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Challenging Glass Conference Proceedings, Vol 2 (2010): Challenging Glass 2

Challenging Glass Conference Proceedings
Challenging Glass Conference 2 was held 20 & 21 May 2010 at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.  The conference was organised by Freek Bos (TU Delft), Christian Louter (TU Delft) and Fred Veer (TU Delft). The conference proceedings have been post-published by TU Delft Open. ISBN 978-90-8570-524-6

Challenging Glass Conference Proceedings, Vol 5 (2016): Challenging Glass 5

Challenging Glass Conference Proceedings
Challenging Glass Conference 5 was held 16 & 17 June 2016 at Ghent University in Belgium. The conference was organised by Prof. Jan Belis (Ghent University) Dr. Freek Bos (TU Eindhoven) and Dr. Christian Louter (TU Delft). The conference proceedings have been published by Ghent University. ISBN 978-90-825-2680-6

Glass and the Presence of Nature

J. Carpenter
Despite having become a ubiquitous material, the nature of glass continues to cause lively scientific discussion. The science is in contrast to the use of glass in the building industry and world of architecture, where, typically, only transparency is considered and any manipulation of the glass is deployed to improve the glass’ performance as a cladding material. Through the discussion of a selection of JCDA’s work, this paper will explore the potential for glass in...

Tailoring Glass Properties: Why Chemical Composition and Thermal Treatments Matter

P. Richet
Architectural use of glass dates back from the beginning of our era when it was used to make windows. Its range of chemical composition was close to that of current flat or hollow glass, illustrating early optimization of both production process and material properties. In modern buildings glass is ubiquitous, highly visible as in facades or hidden as fibers for thermal insulation or for high-speed telecommunication. This short review describes the main factors that have...

Opportunistic Glass

M. Simmons
The proliferation of glass elements in building assemblies yields an endless array of fabricated components that are by nature glass-composites, resultants of myriad material techniques and processes. Every component parameter is an opportunity for detailed material definition in the service of a specific Architecture. Front designs and deploys glass technologies through creative and pragmatic collaboration seeking with our partners to opportunistically engage such materials in appropriate and specific ways so as to realize a broad...

Glass Works

W. Sobek, S. Feierabend & K. Puller
Today’s demand for highly transparent building envelopes which are also adaptive and sustainable calls for innovative solutions in the glass design.

Design and Build of a Warped Tram Station Roof in Delft

M. Eekhout, W. Lockefeer & D. Staaks
In 1992 Walter Lockefeer and Mick Eekhout designed an office for the Glass Association in Gouda with a flamboyant glass envelope, which ended as runner-up in an architectural competition. The design was classical in architectural sense and futuristic in technical sense: it contained a pre-stressed glass membrane. In 2002 Octatube introduced the use of twisted tempered glass panels in the realization of the City Hall of Alphen aan den Rijn NL. Since then further research...

Glass façade upper floor, exhibition stand TOYOTA, IAA 2005

M. Kramer
Modern designs of exhibition stands, especially for motor shows, require more and more transparency. To meet the designers‘ demands, it becomes necessary to use glass not only as an element of design, but also as a load bearing element of the structure. To give an example how the use of glass leads to an impressive result, the structure of the glass façade around the upper floor of the exhibition stand TOYOTA at the IAA 2005...

A New Double Glass-Steel Roof for an Auditorium in Cuneo

L. Lani & D. Galgani
A new glass-steel roof for an auditorium of the “ex Sala Contrattazioni” in Cuneo (I) was built in 2009, with a design resulted winner of an architectural concourse. The construction, despite the small dimension, is the result of a design process that involved many interdisciplinary professionals, from architectural conception to the construction phase. The main structure has a non-conventional behavior and the steel girders support the curved glass panes with point devices. This article offers...

TKTS – Tilted Glass Bearing Walls and Glass Roof

M. Ludvik & A. Smith
The TKTS booth in Times Square, New York, is a 250m2 all glass public amphitheater, with seating for 500 people. Its all glass load path includes treads, rafters and the 4.9m tall SentryGlas laminated walls. The 9.1m long beams were spliced using the overlap method with pins. The glass walls hold the full weight of the structure above, and in the real world environment of Times Square there are many possible causes of sudden failure...

All Transparent Conservation Scheme for the Menokin Ruins

E. Lowe
The challenge of preserving the 18th century ruin at Menokin, Virginia USA, has inspired a radical scheme to authentically conserve the surviving architecture. The ruined building is in a state of decay and Dewhurst Macfarlane & Partners have designed a glass structure to re-establish the protection of the building envelope. The plans presented are not ready for construction. Details for splicing together timber and glass beams are discussed. The conservators plans to recreate the missing...

Advances in the Use of Structural Glass

M. Marchewska
This paper focuses on three key areas in the design and use of glass as a structural material, illustrating these areas with the use of Apple Store Upper West Side as a case study: 1. Introduction to the structural principles required to design transparent structures; 2. The design of large glass structures, from concept through design development to final details, from global structural models to local stresses in connections; 3. The variations in structural capacity...

Structural Glass Observation Boxes (Willis Tower Ledge)

T. McDonnell & D. Thompson
The 1,350 foot high Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) was looking for a grand attraction for their Skydeck in 2008. Few structures in the world have glass floors (both interior and exterior), and almost all are continuously supported along their edges with steel supports. In order to create a dramatic, unimpeded view of the City of Chicago the Skydeck Owners conceived of a glass platform that would protrude out of the building envelope...

