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[Dataset] Precipitation fate and transport in a Mediterranean catchment through models calibrated on plant and stream water isotope data

Matthias Sprenger, Pilar Llorens, Francesc Gallart Gallego, Paolo Benettin, S. T. Allen & Jérôme Latron
Files 1. Calibration2015_2017_model_Input. csv The input data for the modeling of the timer periods 2015 to 2017 for calibration 2. Validation2011_2013_model_Input.csv The input data for the modeling of the timer periods 2011 to 2013 for the validation 3. dO18_Xylem_ET.csv The raw xylem isotope data, the evaporation corrected xylem and the weighted average over 30 days prior to each xylem sampling, and the estimated total ET isotope ratios 4. CalibrationResults.csv The calibration results (all parameter combinations...

Memoria 2019-2020

Publicaciones científicas relativas al Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas, Jaén, Andalucía, España. I. Botánica

Carlos M. Herrera, Alejandro Núñez-Carbajal & Conchita Alonso
[ES] En la disciplina de Botánica, se reúnen 166 referencias de libros o capítulos de libros, tesis, ponencias y artículos de revista publicados entre 1902 y 2021. Las referencias se presentan ordenadas alfabéticamente por el apellido del primer autor. En cada referencia constan los autores, el título de la publicación, el título de la revista, el año de publicación, volumen y páginas. En los casos en los que ha sido posible se incluye el enlace...

Memoria 2021

Memoria 2017

Drift and migration

Fabrizio Sergio, Jomar M. Barbosa, Alessandro Tanferna, Rafa Silva, Julio Blas & F. Hiraldo
The data are organized into seven Excel files on how black kites negotiate wind conditions when they: depart for migration (depart for migration.xlsx), travel and compensate for lateral drift (drift.xlsx), travel and negotiate axial winds (forward.xlsx), stop for a staging stop over (stop for stopover.xlsx), retake their migratory journey after a stopover (start from stopover). Two further Excel files examine how wind negotiation improves within the individual (improvements.xlsx) and is subject to mortality selection (survival...

SoilClim bait-lamina test

M.P. Gavín-Centol, D Serrano-Carnero, M Montserrat, S Meyer, S Scheu, D Kundel, A. Fliessbach, J Truu, K. Birkhofer, S. Sánchez-Moreno & Jordi Moya-Laraño
This study was part of the SoilClim project (https://www.biodiversa.org/976) and carried out in the DOK agricultural trial in Therwil, Switzerland. The DOK trial is an agricultural long-term farming system research that is comparing biodynamic, organic and conventional farming systems, under the same 7-year crop rotation and equal ploughing depth (20 cm), for more than 40 years. The soil is a Haplic Luvisol (16% clay, 72% silt and 12% sand) on deep deposits of alluvial loess....

Bordallo – Squalius carolitertii (Doadrio, 1987)

Silvia Perea
Peces - Orden Cypriniformes - Familia Leuciscidae en la Enciclopedia Virtual de Vertebrados Españoles, http://www.vertebradosibericos.org/.

IFISC Annual Report 2021

Species Inventory of M?rmoles MAM Quarry in Castril, Granada (Spain)

Elena L?Pez Mart?Nez & Sara Campillo Mar?N
Inventory of flora, avifauna and reptile species observed by visual census at the M?rmoles MAM quarry in Castril, Granada (Spain). This inventory is part of the BioReSTONE project developed by the Centro Tecnol?gico del M?rmol, Piedra y Materiales. The aim of BioReSTONE is to design tools for the conservation and restoration of natural habitats and wild species in areas managed by the marble extraction industry. The initial censuses have been carried out in five quarries...

Buscando al coronavirus en aguas residuales

Marta Casado, Gloria Sánchez Moragas, Ana Allende &
7º Vídeo de Divulgación Científica de la serie: "Un virus, mil preguntas" creada por Marta Casado y el Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia: "Buscando al coronavirus en aguas residuales" 4,13 min. Guion y realización: Aprende con DANIO

Effects of temperature on the bioenergetics of the marine protozoans Gyrodinium dominans and Oxyrrhis marina [Dataset]

Albert Calbet, Rodrigo Andrés Martínez, Enric Saiz & Miquel Alcaraz
We aimed at studying the mechanisms underneath the ascending and descending sections of the thermal performance curves in marine protozoans. To do so, we exposed Gyrodinium dominans and two strains of Oxyrrhis marina from different origins to three temperatures representative of each section of the thermal response curve (12ºC, ascending section; 18ºC, top; 25ºC, descending section). As variables, we measured growth, ingestion, and respiration rates (this latter with and without food). The growth rates of...

Images of a maize field in early growth stage

Jesús Herrera-Díaz, Luis Alfredo Emmi & Pablo González De Santos
The dataset is composed of several images named as: type of crop_date_number.png.

Lagartija lusitana – Podarcis lusitanicus Geniez, Sá-Sousa, Guillaume, Cluchier y Crochet, 2014

Miguel Ángel Carretero, Pedro Galán & Alfredo Salvador Milla
Reptiles - Orden Squamata - Familia Lacertidae en la Enciclopedia Virtual de Vertebrados Españoles, http://www.vertebradosibericos.org/.

