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Test data for uniaxial creep on material ALLOY 800H at 800 Celsius

BA Lerch & Max Planck Institut Für Metallforschung
Data collection created at the Max Planck Institut für Metallforschung during the European COST 501 Programme on Critical Components for Advanced Steam Cycles, where Alloy 800 H (alternative designations DIN 1.4876 and X 10 NiCrAlTi 32 20) was one of several alloys examined in the context of research into advanced materials for a broad range of power engineering processes.

Modulating Territories, Penetrating Boundaries

MarkDavid Hosale & Chris Kievid
Drawing boundaries, defining territories: these are terms one could use to describe the activity of an architect. Architects can create constraints through the use of designed elements that help determine the flow of movement, perception, and usage of space. Boundaries imply the absence of flow, territories control the freedom of movement, and both imply a predetermined constraint. Conventionally a territory is conceived of as being fairly static, or at least moving slowly, on a historical...

Stephenson at 35!

Steven R. Brown

Performance Demonstration Statement YSI 9600 Nitrate Monitor.

M. Carroll, D. Chigounis, J. Cook, S. Gilbert, T. Johengen, T. Koles, T. McKissack, D. Wells, M. McIntyre, A. Pinchuk, H. Purcell, C. Robertson, D. Schar, G.J. Smith & M. Tamburri
A key to the successful adoption, and transition to operational use, of new technologies is broad community awareness and confidence. The Alliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT) has therefore completed a Performance Demonstration of in situ nutrient analyzers/sensors with the goal of aiding in technology refinement and building user acceptance of these novel instruments. The fundamental objectives of this Performance Demonstration were to: (1) highlight the potential capabilities of in situ nutrient analyzers by demonstrating their...

Macrobenthos monitoring in function of aggregate extraction activities in the Belgian part of the North Sea

Bio-Environmental Research Group; Institute Of Agricultural And Fisheries Research (ILVO), Belgium

An improved method of crisis response evaluation

H.J. Manuel, H.J.M. Aarts, R. De Jonge, E. Kuipers, L.G.C. Schol, J.E. Van Steenbergen & P.A.M. Uijt De Haag

Behind the Scenes: Costume Design for Television

Gamze Toylan
There are many things you don’t know about 'The League of Gentlemen': Focusing on the award winning costume designer Yves Barre’s work for The League of Gentlemen (BBC, 1999-2002), this article explores the role of the costume designer in television production. Using an anthropological method that combines original interviews with Barre, Steve Pemberton (one of the writer/performers) and Jon Plowman (the executive producer) as well as second hand material such as DVD extras, the article...

The Cosmogrid Simulation: Statistical Properties of Small Dark Matter Halos (2048-512)

Tomoaki Ishiyama, Steven Rieder, Junichiro Makino, Simon Portegies Zwart, Derek Groen, Keigo Nitadori, Cees De Laat, Stephen McMillan, Kei Hiraki & Stefan Harfst
We present the results of the "Cosmogrid" cosmological N-body simulation suites based on the concordance LCDM model. The Cosmogrid simulation was performed in a 30 Mpc box with 2048³ particles. The mass of each particle is 1.28x10^5 Msun, which is sufficient to resolve ultra-faint dwarfs. We found that the halo mass function shows good agreement with the Sheth & Tormen fitting function down to ~10^7 Msun. We have analyzed the spherically averaged density profiles of...

Booking limits and bid price based revenue management policies in rail freight transportation

Marko Kapetanović, Nebojša Bojović & Miloš Milenković
In this paper, the possibility and potential benefits of implementing discriminatory policies in rail freight transportation are analyzed, with the aim of revenue maximization. A regular, cyclic, single train service with fixed composition and capacity is studied. The problem is decomposed into discrete time periods. Transportation requests arise randomly over time, and the decision of either accept or reject a certain request has to be made. The problem is formulated via dynamic programming, and the...

Adjusted Grid Search to Find Hyper-parameters in SARIMAX Models: Efficiently Filling The Shelves in Kruidvat Stores

William Steenbergen
Replenishment processes, promotions and assortment choices in retail are determined by forecasting sales. Sales are affected by external factors such as seasonality, weather or promotions. This relationship can differ per store or product. Currently, researchers focus on developing a SARIMAX model for one product and store specifically to predict sales, and the novelty of this research is that it develops an algorithm that automates SARIMAX modeling to allow for model generation tailored to a store...

PMPZ: Heavy metals in the Southern Bight of the North Sea 1970-1976

Veterinary And Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA), Rijksstation Voor Zeevisserij (RVZ, CLO Gent), Laboratoire De Biologie Generale (ULg) (Prof. Hecq), Institute For Marine Environmental Research, Seals Research Division, Monks Wood Experimental Station, Nature Conservancy, Institut De Recherches Chimiques / Instituut Voor Scheikundig Onderzoek, Ministerie Van Landbouw, Tervuren (IRC/ISO), Rijksdienst Voor Zeevisserij (RVZ), Departement Scheikunde, Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen (UIA), Laboratorium Analytische Scheikunde (VUB) (Prof. Elskens), Royal Belgian Institute For Natural Sciences (RBINS/KBIN/IRSNB), Institut De Chimie Au Sart Tilmann (ULg), Station De Phytopharmacie De L'Etat, Laboratoire De Chimie Industrielle, Dir. Prof. R. Wollast (ULB), Laboratoire De Zoologie (ULB), Mathematical Model Of The North Sea (MUMM) / Beheerseenheid Mathematisch Model Van De Noordzee (BMM) / Unité De Gestion Modèle Mer Du Nord (UGMM) & Laboratoire De Chimie Analytique/Laboratory Of Analytical Chemistry (ULg)

