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iJ/DJ-DP4 calculator (v.1.0)

Nicolás Grimblat, José A. Gavín, Antonio Hernández Daranas & Ariel M. Sarotti
This Excel file simplifies the calculation of the iJ/DJ-DP4 probability used for the stereochemical assignments in organic molecules: - The file contains 4 sheets: "Main", “Unscaled”, “Scaled” and “Errors” (Figure S1). - The “Main” sheet contains the enabled cells to introduce the experimental and calculated NMR data, and provides the results of the iJ/dJ-DP4 calculations. It is divided in 5 different regions: A, B, C, D and E.-- Region A: user selection (drop down lists):...

cASO: OpenStack Accounting extractor

Álvaro López García & Enol Fernández-Del-Castillo
Apache License 2.0

Tensorflow image classification

Ignacio Heredia
Apache License, Version 2.0

ooi: OpenStack OCCI Interface

Álvaro López García, Enol Fernández-Del-Castillo, Pablo Orviz, Mario David, Jorge Sevilla Cedillo, Jerome Pansanel & Luis Alves
Apache License 2.0, January 2004.-- OOI is an implementation the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) for OpenStack. http://openstack.org


The purpose of this Agreement is to define Parties’ rights and responsibilities regarding the Collaboration. These shall form the fundamental basis of the partnership. This Collaboration has been initiated within the framework of the H2020 funded INDIGO-DataCloud project and shall be continued without financial support from the European Union. It is therefore open to new initiatives and new parties willing to contribute, extend or maintain the INDIGO-DC software components

Simulation of the Hubbard Model in D=3

Isabel Campos
GNU General Public Licens (GPL)

Theano plant classification

Ignacio Heredia
Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004.-- This has been tested in Ubuntu 14.04 with Python 2.7.12 with the Anaconda 4.2.0 (64-bit) distribution, Theano 0.9.0.dev2 and Lasagne 0.2.dev1.

Simulation of the SU(2)-Higgs model in D=4

Isabel Campos
su2H is a simulation code the SU(2)-Higgs model in 4 dimensions. The algorithm used to update the links is Heat Bath. It offers the possibility to run couplings at next-to-nearest neighbours.

Soil erosion model SERT-2014© SAGA v1.0

Manuel López-Vicente, Teresa López-Montero, Borja Latorre Garcés & Ana Navas Izquierdo
3 Files: 1 .dll, 1 .zip and 1 .pdf file.

Simulation of the U(1)-Higgs model in D=4

Isabel Campos, Andrés Cruz & Alfonso Tarancón
GNU General Public Licens (GPL)

Simulation of the O(4) Sigma model in D=4

Isabel Campos, Luis Antonio Fernández & Alfonso Tarancón
ocuatro is a simulation code for the O(4) sigma model in 4 dimensions. Among its features it allows to introduce couplings to second neighbours. The code uses the algorithms of Heat Bath and Overrelaxation.


Isabel Campos, G. M. De Divitiis, P. Fritzsch, M. Hansen, M. Krstić Marinković, A. Patella, A. Ramos & N. Tantalo
The program(s) made available on this page may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). They are written in C and comply to a large extent with the ISO C (formerly ANSI C, also known as C89) standard. Our simulation program with C* boundary conditions is based on the openQCD simulation program.

Openstack Keystone VOMS authentication module

Álvaro López García, Enol Fernández-Del-Castillo, Jerome Pansanel, Adam Huffman, Ilja Livenson & Björn Hagemeier
Apache License 2.0

Modelo hidrológico DR2-2013© SAGA v1.1

Manuel López-Vicente, Teresa López-Montero & Ana Navas Izquierdo
1 File: 1 .dll File. The script of the module summarizes 7612 lines in two files (DR2.cpp and DR2.h) that are compiled in one file (DR2.dll).


Pablo Orviz, Enol Fernández-Del-Castillo & Joâo Pina
Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004.

Integrity Tester v1.51

Fernando Aguilar Gómez
The script is a proof-of-concept and it proves that it can potentially be applied combining datasets and metadata standards like EML. It also exploit REST APIs from repositories and OAI-PMH protocol.

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