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Data from: A new ophiocistioid with soft-tissue preservation from the Silurian Herefordshire Lagerstätte, and the evolution of the holothurian body plan

Imran Rahman, Jeffrey Thompson, Derek Briggs, David Siveter, Derek Siveter & Mark Sutton

Data from: Contrasting colonization patterns of black mangrove (Avicennia germinans (L.) L.) gene pools along the Mexican coasts

Maried Ochoa-Zavala, Juan Pablo Jaramillo-Correa, Daniel Piñero, Alejandro Nettel & Juan Núñez-Farfán

Data from: Availability of food resources and habitat structure shape the individual‐resource network of a neotropical marsupial

Nicholas Camargo, Hernani Oliveira, Juliana Ribeiro, Amabilio Camargo & Emerson Vieira

Data from: Parallel signatures of selection at genomic islands of divergence and the MHC in ecotypes of sockeye salmon across Alaska

Wesley Larson, Tyler Dann, Morten Limborg, Garrett McKinney, Jim Seeb & Lisa Seeb

Data from: Management trade-offs on ecosystem services in apple orchards across Europe: direct and indirect effects of organic production

Ulrika Samnegard, Georgina Alins, Virginie Boreux, Jordi Bosch, Daniel García, Anne-Kathrin Happe, Alexandra Klein, Marcos Miñarro, Karsten Mody, Mario Porcel, Anselm Rodrigo, Laura Roquer-Beni, Marco Tasin & Peter A. Hambäck

Data from: Upwelling as the major source of nitrogen for shallow and deep reef-building corals across an oceanic atoll system

Veronica Z. Radice, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Brian Fry, Michael D. Fox & Sophie G. Dove

Data from: Neuromuscular adverse events associated with Anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibodies: systematic review

Annette Johansen, Søren Just Christensen, David Scheie, Joan Lilja Sunnleyg Højgaard & Daniel Kondziella

Data from: Island woodiness underpins accelerated disparification in plant radiations

Nicolai M. Nürk, Guy W. Atchison & Colin E. Hughes

Data from: NDVI is not reliable as a surrogate of forage abundance for a large herbivore in tropical forest habitat

Hansraj Gautam, Evangeline Arulmalar, Mihir Kulkarni & T.N.C. Vidya

Data from: A hierarchical Bayesian approach for handling missing classification data

Alison C. Ketz, Therese L. Johnson, Mevin B. Hooten & M. Thompson Hobbs

Data from: Spatial variation in anuran richness, diversity, and abundance across montane wetland habitat in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Yntze Van Der Hoek, Deogratias Tuyisingize, Winnie Eckardt, Núria Garriga & Mia A. Derhé

Data from: Stochastic and deterministic processes drive wetland community assembly across a gradient of environmental filtering

Jody Daniel, Jennifer Erin Gleason, Karl Cottenie & Rebecca C Rooney

Data from: Factors associated with possession of accurate knowledge regarding occupational health management among operations leaders of radiation decontamination workers in Fukushima, Japan: a cross-sectional study

Tomoo Hidaka, Takeyasu Kakamu, Shota Endo, Hideaki Kasuga, Yusuke Masuishi, Tomohiro Kumagai, Sei Sato, Takuma Sasaki & Tetsuhito Fukushima

Data from: Cost-efficient high throughput capture of museum arthropod specimen DNA using PCR-generated baits

Alexander Knyshov, Eric R. L. Gordon & Christiane Weirauch

Data from: Na+/K+‐ATPase gene duplications in clitellate annelids are associated with freshwater colonization

Kevin M. Horn, Bronwyn W. Williams, Christer Erséus, Kenneth M. Halanych, Scott R. Santos, Michel Des Châtelliers Creuzé & Frank E. Anderson

Data from: Tungsten blocks murine B lymphocyte differentiation and proliferation through downregulation of IL-7 receptor/Pax5 signaling

Ting Hua Wu, Alicia Bolt, Hsiang Chou, Dany Plourde, Nicolas De Jay, Cynthia Guilbert, Yoon Kow Young, Claudia Kleinman & Koren Mann

Data from: Does body size predict the buzz-pollination frequencies used by bees?

Paul A De Luca, Stephen L Buchmann, Candace Galen, Andrew C Mason & Mario Vallejo-Marín

Data from: UiO-66 supported Fe catalyst: a vapor deposition preparation method and its superior catalytic performance for removal of organic pollutants in water

Huimin Zhuang, Bili Chen, Cai Wenjin, Yanyan Xi, Tianxu Ye, Chuangye Wang & Xufeng Lin

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