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A Tune-Up for the Statistics Portal

Robin Dasler
We’ve previously shared with you our plans to migrate all of our services from Solr to Elasticsearch. (See for example our 2019 preview(Dasler, 2018) or how we’ve used Elasticsearch to make an improved DataCite Search(???).) Elasticsearch is already...

DSA–WDS Partnership — Catalogue of Common Requirements

Repository Audit And Certification DSA–WDS Partnership WG
This Catalogue of Common Requirements was developed by the DSA–WDS Partnership Working Group on Repository Audit and Certification, a Working Group (WG) of the Research Data Alliance. The goal of the effort was to create a set of harmonized Common Requirements for certification of repositories at the core level, drawing from criteria already put in place by the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) and the ICSU World Data System (ICSU-WDS). An additional goal of the...


TOPMed: NWD160219.b38.irc.v1.cram.crai
File: CRAI index file


The GTEx Consortium
Sample ID: GTEX-13PL7-2226-SM-5L3IC

Contributor Information in DataCite Metadata

Martin Fenner
The Force11 Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (Data Citation Synthesis Group, 2014) highlight the importance of giving scholarly credit to all contributors: Data citations should facilitate giving scholarly credit and normative and legal...

PIDapalooza 2018

ORCID, DataCite, Crossref & California Digital Library
PIDapalooza 2018 - the open festival for persistent identifiers.

Wheat Data Interoperability Guidelines, Ontologies and User Cases

Esther Dzalé Yeumo, Richard Fulss, Michael Alaux, Sophie Aubin, Elizabeth Arnaud, Ute Baumann, Laurel Cooper, Robert Davey, Marie-Angélique Laporte, Pierre Larmande, Thomas Letellier, Cyril Pommier, Vassilis Protonotarios, Rosemary Shrestha, Imma Subirats, Aravind Venkatesan & Alex Whan
The International Wheat Initiative (http://www.wheatinitiative.org) has identified the easy access and interoperability of all wheat related data as a top priority for the wheat research community. An important goal is to make the best use of existing genetic, genomic, and phenotypic data in fundamental and applied wheat science. Hence, data interoperability has become a priority in this community, given the ever-growing data deluge coming from improvements in technologies and numeric methods for DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)...

Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles

Data Citation Synthesis Group
Sound, reproducible scholarship rests upon a foundation of robust, accessible data. For this to be so in practice as well as theory, data must be accorded due importance in the practice of scholarship and in the enduring scholarly record. In other words, data should be considered legitimate, citable products of research. Data citation, like the citation of other evidence and sources, is good research practice and is part of the scholarly ecosystem supporting data reuse....


TOPMed: NWD356506.b38.irc.v1.cram.crai
File: CRAI index file

Exposing DOI metadata provenance

Martin Fenner
DOI metadata provenance is describing the history of a particular DOI metadata record, i.e. what changes were made when and by whom. This information is now stored and provided via an API for all DOI registrations since March 10, 2019. The following...


The GTEx Consortium
Sample ID: GTEX-11GSP-0626-SM-5986T


TOPMed: NWD754777.b38.irc.v1.cram.crai
File: CRAI index file

re3data.org Reaches a Milestone and Begins Offering Badges

Heinz Pampel
re3data.org has reached a milestone of identifying and listing 1,500 research data repositories, making it the largest and most comprehensive registry of data repositories available on the web. It has grown steadily since its launch four years ago...

RDA Governance Document

Research Data Alliance Council
The role of the RDA Governance Document is to describe the structures of RDA, and their relationships, that support the activity and principles of RDA, and Council’s powers and authority. The Governance Document is the responsibility of the RDA Council.

DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation for the Publication and Citation of Research Data v4.2

DataCite Metadata Working Group
1 Introduction 1.1 The DataCite Consortium 1.2 DataCite Community Participation 1.3 The Metadata Schema 1.4 Version 4.2 Update 2 DataCite Metadata Properties 2.1 Overview 2.2 Citation 2.3 DataCite Properties 3 XML Example 4 XML Schema 5 Other DataCite Services Appendices Appendix 1: Controlled List Definitions Appendix 2: Earlier Version Update Notes Appendix 3: Standard values for unknown information Appendix 4: Version 4.1 Changes in support of software citation Appendix 5: FORCE11 Software Citation Principles Mapping


TOPMed: NWD701091.b38.irc.v1.cram.crai
File: CRAI index file


The GTEx Consortium
Sample ID: GTEX-14DAR-0226-SM-5S2PR

One step closer towards instant DOI search results

Kristian Garza
You might be wondering, what this pink and green picture illustrates? A few months ago we couldn’t show you this picture; the data that we used to created it, did not exist. And the answer to what this illustrates – this is simply a distorted version...


TOPMed: NWD103550.freeze5.v1.vcf.gz.csi
File: VCF CSI file

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