Inventory of flora, avifauna and reptile species observed by visual census at Nywa?a quarry, owned of Levantina, in Nerpio, Albacete (Spain). This inventory is part of the BioReSTONE project developed by the Centro Tecnol?gico del M?rmol, Piedra y Materiales. The aim of BioReSTONE is to design tools for the conservation and restoration of natural habitats and wild species in areas managed by the marble extraction industry. The initial censuses have been carried out in five...

Data on sponge silicon stock and fluxes in the Bay of Brest (France)

María López-Acosta, Manuel Maldonado, Jacques Grall, Axel Ehrhold, Cèlia Sitjà, Cristina Galobart, Fiz F. Pérez & Aude Leynaert
This Excel file includes the data and tracked calculations of the manuscript entitled "Sponge contribution to the silicon cycle of a diatom-rich shallow bay". It includes 7 spreadsheets with the following contents: - READ ME - Standing STOCK living sponges - Sponge Si consumption FLUX - Si RESERVOIR in sediments - Sponge Si FLUXES in sediments - DIATOM Si fluxes&stocks (Fig.5) - Calculations for discussion

[Dataset] Precipitation fate and transport in a Mediterranean catchment through models calibrated on plant and stream water isotope data

Matthias Sprenger, Pilar Llorens, Francesc Gallart Gallego, Paolo Benettin, S. T. Allen & Jérôme Latron
Files 1. Calibration2015_2017_model_Input. csv The input data for the modeling of the timer periods 2015 to 2017 for calibration 2. Validation2011_2013_model_Input.csv The input data for the modeling of the timer periods 2011 to 2013 for the validation 3. dO18_Xylem_ET.csv The raw xylem isotope data, the evaporation corrected xylem and the weighted average over 30 days prior to each xylem sampling, and the estimated total ET isotope ratios 4. CalibrationResults.csv The calibration results (all parameter combinations...

PIRAGUA_indicators [Dataset]

Ane Zabaleta, Santiago Beguería, Iñaki Antigüedad, Javier Lambán, Vivien Hakoun, Mathilde Jung, Pierre Le Cointe & Yvan Caballero
[EN] Contains five compressed folders (.zip). Two of them are shapefiles (.shp; requires a specific Geographic Information System GIS software); two are data tables in plain text (.csv) and the other is a collection of PDF files. There is also a PDF with information related to the dataset contain. [ES] Contiene cinco archivos comprimidos (.zip). Dos de ellos son shapefiles (.shp; requiere software específico para Sistemas de Información Geográfica, SIG); dos son tablas de datos...

Bordallo – Squalius carolitertii (Doadrio, 1987)

Silvia Perea
Peces - Orden Cypriniformes - Familia Leuciscidae en la Enciclopedia Virtual de Vertebrados Españoles, http://www.vertebradosibericos.org/.

SOCIB - Global Drifter Program Data Management Plan

Matteo Marasco, Lara Díaz-Barroso, Irene Lizarán, Miguel Charcos, Juan Gabriel Fernández Pineda, Xisco Notario & Joaquín Tintoré
The SOCIB Global Drifter Program (GDP) Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the data management life cycle for surface drifters (SVP and SVP-B) data, collected, processed and/or generated by SOCIB.

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