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Ohau and Waikawa catchments of the Horowhenua Groundwater Management Zone - groundwater dynamics, source, and hydrochemical processes as inferred from the groundwater tracer data

Uwe Morgenstern, Rob W. van der Raaij, W. Troy Baisden, Mike K. Stewart, Heather Martindale, Abby Matthews & S Collins
Groundwater age, chemistry, gas, and isotope tracers were applied in the Ohau and Waikawa catchments of the Horowhenua Groundwater Management Zone to understand groundwater dynamics, source, and hydrochemical processes. The measurement of river and stream water age provided a detailed understanding of the ability of geologic formations to let rainwater enter into large groundwater systems with large groundwater stores. Groundwater age tracer results allowed for the identification of: groundwater recharge rates; areas of recharge and...


Sam Richardson
Single camera view of pressure controlled inflation and deflation cycles, between 2000 Pa and 3000 Pa.


Sam Richardson
Single camera view of pressure controlled inflation and deflation cycles, between 2000 Pa and 3000 Pa.

Reclamation of soil from the Nightcaps coalfield

Wells, N.; Widdowson, J. P.; Vortman, V. A.

International Social Survey Programme

Phil Gendall & Martin Von Randow
The ISSP is a continuing annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys covering topics important for social science research. It brings together pre-existing social science projects and coordinates research goals, thereby adding a cross-national, cross-cultural perspective to the individual national studies. ISSP researchers especially concentrate on developing questions that are meaningful and relevant to all countries, and can be expressed in an equivalent manner in all relevant languages. There are 48 countries that contribute data...

TAN1712-1803 voyage report for ocean bottom seismograph recovery in support of seismic surveys (ORCSS 2 and 3): 3D survey offshore East Coast North Island

Richard Kellett, Dan Bassett, R. Arai, K. Obana, Valerie K. Stucker, Stuart A. Henrys, S. R. Davidson, Rory J. Hart, S. Kodaira, T. Maekawa, K. Michailos, S. Mori, Grant A. O'Brien, T. Saijo, I. Terada, N. L. Bangs & R. Bell

Allele frequency database for GlobalFiler (TM) STR loci in Australian and New Zealand populations

Duncan Taylor, Jo-Anne Bright, Catherine McGovern, Sharon Neville & Denise Grover
We assign autosomal allele proportions for Caucasian, Asian, self-declared Aboriginal and pure Aboriginal populations from Australia and Caucasian and Eastern and Western Polynesian populations from New Zealand. Population sample sizes vary from 122 to 528. All populations underwent tests for the presence of allelic dependencies (i.e. departures from the expectations of Hardy Weinberg and Linkage equilibrium) and some large dependencies were observed in the Australian Aboriginal populations. We provide allele frequency files for all populations...

MetaPost Three Ways

Paul Murrell
This report describes three different approaches to communicating between R and MetaPost: importing the PostScript output from MetaPost with the 'grImport' package; calling the mpost program to solve MetaPost paths with the 'metapost' package; and calling the mplib library to solve MetaPost paths with the 'mplib' package.

Natural hazards 2017

Maureen Coomer, Ali Rogers & Catherine Pinal

Long-term biosolids application alters the composition of soil microbial groups and nutrient status in a pine plantation

Minhuang Wang, Jianming Xue, Jacqui Horswell, Mark O. Kimberley & Zhiqun Huang
Tree nutrient concentrations, root biomass, soil nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) contents, and enzyme activities were determined in a radiata pine plantation (Pinus radiata D. Don) on a sandy loam soil receiving 19 years of repeated biosolids applications, and the composition of soil microbial groups was assessed using phospholipid fatty acid analysis. Biosolids application significantly increased soil organic N, available P and foliar N concentration, but had no significant impact on foliar P concentration over...

Status of known non-native species introductions and impacts (UPDATED)

Kevin A. Hughes, Katarzyna J. Chwedorzewska, Luis R. Pertierra & Justine D. Shaw

Understanding functional earthquake readiness

D Paton, E Anderson, JS Becker & J Petersen
Natural processes (e.g. seismic, volcanic etc.) become natural hazards when their actions threaten people and/or what they value; be it human life, animals or infrastructure. A significant influence on whether a hazard event becomes a disaster (i.e. exceeds community/societal capacity to absorb or respond to impacts) is readiness. Readiness has been defined in a variety of ways by previous researchers including undertaking ‘survival actions’ such as collecting water and food, undertaking ‘structural actions’ such as...

Methylome‐wide association study of whole blood DNA in the Norfolk Island isolate identifies robust loci associated with age

Miles C. Benton, Heidi G. Sutherland, Donia Macartney-Coxson, Larisa M Haupt, Rodney A Lea & Lyn R Griffiths
Epigenetic regulation of various genomic functions, including gene expression, provide mechanisms whereby an organism can dynamically respond to changes in its environment and modify gene expression accordingly. One epigenetic mechanism implicated in human aging and age-related disorders is DNA methylation. Isolated populations such as Norfolk Island (NI) should be advantageous for the identification of epigenetic factors related to aging due to reduced genetic and environmental variation. Here we conducted a methylome-wide association study of age...

Raw data for Byrom et al Assessing Movement

Andrea E. Byrom
Data associated with: Assessing movements of brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) in relation to depopulated buffer zones for the management of wildlife tuberculosis in New Zealand (https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0145636)

HUMBA demo trial working protocol

Kara Okesene-Gafa, Minglan Li, Chris Mckinlay, John Thompson, Clare Wall, Billie Bradford, Elaine Rush, Megan McCowan, Rennae Taylor, Caroline Crowther & Lesley McCowan
This the working protocol for the randomised controlled demonstration trial of multifaceted nutritional intervention and or probiotics: the healthy mums and babies (HUMBA) trial.

Topical antibiotic use coselects for the carriage of mobile genetic elements conferring resistance to unrelated antimicrobials in Staphylococcus aureus

Glen P. Carter, Mark Schultz, Sarah L. Baines, Anders Gonçalves Da Silva, Helen Heffernan, Audrey Tiong, Peter H. Pham, Ian R. Monk, Timothy P. Stinear, Benjamin P. Howden & Deborah A. Williamson
Topical antibiotics, such as mupirocin and fusidic acid, are commonly used in the prevention and treatment of skin infections, particularly those caused by staphylococci. However, the widespread use of these agents is associated with increased resistance to these agents, potentially limiting their efficacy. Of particular concern is the observation that resistance to topical antibiotics is often associated with multidrug resistance, suggesting that topical antibiotics may play a role in the emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) strains....

Effective communication of Operational Earthquake Forecasts (OEF)

JS Becker, SH Potter, SK McBride, MC Gerstenberger & A Christophersen
Operational Earthquake Forecasts (OEFs) describe the time-dependent probabilities of earthquakes, and have been communicated for many earthquakes in New Zealand since 2010. This research sought to explore options for improving communication of OEFs both in the context of forecasts before a major earthquake, and after a major earthquake has occurred. In October 2015, we conducted a workshop with 14 participants from a range of organisations in Wellington to understand how earthquake forecasting might be of...

Diversity of Antarctic lakes, ponds and streams

Clive Howard-Williams, Ian Hawes, Peter Doran, Martin Siegert, Antonio Carmacho & Enn Kaup

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