data WIFI trial; wound infection following implant removal

F.R.K. Sanders, T. Schepers, M. Backes, S.A. Dingemans, M.G.W. Dijkgraaf, H.R. Van Den Berg, B. Van Dijkman, J.M. Hoogendoorn, P. Joosse, E.D. Ritchie, W.H. Roerdink, J.P.M. Schots, N.L. Sosef, I.J.B. Spijkerman, B.A. Twigt, A.H. Van Der Veen, R.N. Van Veen, J. Vermeulen, D.I. Vos, J. Winkelhagen & J.C. Goslings
Multicenter, double-blind, randomized clinical trial including 500 patients aged 18 to 75 years with previous surgical treatment for fractures below the knee who were undergoing removal of orthopedic implants from 19 hospitals (17 teaching and 2 academic) in the Netherlands (November 2014-September 2016), with a follow-up of 6 months (final follow-up, March 28, 2017). Exclusion criteria were an active infection or fistula, antibiotic treatment, reimplantation of osteosynthesis material in the same session, allergy for cephalosporins,...

Analysis of Collection and Management of the Korea National R&D Report

Kiseok Choi, Cheol-Joo Chae, Yong-hee Yae & Yong Ju Shin
The term ‘National R&D Program’ has been widely used in a Korean society, but it is quite new as a legal term. Recently, its legal concept from the perspective of the unified semantics was defined, and the regulation on its scope has been established. In particular, ‘National R&D Program’ was officially used as a legal term for the first time in ‘Special Act on Innovation in Science and Technology (No. 5340) enacted in April 1997....

Book production in Europe 1450 - 1800

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Book production in Europe 1454 - 1800' originaly forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been dowloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in september 2017. The original name of the datafile was 'booktitleseurope.xls'. The dataset 'Book production in Europe 1454 - 1800' consists of an excel file with one sheet, containing the number of book titels per year in 7 European countries, sc. France, Russia, Poland, Italy, Germany,...

Focusgroep Controllers

G.P. De Jong & F.J. De Graaf
Opname van focusgroep met controllers die werkzaamzijn binnen woningcorporaties. Het gesprek is gehouden bij Hofmeier in Leiden. Deze organisatie adviseert oa. woningcorporaties en heeft een intervisiegroep van controllers binnen corporaties. Tijdens een bijeenkomst van die intervisiegroep is deze focusgroepsessie gehouden.
Doel van het gesprek was doorpraten over de thematiek van de onafhankelijke controller. Dit vanwege de vraagarticulatie in de projectaanvraag bij SIA over dit onderwerp.

ASCAT-A Arctic daily sea ice extent and backscatter maps

Anton Verhoef, Maria Belmonte Rivas & Ad Stoffelen
The sea ice extent and normalized backscatter from the ASCAT scatterometer on Metop-A result from the Bayesian discrimination of measured backscatter distances to prescribed ocean wind and sea ice geophysical model functions. The sea ice product contains the Bayesian sea ice probability and a proxy age of sea ice mapped onto 12.5 km polar stereographic grids. The sea ice extent is formed when the sea ice probability crosses a certain threshold, and the proxy age...

Atlas for the delineation for organs-at-risk in NSCLC

Heike Peulen, José Belderbos, Matthias Guckenberger, Andrew Hope, Inga Grills, Marcel Van Herk & Jan-Jakob Sonke

World Soil Information Service (WoSIS) - Towards the standardization and harmonization of world soil data. Procedures Manual 2018

Niels H. Batjes Eloi Ribeiro
To better address the growing demand for soil information ISRIC - World Soil Information has developed a centralized database for the shared benefit of the international community. This database, hereafter referred to as WoSIS (World Soil Information Service), has been designed in such a way that, in principle, any type of soil data (point, polygon, and grid) may be accommodated. However, WoSIS will only provide quality-assessed data in a consistent format, with detailed information on...

The Gravity Database for Belgium

Seismology-Gravimetry And National Geographic Institute
This dataset contains Belgian relative gravity measurements.

Mycoses. Surveillance épidémiologique en Belgique. 2016-17.

Dominique Van Beckhoven, Rosalie Sacheli, Sofie Patteet, Marie-Pierre Hayette & Katrien Lagrou

Superhero Science and Technology: A New Open Access Journal

Barry W Fitzgerald
I am delighted to announce the launch of the new open access journal Superhero Science and Technology. This journal is published on the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) platform for Open Journal Systems. The primary aim of the journal Superhero Science and Technology is to publish research in the fields of science, engineering, technology and ethics that is motivated by the superhero genre and written in manner so that it is accessible to both...

Mechanics and Relativity

Timon Idema
In Mechanics and Relativity, the reader is taken on a tour through time and space. Starting from the basic axioms formulated by Newton and Einstein, the theory of motion at both the everyday and the highly relativistic level is developed without the need of prior knowledge. The relevant mathematics is provided in an appendix. The text contains various worked examples and a large number of original problems to help the reader develop an intuition for...

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