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CRAWDAD dataset wisc/airshark (v. 2011-10-20)

Shravan Rayanchu, Ashish Patro & Suman Banerjee
This is a dataset of RF device usage measurements collected at University of Wisconsin-Madison for demonstration of functionality of Airshark.

An analysis of patient-sharing physician networks and implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy

Moen, Erica L. (The Dartmouth Institute For Health Policy And Clinical Practice, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth); Austin, Andrea M. (The Department Of Medicine, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth); Skinner, Jonathan S. (Department Of Economics, Dartmouth College); O'Malley, A. James (The Department Of Biomedical Data Science, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth); Bynum, Julie P. (The Dartmouth Institute For Health Policy And Clinical Practice, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth, The Department Of Medicine, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth)

CRAWDAD dataset cmu/hotspot (v. 2009-04-15)

Jeffrey Pang
We measured the performance and application support of all visible APs at 13 hotspot locations around University Avenue, Seattle, WA, near the University of Washington over the course of 1 week.

Replication Data for: Medicare's Acute Care Episode Demonstration: Effects of Bundled Payments on Costs and Quality of Surgical Care

Lena M. Chen, Andrew M. Ryan, Terry Shih, Jyothi R. Thumma & Justin B. Dimick
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether participation in Medicare's Acute Care Episode (ACE) Demonstration Program-an early, small, voluntary episode-based payment program-was associated with a change in expenditures or quality of care. DATA SOURCES/STUDY SETTING: Medicare claims for patients who underwent cardiac or orthopedic surgery from 2007 to 2012 at ACE or control hospitals. STUDY DESIGN: We used a difference-in-differences approach, matching on baseline and pre-enrollment volume, risk-adjusted Medicare payments, and clinical outcomes to identify controls. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS:...

CRAWDAD dataset ctu/personal (v. 2012-03-15)

Michal Ficek
This dataset contains 142 days of mobile phone records (aka Call Data Records) and ground-truth movement description of Czech Ph.D. student Michal Ficek, stored by his own mobile terminal in 2010-2011.

CRAWDAD dataset coppe-ufrj/RioBuses (v. 2018-03-19)

Daniel Dias & Luís Henrique Maciel Kosmalski Costa
Real-time position data reported by buses, updated every minute, from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The file is CSV, containing the date, time(24h format), bus ID, bus line, latitude, longitude and speed of more than 12,000 buses.

Replication Data for: The Association Between Medicaid Expansion and Cardiovascular Interventions: The Michigan Experience

Donald S. Liskosky, Devraj Sukul, Milan Seth, Chang He, Hitinder Gurm & Richard L. Prager
We evaluated Michigan's Medicaid expansion as it relates to access and outcomes for 7,558 coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) operations at 33 hospitals, and 45,183 percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) at 47 hospitals. We excluded patients >=65 years and those with Medicare, non-Medicaid state or Federal government coverage (e.g., military), or non-US insurance. Clinical data, from each institution’s participation in CABG and PCI collaboratives, represents procedures performed between April 2012 – March 2014 and April 2014...

CRAWDAD dataset spitz/cellular (v. 2011-05-04)

Malte Spitz
This data set contains 6 months of mobile phone records of German Green party politician Malte Spitz, stored by Deutsche Telekom in 2009-2010.

High Cost Dual Eligible Service Use Demonstrate Need for Supportive and Palliative Models of Care

Bynum, Julie PW (The Dartmouth Institute For Health Policy And Clinical Practice, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth, The Department Of Medicine, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth); Austin, Andrea (The Dartmouth Institute For Health Policy And Clinical Practice, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth); Carmichael, Don (The Dartmouth Institute For Health Policy And Clinical Practice, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth); Meara, Ellen (The Dartmouth Institute For Health Policy And Clinical Practice, Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth)

CRAWDAD dataset upb/mobility2011 (v. 2012-06-18)

Radu I. Ciobanu & Ciprian Dobre
This is the data from an Android Bluetooth tracing experiment performed for a period of 35 days in an academic environment (University Politehnica of Bucharest) between November 18 and December 22 2011.

Payer Type and Low-Value Care: Comparing Choosing Wisely Services across Commercial and Medicare Populations

Carrie H. Colla, Nancy E. Morden, Thomas D. Sequist, Alexander J. Mainor, Zhonghe Li & Meredith B. Rosenthal
OBJECTIVE: To compare low-value health service use among commercially insured and Medicare populations and explore the influence of payer type on the provision of low-value care. DATA SOURCES: 2009-2011 national Medicare and commercial insurance administrative data. DESIGN: We created claims-based algorithms to measure seven Choosing Wisely-identified low-value services and examined the correlation between commercial and Medicare overuse overall and at the regional level. Regression models explored associations between overuse and regional characteristics. METHODS: We created...

CRAWDAD dataset copelabs/usense (v. 2016-03-17)

S. Firdose, L. Lopes, W. Moreira, R. Sofia & P. Mendes
This data set comprises experiments carried out considering four Android devices, each named Usense 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively. These devices were carried by people sharing the same affiliation during their daily routines (commuting between home and office, going to leisure activities, attending meetings in the office). All the data was collected each and every one minute.