The Cold Bent Glass Roof of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London

M. Eekhout & S. Niderehe
The Victoria & Albert Museum in London was recently extended with its Medieval and Renaissance Galleries. Designed by MUMA Architects (London), an existing outside courtyard has been transformed by the addition of a glass roof into a light filled exhibition space.Due to the existing geometry of the surrounding buildings, and several boundary conditions set by the architects, the surface of the roof could not be flat. Instead, it had to be twisted into an undevelopable...

All-Glass Dome for Mosque in Haarlem

M. Eekhout & D. Staaks
The architect Fedde Reeskamp, from the ‘Architectenkamer’ in Haarlem had designed a mosque for the client ‘Islamitische Stichting Nederland Selimiye’ in Haarlem. The design consists of a blockwork mosque with a dome on top, visually apparent in silhouette of the mosque. He came with this enquiry for a dome to Octatube. The contrast between the solid building block-shape and the dome on top led to the suggestion to have the dome made in glass, out...

Design and construction of an all glass cube for the Raaks project in Haarlem (NL)

R. Nijsse
On a square in the old city center of Haarlem (NL) on top of an underground car park garage a glass entrance building was designed by architect Kraayvanger Urbis. ABT/ Rob Nijsse developed the all glass structure for this spectacular building. The fact that the stability was provided by the roof in combination with the four walls of the project makes it something special. Also the application of full glass rods in the structure of...

Mass Glass Structures

A. Smith
Glass has a long tradition as a medium for art and sculptural design. Yet, with a few notable exceptions, these items remain small and studio based. Over the last six years, the author has developed a number of larger scale projects which bridge the gap between architecture and sculpture. These projects incorporate predominantly annealed glass and rely on gravity and mass for stability, yet their simplicity of form belies a complexity of construction. This paper...

The Mansueto Library – Notes on a glazed steel grid shell from design to construction

W. Sobek & L. Blandini
The highlight of the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library in Chicago is an almost dematerialized glazed steel grid shell spanning over the reading room. The geometrically constructed translational shell is 36.5 m wide, 73 m long and features a mesh size of 2 by 2 m. The building, currently under construction, includes further special structures as a 20 m long, glazed steel bridge connecting the new library with the existing building and a row of...

Design and Engineering of a Theatre Façade in Vlaardingen

M. Eekhout & D. Staaks
In 2004/2005 a design of a theatre extension in Vlaardingen, ‘de Stadsgehoorzaal’ was made by architect Cees Spanjers, Mick Eekhout and Octatube Engineering. This façade contains the lobby at the first floor. The façade had to obtain a characteristic design in the townscape. The structure of roof and floor in steel enabled the façade to be independent. However, the architect required a solution where the visually lightweight structure would be independent and wrapped around both...

Transparent Cubical Glass Building in Madrid

M. Eekhout & L. Weber
An ultimately transparent glass building in almost cubical form of 30x30x21 m, to function as the future entrance building of the Santander Bancopolis complex southwest of Madrid. Conceptual design by architect Alfonso Millanes and structural design by Octatube. The structure is composed of ultra slender cable stayed tubular columns and trusses placed in a grid of 5m and cladded with insulated glass made from fully tempered outer panels and heat strengthened laminated inner panels. Size...

All Glass Enclosure with Transparently Bonded Glass Frames

B. Weller, F. Nicklisch, V. Prautzsch, F. Döbbel & S. Rücker
This case study describes the path to an all glass enclosure that was recently built at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Material Research in Dresden. The idea of a fully transparent structure without distracting metal bolts or clamps was developed from the first idea to final solution in close collaboration between the client, the design team, researchers and industrial partners. Four glass frames, joined by transparent acrylate adhesives at their edges, support the...

Glass Bridges and Glass Walls

F. Wellershoff, M. Sendelbach & F. Schmitt
In the last years Gartner Steel and Glass has designed, engineered and erected several complex structures with load carrying glass elements. This presentation concentrates on current projects that will be finished in 2010. Glass bridges are under construction for the projects “Eaton Centre” in Calgary and “Ritz-Carlton Hotel” in Toronto. Projects with glass walls are in design and testing phases for the projects “Willy Brandt Platz” in Frankfurt and “Kravis Center, Living Room” in Los...

Design of a Single Span Nine Metre Long Glass Bridge

D. Wittenberg & M. Krynski
Halcrow Yolles was retained to conceptualize ideas for a glass bridge designed to span across the main lobby of a new hotel. Its defining feature, laminated glass balustrades, span continuously over the entire nine metre opening. Design work for the bridge was completed using a finite element model of the entire bridge allowing for a detailed analysis of stress concentrations in the glass at bearing bolt connections. Special attention was paid to the transportation and...

Design concept for bolted Glass

M. Baitinger & M. Feldmann
For the design of load carrying glazing structures the connection technique plays an important role, as e.g. there are significant stress concentrations in the vicinity of holes that are subject to a point-like support of glass panes. If no further constructional means are provided, the stress peaks cannot be redistributed and thus a sudden brittle failure is likely to occur. In particular this concerns bolts in bearings of drilled glass holes as long as no...

Analysis of bonded hybrid steel-glassbeams by small scale tests

M. Feldmann, B. Abeln & M. Baitinger
To realize architectural attractive transparent and lightweight constructions bonded hybrid steel-glass beams have been developed, where flanges of steel and webs of glass are assembled to I-shaped profiles using adhesives. The load-bearing capacity of such beams is governed – apart from the mechanical and strength characteristics of the adherent - by ageing, temperature and creeping. By means of small scale push-out-tests the properties of different adhesive geometries, the influence of the manufacturing process and the...

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