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Location-based games as a contemporary, original, and innovative method of seniors’ teaching and learning

Ewa Jurczyk-Romanowska, Marta Koszczyc, Luba Jakubowska, Aleksandra Marcinkiewicz-Wilk, Jacek Gulanowski, Michal Kabát, Magdaléna Švecová, Tijana Milenkovic Jankovic, Paola Barone, Charoula Giannelaki, Irena Žemaitaitytė, Agata Katkonienė, Asta Januškevičiūtė & Valdonė Indrašienė
The handbook consists of three parts. The first chapter provides a diagnosis of older people and their competence in new technologies. This chapter also describes the ICT education programmes for older people available in the partner countries. The next chapter contains a description and results of a pedagogical experiment aimed at comparing the effectiveness of the method of teaching seniors how to use smartphones. The experiment compared the class and lesson method, which dominates the...

Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Lithuania – GAZPROM case from a national perspective

Katažyna Mikša
The New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards of 1958 is a great achievement in the field of arbitration. However, its application in the Contracting States, due to the differences in internal laws and practices, can differ. Analysis of the national practices is important in terms of identifying obstacles for internationally uniform application of the NYC. The paper aims to fill the gap in international legal doctrine regarding the Lithuanian...

A socio-cultural approach to the importance of community spirit for the elderly in Lithuania

Jautrė Ramutė ŠINKŪNIENĖ
Social care institutions in Lithuania meet the major physical needs of elderly people in Lithuania; however, the psychological, social, and emotional aspects can often get neglected. The aim of the article is to find a theoretical solution to the problem of satisfying the community needs of the Elderly at long-term inpatient care institutions.

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