Evaluating Breast Cancer Care Coordination at a Rural National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center Using Network Analysis and Geospatial Methods

Erika L. Moen, Nirav S. Kapadia, A. James O'Malley & Tracy Onega
Background: Variation in cancer care coordination may affect care quality and patient outcomes. We sought to characterize the impact of geographic access to and dispersion of cancer care providers on variation in care coordination. Methods: Using electronic health record data from 2,507 women diagnosed with breast cancer at a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center from April 2011 to September 2015, a breast cancer patient–sharing physician network was constructed. Patient “care networks” represent the subnetworks...

CRAWDAD dataset unimi/pmtr (v. 2008-12-01)

Paolo Meroni, Sabrina Gaito, Elena Pagani & Gian Paolo Rossi
This dataset contains mobility traces from 44 mobile devices at University of Milano. The data was collected in November 2008.

Mandatory Medicare Bundled Payment Program for Lower Extremity Joint Replacement and Discharge to Institutional Postacute Care: Interim Analysis of the First Year of a 5-Year Randomized Trial.

Amy Finkelstein, Yunan Ji, Neale Mahoney & Jonathan Skinner
Importance: Bundled payments are an increasingly common alternative payment model for Medicare, yet there is limited evidence regarding their effectiveness. Objective: To report interim outcomes from the first year of implementation of a bundled payment model for lower extremity joint replacement (LEJR). Design, Setting, and Participants: As part of a 5-year, mandatory-participation randomized trial by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, eligible metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) were randomized to the Comprehensive Care for Joint...

CRAWDAD dataset hope/nh_amd (v. 2010-07-18)

Travis Goodspeed & Nathaniel Filardo
RFID tracking data was collected at The Next HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference that was held July 16-18, 2010. Conference attendees received active RFID badges that uniquely identified and tracked them across the conference space.

Overuse and Insurance Plan Type in a Privately Insured Population

Meredith B. Rosenthal, Carrie H. Colla, Nancy E. Morden, Thomas D. Sequist, Alexander J. Mainor, Zhonghe Li & Kevin H. Nguyen
OBJECTIVES: A substantial portion of healthcare spending is wasted on services that do not directly improve patient health and that cause harm in some cases. Features of health insurance coverage, including enrollment in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) or health maintenance organizations (HMOs), may provide financial and nonfinancial mechanisms to potentially reduce overuse of low-value healthcare services. STUDY DESIGN: Using 2009 to 2013 administrative data from 3 large commercial insurers, we examined patient characteristics and health...

CRAWDAD dataset init/factory (v. 2016-06-13)

Dimitri Block, Niels Hendrik Fliedner & Uwe Meier
Measurement of the channel gain for multiple distances within a factory environment

Exnovation of Low Value Care: A Decade of Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening Practices

Julie P.W. Bynum, Honor Passow, Don Carmichael & Jonathan Skinner
OBJECTIVES: To examine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening practice change in subgroups of men defined in guidelines and in various regions and to identify factors associated with change in screening practices. DESIGN: Observational study using serial cross-sections, 2003 to 2013. SETTING: National fee-for-service Medicare. PARTICIPANTS: Men aged 68 and older eligible for prostate cancer screening. MEASUREMENTS: National PSA screening practices in men aged 68 and older from 2003 to 2013 and change in regional screening rates...

CRAWDAD dataset yonsei/lifemap (v. 2012-01-03)

Yohan Chon, Elmurod Talipov, Hyojeong Shin & Hojung Cha
We deployed our mobility monitoring system, called LifeMap, to collect fine-grained mobility data from commercial mobile phones over two months in Seoul, Korea. The dataset contains location information (latitude and longitude) with accuracy (error bound), Wi-Fi fingerprints (MAC address and signal strength of surrounding Wi-Fi APs), user-defined types of places (workplace, cafeteria, etc.). Our system continuously collected this information every 2 to 5 minutes for everyday location monitoring.

CRAWDAD dataset columbia/ecsma (v. 2006-11-17)

Shane B. Eisenman
This dataset contains packet transmission traces collected from an experimental wireless sensor network testbed, where E(Enhanced)-CSMA MAC protocol is implemented using TinyOS on Mica2 motes.

CRAWDAD dataset umich/virgil (v. 2008-03-28)

Anthony J. Nicholson, David Wetherall, Yatin Chawathe, Mike Chen & Brian Noble
We collected the data set through war walking, i.e., collecting Wi-Fi beacons by walking around the neighborhoods in different cities in the United States, for the field study and evaluation of Virgil, an access point selection system.

Replication Data for: Medicaid Expansion and Prescription Trends: Opioids, Addiction Therapies, and Other Drugs.

Benjamin A. Y. Cher, Nancy E. Morden & Ellen Meara
RESEARCH DESIGN: We analyzed the 2010-2016 Medicaid State Drug Utilization Data using a difference-in-differences regression approach, comparing prescriptions per enrollee between states that expanded Medicaid in 2014 and states that did not. We compared opioid pain relievers and opioid addiction therapies to 5 other commonly prescribed drug types important to the Medicaid expansion population (antidepressants, antihypertensives, diabetes medications, cholesterol treatments, and contraceptives) and to overall prescription volume. A secondary analysis compared opioid pain relievers and...

CRAWDAD dataset jiit/accelerometer (v. 2012-11-03)

Mohit Jain, Ajeet Pal Singh, Soshant Bali & Sanjit Kaul
This dataset consists of accelerometer samples collected through Android phones when driven on different vehicles. The dataset consists of 678 Km of drive data, which involved 22 different drivers, 5 different types of vehicles (bus, auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw, motorcycle, and car) and 4 smartphones.

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