FAIR EVA (Evaluator, Validator & Advisor)

Fernando Aguilar Gómez
Documentation of the software can be found under the docs folder.

SOCIB - Global Drifter Program Data Management Plan

Matteo Marasco, Lara Díaz-Barroso, Irene Lizarán, Miguel Charcos, Juan Gabriel Fernández Pineda, Xisco Notario & Joaquín Tintoré
The SOCIB Global Drifter Program (GDP) Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the data management life cycle for surface drifters (SVP and SVP-B) data, collected, processed and/or generated by SOCIB.

Head-CT 2D/3D images with and without ICH prepared for Deep Learning

Amaia Pérez Del Barrio, Pablo Menéndez Fernández-Miranda, Pablo Sanz Bellón, Anna Esteve Domínguez, Lara Lloret Iglesias, Enrique Marqués Fraguela & David Rodríguez González
For the "ICH detection" part, radiologists selected parients according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. - Images with HIC: - Inclusion criteria: Diagnosis of an ICH between 2010 and 2015. - Exclusion criteria: Significant motion artifact Significant postsurgical changes. - Images without ICH (healthy): - Inclusion criteria: Having done a head-CT between 2010 and 2015 reported as “normal” or “ICH is ruled out”. - Exclusion criteria: Significant motion artifact. Other major diagnoses (such as tumors). For...

Programa de Seguimiento de Procesos Naturales. Espacio Natural de Doñana. Memoria 2019

Versión 1.1

Data of manuscript Transcriptional regulation of ergosterol biosynthesis genes in response to iron deficiency

Tania Jordá, Marina Barba-Aliaga, Nicolas Rozès, Paula Alepuz, María Teresa Martínez-Pastor & Sergi Puig
The dataset is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License. Please, read the full ODbL 1.0 license text for the exact terms that apply. Users of the dataset are free to: Share: copy, distribute and use the database, either commercially or non-commercially. Create: produce derivative works from the database. Adapt: modify, transform and build upon the database. Under the following...

Thermal acclimation and adaptation in marine protozooplankton and mixoplankton [Dataset]

Albert Calbet & Enric Saiz
It is a contribution of the Marine Zooplankton Ecology Group (2017 SGR 87)

Volcanoes in motion

Francisco-Jose Perez-Torrado, Alejandro Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Claudio J. Moreno-Medina, María Del Carmen Cabrera-Santana, Juan-Carlos Carracedo-Gomez, Santiago Diaz-Rodriguez, J. L. Fernandez-Turiel, Constantino Criado-Hernandez, Meritxell Aulinas-Junca & Claudia Prieto-Torrell
[EN] We explain the geological history of the island of El Hierro through a collection of eight panels. How the Canary Islands were formed and evolved is contextualized, and we introduce the birth of El Hierro. Next, we observe the landscapes of El Hierro as a response to macro-scale, such as giant landslides and rifts, and micro-scale phenomena (cones, lavas, and shore platforms). The last eruption of the island that gave rise to the Tagoro...

Does the temperature-size rule apply to marine protozoans after proper acclimation? [Dataset]

Albert Calbet & Enric Saiz
The temperature-size rule hypothesized that there is a negative relationship between the size (volume) of an organism and the temperature. This applies to both unicellular and pluricellular organisms. Here, we question this hypothesis for the particular case of protozoans, because in these organisms the volume is directly related to the consumption of prey, and on most of the occasions the true volume of the cell is unknown. To prove our arguments, we designed a series...

Total data_BA

Marta Casado
Methods 20 μL of plasma samples were spiked with deuterated internal standards stock solution. Then proteins were precipitated and supernatants were dried and reconstituted in methanol:water (50:50, V/V). Besides, approximately 50 mg of each tissue were placed in 2 ml tubes containing CK14 ceramic beads (Precellys). For each 50 mg of tissue, 300 μl of methanol and the deuterated internal standards were added and tissues were homogenized in a Precellys 24 Dual system equipped with...

Drivers of population differentiation in phenotypic plasticity in a temperate conifer: a 27-year study [Dataset]

Raúl De La Mata Pombo
[EN] These study improve our understanding of the microevolutionary drivers of phenotypic plasticity, a critical process for resilience of long-lived species under climate change, and support decision making in tree genetic improvement programs and seed transfer strategies. The dataset compiles the three common garden tests (Condon, Lubrecht and Little Wolf) established in western Montana (USA) followed a Population × Family structure. Seeds were collected from 115 open-pollinated, unrelated wild mother trees in the 23 populations....

Coastal pH variability in the Balearic Sea

Iris E. Hendriks, Susana Flecha, Fiz F. Pérez, Eva Alou-Font & Joaquín Tintoré
[Description of methods used for collection/generation of data] In both stations a SAMI-pH (Sunburst Sensors LCC) was attached, at 1 m in the Bay of Palma and at 4 m depth in Cabrera. The pH sensors were measuring pH, in the total scale (pH𝑇T), hourly since December 2018 in the Bay of Palma and since November 2019 in Cabrera. The sensor precision and accuracy are < 0.001 pH and ± 0.003 pH units, respectively. Monthly...

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